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Its drag coefficient of just 0. Designed by Marco Ricotti of Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Castagna in , this prototype made use of a streamlined teardrop-shaped body to reach a top speed of 86 mph! The introduction of the C at the Frankfurt Auto Show marked the beginning of a new age of cutting edge automobiles from Mercedes Benz, as the sports car was constructed for research purposes. With its streamlined aesthetics, and a three-cylinder Wankel, the Bruno Sacco-designed concept car was initially capable of reaching a top speed of mph, with later C derivatives hitting mph.

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When you complete the game on all 3 game files, you can choose Link's costume color. The colors you can choose from are these colors: When you get to the earth temple boss you will notice the many spots of light dotted around the room. Run into one of them and using the mirror shield reflect light onto the boss hold it long enough and he will be paralyzed. While he's paralyzed run towards him and lift him up then throw him into one of towers of spikes that run up the walls.

He will explode and loads of tingle-like creatures will start running around. Start killing them two hits is all it takes - you won't get chance to kill them all before you meet the ugly ghost guy. Repeat the process as many times as it takes to kill all the tingles and viola, he's done! To get 99 bombs and arrows you need to have bombs and arrows of course. Go to sea map E3 to get60 bombs. After that go to sea map A3 and G4. Bombs for both bomb upgrades. If you want carry up to you half to go to sea map C1 you need bombs for this you get rupees and then go to your home island on sea map B7 you need bombs and a Deku Leaf.

First you go to the highest rock. Second you set the wind to the other side of the broken bridge. Third you fight a mothula the gohma looking thing that shoots the thorny one eyed thing at you and has no wings. Before you pass to the log that you walk on there is a boulder. Blow it up and go into the whole.

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Then you encounter a fairy. Finally you have rupees 99 bombs and arrows. When you enter the boss room you have to walk forward a few feet and then it will show you a short clip of the boss coming out of the lava and then the battle starts. What you have to do is pull out your grappling rope and swing it at the tail hanging from the ceiling. Stand on one of the seven-star islands and use a telescope to spot a group of seagulls they usually hang out to the southwest.

Sail over there and wait awhile for a giant octo to appear. You need a boomerang to do this. Lock on to the eyes and destroy them. When it goes down, use the grappling hook at the exact place it sank to find a piece of heart!

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To get to the Nintendo Gallery you need to first climb to the second floor of the deku tree. Its the floor after the one where the tree spirit takes you. When you get there you will see someone standing next to a valt. Use your deku leaf to fly over there. When your next to the valt the person will ask you if you could fly over and hit a switch to open the valt. Put a pear on your head to control a seagul.

The switch is somewhere on the side of the mountain. When the valt is open go inside. Talk to the guy behind the counter. He asks for a picture of a statue of some Nintendo character. I wont tell because I'm not sure were it is. But at least you know how to get in the Nintendo Gallery. Then a giant octopus will emerge from the water. Deafeat it to get the magic upgrade deluxe picto box Go to Forest haven and collect a forest firefly the multicolored ones then head to windfall island ,there go get the picto box from the jail.

Show it to Lenzo the picto freak guy He will say you have a nice picto box. Go to the docks and wait for a guy in red overalls to slip a letter into the mailbox and take a picture. Go to the cafe and grab one of the bottles.

Cheat Codes for Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Stand near the school or near it and aim for the girl in orange cloths. As time passes a guy will walk up to her and they will look at each other. Return to the picto shop and Lenzo will tell you that he has found a way to make picto's come in colour. Give him the firefly.

How to get first empty bottle. When you are about to enter the Dragon Roost Dungeon, You will need no help the little bird girl fly into the cave. Simply run up to where you first entered the dried up spring, on the ledge, wait for the wind to blow towards the opening, and throw her. After she talks to you, she will toss down an empty bottle.

You can get the 2nd from Super Beedle, the man in the colorful boat. However, it must be from Super Beedle,who wears a mask, and it costs rupees. Super Beedle sails around the North Western region of your sea chart, he will eventually send you a map of his shop locations and a picture of his head with a mask will indicate the correct square. When you get the delivery bag, you can start a trading event to get Magic Armor.

First go to Windfall Island and talk to the guy with the parka during the day. Agree to help him get more items and he will give you a town flower. Then sail to Greatfish isle section D2.

Select a level!

You'll find a Goron with a huge pack talk to him a trade the town flower for a sea flower for about 20 rupees. Talk to him again and trade the sea flower for an Exotic flower for about 25 rupees. Then go back to Windfall and talk to parka guy. He will give you Magic Armor. It protects you from harm, but drains your magic quickly. Some of then prices I said might be wrong, so bring over rupees just in case: When on dragon roost island go to the sign pointing up If you are coming out of the boat,this to the right near the back wall Use a pear to control seagulls to send one up.

Make the seagull hit a bomb pear hanging above the sign pointing up.

Cheat the wind

A treasure chest will fall near the sign. Open it and you will find rupees.

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Go to Windfall Island and becomes partners with the guy that looks like an Eskimo. He will give a flower. Leave the Island and come back later; go do something else. Remember this has to be done in the daytime, so if its night when u return, do the song of passing. The Elvis guy dancing in front of the tombstone will tax it to you. The Eskimo guy will now be selling the flowers. Buy a lot of them and put them on the things called joy pedestals. Then talk to the guy sitting on the bench and he will give you a piece of heart. Although the potion shop in the island with the town makes blue potions using the teardrop items from the slime monsters, it needs 15 blue teardrops to make one blue potion.

Instead, use the grappling hook on the monster plants on the island with the big tree to get the venus flytrap item. This item can be traded to the little plant shaman inside the giant tree's cave for blue potions at a better exchange rate 5 flytraps for 1 potion. Go to Dragon Roost Island and go into the secret cave. Enter the far right door where you will find 3 Bokoblins and hit each one with your grappling hook to get a joy pendent.

After that leave the cave then go back in and do it again and the bokoblins should give you 3 more joy pendants. Do this tell you have 20 of them and you will not have to go hunting for them and you can get your cabana deed and the heroes charm a lot faster. Once you have to search for the triforce, head to Tingle Island and he will give you a map called the in-credible map and it will give you the locations of the triforce maps.

Once you get the maps go back to Tingle and he will ask you for rupees to decode the maps. There are 8 triforce shards. Go to greatfish island at night. There will be a light it wont shine long. After you get the Heros bow , and after leaving The Tower of Gods , go northwest to Northern Triangle island , where you have been , get inside the cyclone and hit Cyclos the one who is making the cyclone three hits with your arrow , and he should teach the ballad of gales song to transport. First you must have arrows sooner or later you will run into a odd cyclone go in to it.

You will spin in circles, shoot your arrows at the creature up in the cloud above he will give you a conducting move use it and warp to B2 there you will find a unusual creature that gives you fire and ice arrows. First go to mother child isle b,5 To get ice and fire arrows then go to Icering Isle f,5 shoot a fire arrow at the dragon then you only have a few minutes so don't play inside you will find iron boots.

Talk to the teacher and find out that the children are misbehaving. Go talk to the leader and he will challenge you to a hide and seek game. Find all of the children in these areas. Run through the doorway nearest the tree, turn left, and the child behind the bush will run out. Catch him, then, roll into the top of the tree nearest the dock with the strange man walking near it. The 3rd child is behind the big stone the man is dancing in front of. The last child is behind the bomb shop. Simply sidle along the edge and run after him when you find him.

They can all be found in any order. When you finish, go talk to the teacher for and the children again for a heart container. To get unlimited knights crests. Get to the part when color returns to underwater hyrule castle. Kill the people which have swords. Do not kill the people with staffs. When you kill a person with a sword break the orb and pick up the knights crest that it drops. Then when you do that to all the guys with swords save and quit. Then return to your file. They will all reappear. Keep on doing this pattern until you have 10 knights crests kill everyone and leave.

Go to orca and show him your knights crests. He will teach you the Hurricane slash. This isn't really a cheat but it is strange when you break a pot missis is carrying on Outset Island she will steal some rupees from you. Also in Windfall Island. Go to the bidding place at daytime so no one is gathered there. For each vase you break you pay 10 rupees when you try to leave. The Elixir Soup is similar to a plue potion, restoring HP and Magic, except you can use it twice and it also doubles your sword strength until you are hurt. To get it, return to Outset Island after completing the first dungeon it may be second, I'm not sure-- the King of Red Lions will tell you to go there anyway.

Your grandma will be sick, and the people will tell you to bring her a fairy from the Fountain on the island this is easier if you still have one from the dungeon. Use the fairy when in front of your grandma and it will heal her.