Everlasting Essence: The hopes and dreams of a girl rediscovered in the soul of a woman

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But then they are gone. We let them vanish into the crowded streets of our mind as we walk towards the front door of logic. It was only a dream, we remember. Like Jung, I strongly believe that dreams are real. I am a trained dream analyst and depth psychotherapist who works with clients in private practice.

There is a shared understanding among therapists in my field that dreams are compensatory, meaning that they are not arbitrary and meaningless but have a distinct intention and purpose, which is to bring material from the unconscious into consciousness. When we sleep we hover in a realm that traverses these two states of being. The images in our dreams are meant to help us rebalance ourselves when the psyche becomes damaged and fractured.

They are a lantern in the darkest of night to shepherd us back to health and well-being. Dreams speak to us in a forgotten language of metaphors, symbols, images, and archetypes. Archetypes are images and patterns from the dawn of time that we all share and know instinctively—they bind us together with a common thread of knowledge. An example would be the idea of a good mother. Whether or not we had one ourselves, we share a common understanding that they do exist. We probably have an image that comes to mind of what one looks like.

This is an image of the archetype. Although we all dream about different things, there are many patterns in our dreams that are universal. We dream about death, flying, losing our teeth, and strange creatures lurking in the shadows. These images and events are not literal, of course, but have archetypal resonance. Each of these dreams is unique to the dreamer but connects to a well of shared information. We call this psychological reservoir the collective unconscious. It is the place where the knowledge and history of the universe is stored.

We often access it when we dream. Humans are spiritual beings. We are comprised of both essence and matter. We have a shape from flesh and bone that encapsulates our purest self—the soul, which is our most authentic being. It is the part of us that feels deep love and resounds in great joy. It is our elemental self lodged in faith and understanding. We were born into the world in this perfect and ethereal form and from that moment our humanness began to grow.

As soon as we experienced pain, loss, or fear we began to develop the counterpart to the soul—our shadow. Our shadow consists of the qualities we repress, deny, or dislike in ourselves.

Reward Yourself

It is the dark side of our personality. The shadow grows as we experience suffering and hardship in our human form. Each one of us is a hybrid blend of shadow and soul. We are both dark and light. Filled with fear and love. Brimming with confidence and saddled by doubt. We are a balance of what is seen and unseen. You may not know this but you have been dreaming about these characters for quite some time.

If you are a woman who has been dreaming about a male figure who is handsome, intriguing, sexy, wholesome, and familiar, you are dreaming about your soul. If you have dreamt about a frightening, strange, decrepit woman who feels deceitful or manipulative, this is your shadow. The soul is represented as masculine in a woman and the shadow is represented as feminine. The opposite is true for men whose soul is shown through a captivating, beautiful, and intriguing woman and whose shadow is portrayed as an ugly, destructive, and undesirable man.

When you are feeling connected, spiritual, and healthy your soul may appear in your dreams. When we are overwrought with feelings of anger or fear, the shadow figure may dominate your dream space. In fact, all of the figures in our dreams represent aspects of ourselves. We are incredibly diverse and complicated beings. There is not one but many of us present at any given moment. You are a mother, a businesswoman, a friend, a chef, an artist, a diva, and a romantic all in the same breath. The multiple people living inside you are called personas.

So, if you dream about an encounter with a painter or writer, you are dreaming about the creative energy inside your psyche. If you dream about having lunch with a group of children, you are viewing the childlike qualities that remain with you. A dream filled with angels corresponds to your most spiritual nature. You can glean hidden insight from these wonderful sleepy-time excursions with your personas. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to that childlike essence, artistic nature, or spiritual side. If you listen carefully to these lively characters, they will lead you towards wholeness, balance, and regeneration.

The symbols that we dream about have significance as well. If you dream about traveling in a red car to a house with a blue door, mind the details. What do the colors red and blue mean to you? A door may symbolize making a transition in your life. Are you on your way to enter this new phase? Think about each element in the dream and see how it resonates. Are there any feelings attached with these objects? Are they real memories from your conscious life?

If so, what do they represent? We call this process unpacking the dream images. Find how the images traverse the actual lines of your life. What do you remember? Often dream images will unlock memories from our childhood. Perhaps our earliest memories. What a blessing this is when it happens. Imagine that psyche is presenting you with something you forgot even existed.

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Maybe it was your old crusty sled or the wisp of a feather you held in your hand. Remember, it is appearing in your dream for a reason. Since feelings are a by-product of our thoughts, the key is to walk by the Spirit and think right thoughts Phil 4: When we truly trust God — believe Him, walk by faith, walk by the Spirit — instead of being overwhelmed by our anxious feelings, we will exper-ience His peace and His joy Phil 4: The Bible teaches that God, above everything, wants us to enjoy Him and live a life of faith and obedience — those two positions are radically different from each other.

Though God does care about our feelings, they are not His primary concern; they are of secondary importance. By the way, those who enter into an intimate, joyful relationship with Christ, and live a life of faith and obedience, experience far more peace and joy and contentment and happiness than anyone else in the world —- why?

He remembered Jacob — so he began to fight! Not because I am good and deserve your blessing, but because You are good. You owe me nothing. I appeal only to who You are. The man felt something different — it was the beginning of humility. The man had forgotten himself and discovered his desire for God. It was a dream of actually knowing God and representing Him in an unpleasant world.

He had never before felt grateful for his troubles. Suffering actually made him feel closer to God. When the man failed to drink every morning from the spring, or return every evening to drink again, his thirst became intolerable. Some things in his life got better, some stayed the same, some got worse. But the man was dreaming new dreams, greater dreams than merely a pleasant life — and he found the courage to pursue them.

He was now a man with hope, and that brought him joy. And these are good dreams, not dreams of money and fame. We long for a job we really like. God will not glue together the pieces of every Humpty Dumpty in your life. The divorce will go through. You will feel low for a long time. You will be miserable. But it can be numbed for a time by working hard, seeing lots of movies, dining out a lot, sometimes a regime of rigorous self-discipline, sometimes a season of private pleasures.

Find some way to keep going in spite of the hurt. What we want is good. He promised us an abundant life — we are not seeing the abundance. And nothing improves inside us. We pray for love, joy, peace — and feel anger, despair, and fear. It is hard to escape the fact that God is not coming to help us — He is unresponsive to our pain.

Has A Deceased Loved One Visited You In A Dream?

Why do you ask? Keep seeking Him during those dark times — the sun will shine in the morning. God never stops the work He is doing in us. Trusting God is dangerous business. In his college days, Ted Turner trusted God. When a loved one contracted cancer and, in spite of his prayers, died a painful death. He could no longer depend on God. God cannot be trusted to always minimize our suffering in this life.

When dreams shatter, we lose hope. That is my problem with God — to people whose souls have been inundated with pain, God seems so unresponsive. We pray and nothing happens. The problem sincere Christians have with God often comes down to a wrong understanding of what this life is meant to provide.

We assume we are here for one fundamental reason: We long to experience a compelling pleasure that eliminates all pain. We give up immediate pleasure in order to later experience a deeper kind of pleasure — but we expect to feel that pleasure soon, certainly before we die. We insist on the internal good time of peace, of self-respect, of feeling at least pretty good if not fully alive. When God fails us — we feel betrayed, let down, thoroughly disillusioned.

He neither reverses the tragedy nor fills us with peace and joy.

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He typically remains aloof. Nothing gives us a good time. We must discover a hope that thrives when dreams shatter, when sickness advances, and poverty worsens, and loneliness deepens. It is harder to discover our desire for God when things go well. Shattered dreams are the truest blessings; they help us discover our true hope. But it can take a long, dark time to discover it. Does Christianity genuinely offer anything in this life other than a good ethic to follow?

The Awakening of Universal Motherhood - Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Is there anything we can hope for in this life? They help us discover true hope. Pain always has a purpose. It will not go away, without doing its work. Apparently God is pleased with people who suffer terribly, but who keep on trusting. What the Bible wants us to hope for in this life is very different from what most of us think.

Some of our fondest dreams will shatter, and we will be tempted to lose hope. God will seem callous, or worse — weak; unresponsive to our pain. What God is saying to us is this: I will satisfy that longing. You have the power to represent Me well no matter what happens in your life. God could have done something, but He did nothing. Why is God so inconsistent, so maddeningly unpredictable? A faithful missionary for sixty years recently died an agonizing death from lung cancer. He had never smoked a day in his life.

All I can feel is darkness! It was extremely difficult. Shattered dreams are necessary for spiritual growth. As a result, our worship, our community, and our witness are weak. That experience, strange at first, will eventually be recognized as joy. In His mercy, God takes away the good to create an appetite for the better. It comes down to this: Furthermore, we will never really truly worship. Happiness must be stripped away, before joy can surface. When this kind of happiness is not experienced, life can be very depressing actually, downright miserable.

Happiness is taken away, and is replaced by despair. God is working when we see nothing but darkness. Jesus taught the opposite — His way is to awaken a passion within the soul that transcends all other passions. So instead of deadening the pain, He emphasized deepening the desire. Life is suffering — suffering is the gap between what we desire and what we experience. The way to end suffering is to end desire — if you want nothing, then nothing can disturb you.

Jesus directs us to a different path. He tells us to not let our hearts be troubled; He teaches that —. Life includes suffering, but life is good — in this world everyone will suffer tribulation. The cause of all suffering is separation from God —we are deceived into looking elsewhere for joy. The way to handle suffering is to discover your desire for God — then everything, both good and bad, becomes redemptive; everything moves us toward the God we desire. The new life provided through Jesus must be accepted as a gift of love — we spend the rest of our days discovering our desire to know God better, and we come to realize it is a desire whose satisfaction no shattered dream can thwart.

Be completely honest with yourself and God. Every Christian, no matter the depth of his pain, can discover that desire. It takes time, agonizing time, characterized more by despair than hope, but discovery can be made. The desire will surface like bubbling water from a spring that can no longer be held back. People who insist on happiness never find joy; they only allow themselves to feel those desires that are met.

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  • The effect is to feel happy for a season, but it is a selfish happiness. Desperate people discover that desire — happy contented people never do. Wisdom knows the deep workings of the hungry, hurting, sin-inclined soul and patiently follows as the Spirit moves quietly in those depths, gently nudging people toward God.

    There is no Concorde that flies us from immaturity to maturity in a few hours — there is only a narrow, bumpy road where a few people walk together as they journey to God. Naomi was on that path. God never stops His work of making His children aware of a dream that remains alive beneath the rubble of every shattered dream, a new dream that when realized will release a new song of joy in our hearts. The function of pain is to carry us into the inner recesses of our being that wants God. He is all we need. At the age of around 2 years old I startled having night terrors. Always cried water over and over.

    At 3 it was water coming in car and up on me. At 4 while teaching me colors my Mom said I see something green. I guessed a few times wrong and Mom said your eyes. I said they were blue. My took me and held me up to mirror. She said see they are green. I became very upset and said they were supposed to be blue.

    All the while I was still screaming about water coming in car. The dream became clearer. Black and white shoes on, a pretty blue dress. It was raining and I was singing to the windshield wipers. A bridge to cross. Water hitting the car. Woman turns she has dark hair and blue eyes wide open. She reaches for me. The car goes on side and now I am almost covered.

    The man is trying to get us out. I scream over and over, Mommy, Daddy. Second grade I meet a girl. I told her she had my blue eyes. She thought it so funny. We became best friends that day 55 years ago and still are. When I was sixteen my Mom came home with a very upset look. She had been at library doing some research on our family. She set down and said that She had read a old newspaper that had shook her up.

    Mom told me she had read about a family that were killed on a Easter Sunday in a flash flood. The story was the way I had dreamed it. Mom asked if I wanted to go where they were buried. I told her no. For years she signed any card to me, Mama 2. It shook her faith but she now believed it was true. All my life I have had panic attacks where bridges and unknown water was. Like if there was a turn in the road and suddenly there was a bridge. I actually passed out over a trip to Eastern Shore when on the bay bridge.

    My husband was taking the scenic way home one day. I was breastfeeding my son when I looked up I started screaming stop, stop! I told him I saw a house through the trees and there was a bridge ahead and this is where I had died. I refused to let him go forward. He was not happy.

    I said that we should walk around the turn. Sure enough there was a bridge and he had to turn around and go back the way we came. I have some questions. The car that makes me the most upset is a or I have actually asked to set in the backseat. The problem is I was born in Would this be possible?

    If we all return where does the increase in population come from? My best friend and I feel as like we have been on many incarnations where our lives have crossed. She is a older soul than me. As a child I only wanted blue eyes dolls and said many times that I would marry a blue eyed man and have a blue eyed daughter. Those statements came true. Five are very violent. Two, I am the one that does the violence to others. Do you only recall past lives or can you recall future ones? In one life I am a man who is a serial rapist of young girls.

    Chapter 15 - Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb

    I have physically gotten ill upon waking. If a man would so much as touch a child in a sexual way they should get life or least 20 years in prison. I was abused sexually as a child and a teenager. I know this is way to long but you are one of the many who believe these past lives are true. Thanx for reading listening to me. I am a 12 year old and I am very scared when my parent sand grandparents die im typing this while crying right now since im super scared But I wonder could I see them right after I reincarnate? My dad is very nice he donates every homeless he sees, I wonder if theirs a heaven?

    We Needed True and Authentic Answers in various subject matters in our lives: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But it is not necessarily the only source of knowledge that is valid and reliable. So, here are ten things about reincarnation which I think are valid and reliable and which I believe everyone—East or West—would benefit from knowing: All human beings are a combination of physical, mortal body and non-physical, immortal soul. The soul is pure consciousness, pure energy, pure being.

    It exists on a timeless, non-physical level of reality. It is a piece of Spirit or God or Source, a spark of divine light and love, a fragment of absolute perfection. All souls are on a mission to evolve grow, develop through their own experiences and efforts. To evolve as a soul is to become increasingly self-aware and self-capable as a unique expression of Spirit.

    By evolving, the soul changes in its level of beingness and consciousness, from new-born innocence to greater and greater levels of love, power and wisdom. In effect, that which is created rejoins the Creator — after eons of evolution. The soul evolves most effectively in physical form. A soul evolves most effectively by facing and making choices as a separate individual, making choices big and small, and experiencing the effects of each choice.

    By doing so, the soul gets to experience being physically limited and physically separated from others and from all-that-is. This is actually an illusion, a trick of the senses, as the soul itself is never really limited or separate. But the illusion creates enough desire, fear and other pressures to cause the soul to experience conflicts and dilemmas and to make choices. The experiences and choices of a lifetime serve as lessons for the soul once the life is completed. The soul not only reviews its own experiences and choices but also discovers the effects of its own choices on others during the life.

    For example, the decision to steal a sum of money at one point may have caused the victim significant hardship and anxiety. One lifetime is not enough to experience the whole gamut of life circumstances and to make all choices. For example, the soul needs to experience life as both male and female; as both victim and perpetrator; as both student and teacher… Hence, the soul re-incarnates many times over in order to experience the full spectrum of life.

    Being human again and again, each time with a different body, different life circumstances and different relationships, enables the soul to experience the full range of possible perspectives and relationships and all the lessons that these entail. Through many different human experiences, the soul gradually becomes more self-aware, gradually discovers more of its true capabilities love, power, wisdom , and gradually learns how to overcome the illusory limitations of being physical.

    Hence any given lifetime may be completely different in some way from the last one. Each human lifetime is an opportunity to learn specific lessons. One lifetime, for example, might focus on learning greater self-responsibility while the next might focus on being kinder to others. If in one lifetime the soul experiences being a man with a lot of power over women, say, it would then be of value to contrast that with the experience of being a powerless woman. The soul has no preference for one side of the equation or the other, since both sides help draw out different aspects of the soul.

    The soul has no nationality, creed, race or gender. There is no such thing as a Jewish soul or a Chinese soul or whatever. We are just souls, and as souls we are free to experience the whole variety of human cultures across the planet. We choose our birth location, race and nationality to suit our purposes for any given lifetime. Sometimes race and creed are a deliberate choice; at other times they are merely incidental to what the life is about. There is no such thing as a male soul or a female soul.

    Gender is a biological phenomenon, not a spiritual one. Human beings are of two sexes and so we have to choose which one to be before each life begins. Because we want to experience, compare and contrast all possible perspectives, we will choose to experience lives as both men and women. We can be male or female as often as we please.

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    We can be male in one lifetime and female the next. Or we can be male for ten lifetimes and female for the next fifty lifetimes. It is all a matter of choice. Even if we have a strong preference for one gender, we will still tend to incarnate as the other gender every now and then, just to maintain a balanced perspective. The soul sticks to one species at a time. Contrary to certain teachings, the souls of human beings reincarnate only as human beings. We are spiritual beings on a human journey, learning to be ourselves through human experiences, human relationships and human choices.

    Each lifetime is pre-planned. Before taking birth, the soul along with its guides in spirit will decide what experiences and choices the life should include. The appropriate circumstances and relationships will be chosen and set up with the cooperation and agreement of other souls who will be involved. The soul may decide that the life to come should include its own childhood experience of abandonment by the mother.

    This would help drive the personality in adult life to want to help abandoned children. Another soul will then agree, out of love, to be the mother who abandons this soul in childhood. Most major events in life are pre-planned: This includes deaths, accidents and illnesses. There is, however, plenty of room for unplanned things to occur.

    The body is also chosen by the soul before birth. Souls are aware of which foetuses are viable and which are not, and which are going to be terminated before birth. For example, we might opt to live a life as a much-loved child who suddenly dies while still young, purely in order to help another soul undergo the experience of tragic loss. There is a law of karma… … but it is not like many people think it is.

    If soul A kills soul B in one lifetime, then in a later lifetime soul B will kill soul A. That is the effect of karma. But karma is not repeat not about cosmic justice or divine retribution. From the perspective of Spirit, there is no need for cosmic justice because there is no such thing as cosmic injustice. If I do something in physical life that violates your free will, we become entangled. We both feel the lack of equilibrium between us. The only way to restore equilibrium is to undo the entanglement—by having you violate my free will in a similar way.

    That way, we both know from experience what it is like to be both the violator and the violated. Souls tend to commit karmic acts in the early stages of their reincarnations when they have less experience of human existence. Typical karmic acts are: There is no karmic entanglement for acts that are accidental or not by choice. Reincarnation has a beginning and an end. Contrary to certain teachings, we are not tied to a wheel of endless death and rebirth, to be saved only by renouncing the world and seeking spiritual liberation.

    The whole journey of evolving through reincarnation begins with us at a certain level and ends once we reach another level. It takes typically well over lifetimes. From first human life to last requires thousands of years, depending upon the availability of physical bodies. In spirit, the whole path is clear to us and we know exactly what we are doing. Each lifetime is a deliberate adventure and is undertaken out of love and a desire to evolve.

    There is no urgency. Contrary to what many teach on the subject, there is no urgency for us to become enlightened, or to complete our reincarnational cycle. Reincarnation is not a challenge to reach the end of evolution as quickly as possible. The physical world is not a hell-hole to be climbed out of. God is not wishing we would get a move on. From the perspective of Spirit, there is no passage of time.

    Time is just a perceptual phenomenon for us while in physical form. Souls literally do not care how many thousands of years it takes to get from one level of reincarnation to another. The passage of time in human terms is, to the soul, irrelevant. A final word I would also add one more correction to certain teachings: Michael Jackson — the reincarnation of Mozart?