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EL James: The shy housewife behind Fifty Shades of Grey

She rarely gives interviews and the raciest detail she has supplied about her own life is that she likes to eat Nutella straight from the jar. Fifty Shades of Grey is about to be turned into a Hollywood film, with Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie among the high-profile actresses mooted for the lead role. Her publishers are more effusive. Susan Sandon, managing director of Cornerstone, a division of Random House, said: Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

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Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Her husband snores, and she is not a morning person. Indeed, her new career as an international superstar erotic writer has not overtaken domesticity. Mitchell has described doing endless laundry for her son and sorting out his rugby kit.

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Her husband, meanwhile, describes himself on his Twitter page as: His photographs published online capture a rather ordinary home life — a slightly neglected garden, a comfy living room complete with mismatching sofas, a kitchen with a worn laminate floor. It is hardly the stuff of dreams.

It seems sure to: So why has Mitchell been so publicity averse? Her agent, Valerie Hoskins, says that she is ''quite press shy. Another benefit of such a tactic is that, the more reclusive Mitchell is, the more her mystique is preserved.

There she revealed the secrets of her research, telling how she phoned up her local car garage to ask if two people could have sex in the back of an Audi R8. Indeed, Mitchell has appeared unschooled and flustered when talking about sex.

Why women love Fifty Shades of Grey | Books | The Guardian

Dressed in an ill-fitting leather jacket, she told a story that has now gone down in publishing mythology: Mitchell first posted her titillating tale on a Twilight fan fiction website, sparking a word-of-mouth frenzy. Two years later, Mitchell signed a six-figure book deal. When asked about the extraordinary amount of sex in the book, she replied, while squirming uncomfortably: I seem to remember I have a fantastic imagination.

Since this early TV appearance, she has been given a makeover, her dark hair now blow dried into a glossy mane, and her wardrobe choices becoming more tailored. Appearing on Newsnight in April, asked what her readers are responding to, she said: I am completely stunned by the reaction to these books. And of the sudden fame, she has said: I just wanted to tell a rollicking good story — peppered with lots of sex.

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Will life change for Mitchell and her family? I can get a nice kitchen. And when asked if her two teenage sons had read the book, she was aghast: It would be far too embarrassing. And for the future?