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I also like these simple stories when my life is dense and complex. At the end of each book, she has a note. In this one, she makes clear she ran out of time. She short changed the Annoyed.

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She short changed the book. I would rather her have been late. This was a great read until it just ended. This really isn't a love triangle.

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It is a sweet romance of reunited friends who have suffered. Jun 24, Paraphrodite rated it liked it Shelves: This one did "halt" pretty abruptly.. Nov 02, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it. Halt is a charming futuristic romance.

Terran Times Tales Series

Halt and Silver are former partners with a bit of a romantic history. Silver was dead as far as Halt knew but he was finding a way to get her back to him. The characters Halt and Silver are engaging and interesting.

The setting of this novella is very well developed. The story feels authentically alien and unique.

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The story was short with a rather abrupt ending but I enjoyed the brief glimpse into this new world and would gladly read what happens next. Revi Halt is a charming futuristic romance. Reviewed by Kristyn for Cocktails and Books Karen Easley rated it it was amazing May 04, Elva Tapia rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Dorothy Evans rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Margaret Mchugh rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Amber rated it it was ok May 16, Samantha Kelling rated it really liked it Jun 14, Amy rated it really liked it Aug 05, Giorgos rated it it was ok May 11, Penguin rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Susan rated it liked it Dec 12, Turrie rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Caroline rated it liked it Mar 28, Kristoffer rated it really liked it May 13, Terisa De Morgan rated it really liked it Nov 24, Ann rated it really liked it Dec 30, Patricia Randolph rated it it was ok Sep 16, Kathy Coleman rated it liked it Sep 21, Arniece Callender-Boudreaux rated it liked it Oct 25, Lady S rated it it was amazing Oct 31, Tazzy sighed, it was her first off day since she had arrived on Decolian 12, and her co-workers had insisted that she get a feel for the local entertainment.

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A male Companion bar was just the thing to work the kinks out or perhaps to try a new one. It is very different from what I had anticipated. She watched the men flex and strain in the gravity columns, their muscular bodies gleaming as they twisted and danced under the pressure generated by the magnetic waves.

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Servers glided through the crowds on silent feet, offering refreshments to the women watching the show and bestowing light caresses as they passed the on-lookers. It was a lot more interactive than she had anticipated, but Tazzy had a job to do, and she was going to do it. She reclined in her chair and sipped her drink.

While she was technically enjoying a day off, her work as a peacekeeper never truly ended. The royal family had made it clear that retrieving one of their own would be appreciated.

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It had altered her choice of day-off activities in favour of seeking out the missing prince. Yuula looked at her with a piercing gaze. He is loose again.

Halt (Terran Times, #71) by Viola Grace

This is the most likely location. It was an indicator of arousal, and it might just get her the attention of her target. As a signal, it was effective, three of the men straining for the female focus suddenly gravitated toward the VIP seating where Tazzy was sitting with Yuula. Tazzy kept her composure as Yuula stroked, petted and caressed the males within touching distance. The next wave of males came forward, and Tazzy sighed at the pretty image that Sollas made in his mask and little else.

His pale skin camouflaged the developing musculature underneath, but he was definitely a fair match for the other dancers. His dark sapphire gaze skimmed over the crowd, and when she lifted her fingers, tapping twice on the table, he came over with a swagger and a grin. She gestured for him to have a seat next to her and he obliged.

He lifted her hand to his lips.