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John Suchet, Peter Suchet Children: Career Suchet began his acting career at the Watermill Theatre, Bagnor, Berkshire; he has said that Watermill "fulfils my vision of a perfect theatre". In , he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. Not Enabled Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Ever since he became a Christian at the age of forty, it has been Poirot actor David Suchet's dream to make an audio recording of the whole Bible.

Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. See all Product description. Product details File Size: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Intrigued, he responded and turned up last week at the company's London office, where staff spent some considerable time trying to sell him a timeshare in a luxury flat in Minorca. He declined to buy. Heath's disappointment, by the way, is not too great. As a former prime minister he enjoys for life the services of a chaufieur- dnven government limo.

Whenever possible Gummer consults the chefbefore the meal to discover which items on the menu are not of British origin. After the cheese and biscuits he then stands up and berates his hosts for daring to provide foreign produce at his table. His tour deforce consists of producing a bag of overseas food products bought at a nearby supermarket and providing his fellow diners with a suitably patriotic commentary as he pulls out each offending item.

If John gets his sums right we can do it It stamped his authority on the job and showed how hard it was for Labour to get a purchase on him. Now comes the sticky part. Tory morale needs boosting and Major needs the chance to broaden his appeal from the efficient to the inspirationaL But he comes to his Budget an March 20 with less room for manoeuvre than any Chancellor since Sir Geoffrey Howe in But they hope that an ingestions Chancellor can stop them getting too much worse.

Major's ear is being bent by every pressure group in the party. The BoW Group has called for a cut in the standard rate of income tax to 20p, abolition of the higher rale and abolition of inheritance tax, to be financed by raising VAT and widening the base of collection. Then there are more specific demands from particular groups which see justification for their claims in die Government's expressed aims.

To encourage more mothers to return to work, a powerful Cabinet group is backing calls for a child-care tax allowance. The two mam areas where the pressure is most intense are health and the environment. Mayor is urged to take a to ugher line cm the taxation of company cars, to tax free parking spaces and to double the tax on cars with engines of 2,cc or more. If he pleases environmentalists by hitting the motorist, he will further alienate many nuddte- class voters already clobbered by higher mortgage repayments. As for extending mortgage interest relief the sna gs are of a different kind.

So what will we see from die Chancellor on March 20? Tory economists broadly go along with a common Gty view that with the Budget surplus for the current year likely to turn out well below the forecast. National Power has commercial freedom to market its products, skills and expertise widely and competitively. But why wasn't h working?

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A small electrical feult, National Power employees explained to Labour delegates, already sceptical about the company's ability to run the national grid. The church is appropriately consecrated to the greater glory of St Margaret. I n , inspired by Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman proposed that the coal and steel resources of France and Germany be pooled. Has the Franco-German axis a specific role to play in the policy that will redraw the map of Europe? We firmly believe that it has. The first consequence of the German acceptance of a federal union would be the strict and clear recognition, with no legal niceties and no strings attached, of the frontier between East Germany and Poland.

This means that the steps towards reunification will have 10 take full account of East Germany's capacity to comply with Community obligations. Those obligations are stria and precise, and led new member countries such as Spain and Portugal to seek and obtain a transitional period for accession. The reunification of the two Gennanies must be seen as pan of the process leading toward the establishment of the union of the EC member states.

The current outlook toward European unity lacks dynamism and clarity. Is Europe seeking a single market with monetary stability in which all member states retain sovereign powers, or is it seeking a federation to which member states allot joint powers? The first task to undertake without delay is to dear up any misunderstandings, especially those affecting Britain. As the tide of communism ebbs, and the land uncovered is seen to differ from country to country, so our responses must vary. They still imagine that our countries are suspicious and jealous of one another, and this both reassures and worries them.

Joint visits by the foreign ministers would demonstrate the new friendship and understanding.

Valery Giscard d'Estaing was President of France. Helmut Schntidl was Chancellor of West Germany. Mqjor has warned than that a hfinngh the aim of a 2up standard rate remains, there is no pledge to redeem it in this parliament. But what they wifi not take without ructions is an increase in the standard rate. Major believes much has already been done, and the Treasury is convinced that new savings plans usually do no more than recycle e x isti n g savings money.

Green moves will largely await a White Paper due later this year. But a further boost for unleaded petrol is on the cards. So is a higher tax on company car perks. While this would be disliked by beneficiaries and the British car industry, it mold cut imports. MPs are convinced there will be increases in drink and tobacco duties. Double indexation of all. Tory strategists are saying that Major can afford a slightly higher RPI this summer so long as the trend is firmly downward by next winter.

And he can afford a basically unpopular Budget this year provided tt puts fomfosa position to take apenjty off the standard rate and play Me Nice Guy next year. This week sees the beginning of the most expensive and crucial election campaign of the American political year. They would also tighten their grip on Congress for a further decade. A judge overruled him. The Republican candidate to succeed him. He devoted the first day of his election tour this week to little else. The Hillside Strangler case could be an even stronger weapon in California this year.

Van de Kamp was directly and personally at fault in , as he now admits. The crimes were peculiarly awful, even by the standards of Los Angeles. Buono and Bianchi seized their 10 victims on the street by pretend-' ing to be police officers. TheyS mixed torture with' sexual" assaults in a manner which the trial judge said would have, brought tire death penalty if the, jury had allowed it.

Dianne Feinstein, former mayor - ofSan Francisco, is also savaging. He is not sitting stiff and si mply. Van de Kamp, like most lawyer politi cians, has, a mixed record on violent crime 1 and capital punishment, partly- mir roring his fellow citizens'? When greenery meets a red light Are cyclists green, mean or just tired of life? Motorists in London hate them for the same reason that bronchial journalists hate non-smokers — guilt — but what the hell do these fanatics propel themselves around London in all weathers fort For tire good of tire community in general?

They are not doing it for themselves. Apart from a plunge in the Bay of Naples. I can hardly think of a form of exercise less likely to prolong active life. If you are hunched over your velocipede and 4. You can assure yourself that you are perfectly safe, but it doesn't feel perfectly safe. It feels tike something your mother would not like to know you were doing. Mr G Reg, convinced that tire space between the white lines is wide enough to contain his car and nothing rise, prefers to treat the cyclist as a non-existent obstacle. Nobody can be expected to bobble along behind a piastre- wrapped form balanced on a lattice of levers and cogs for more than a yard or two, so thev squeeze past at 40m ph.

Is there a reason why so many cyclists wobble up one-way streets after dark without visible navigation marks? Try driving your car at night with ifac lights off: But an illuminated push bike is as common as a pig in Oxford Street. There is always one in the underpass in the Euston Road, his little legs thrashing round like a yo-yo, proclaiming his prowess, his rights, his sheer ability to keep up with tire 30mph traffic. But the traffic might have been proceeding at 50mph. Along with repellent leggings and silly helmets shaped tike bedpans, the kamikaze instinct has become an indispensable modem biking accessory, for doom-brained messenger boy and sii-up-and-beg college lecturer alike.

Are they so covered in muck sprayed up from the carriageway, flying blind, on instruments only, that they arc unable to distinguish 10ft high poles with tnight red lights on the fop of them? What am I talking about? Only a madman rides a bike in London these days. I did, until the stress wore me ouL Thank God for the' internal combusion engine, I say. A provisional timetable for German relocation is emerging. Next month wm see East German elections, followed by a formal application to Bonn by the new non- commumst Government.

Its acceptance, accompanied by constitutional amendments. At some point representatives of both German states would meet the Four Powers to wind up the quadripartite regime in Beilin and reach agreement on the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Hast Germany. Finally, meetings of the 35 CSCE states would ratify the first nuyor change in the map of Europe since The extension of the West German federal elections in December to include the East would presumably confirm the statehood of the new Germany.

Herr Kohl will yesterday have impressed upon Herr Modrow that neutrality is too high a price to pay for a prize which the East German Prime Minister is neither empowered nor able to withhold. Yet this appears to be the prospect which not only Heir Modrow, but also the principal opposition parries in both East and West Germany now hold out. Adenauer's fear that a reunited Germany would have a built-in left-wing majority cannot be for from Herr Kohl's thoughts.

Alarmingly vague though this might seem, opinion polls suggest that the overwhelming majority of East German voters would prefer neutrality, while a Jess massive but still absolute majority of West Germans would opt for the same. Thus Herr Oskar Lafontaine, who would almost certainly be the Social Democrats' candidate for the chancellorship of a reunited Germany, is seeking to outflank Herr Kohl by dressing up German neutrality as a means of asserting German independence. A double election victory for the Social Democrats this year would be an unearned triumph for Soviet diplomacy.

The return of the East German prodigal will, when it happens, undoubtedly warrant the lolling of one or two of Bonn's fatted calves. However, a Germany whose first deed after achieving unity was to leave the Western camp could not expect others to join the celebrations.

Such a fatal step would suggest that the besotted father had not merely welcomed his son home, but had abandoned everything to join him on new wanderings. The platform is riddled with linguistic contradictions. In what appears a radical reversal of the conservative economic policies adopted last December, the platform goes a long way to accepting market regulation of the economy.

The adoption by so conservative a body as the Central Committee of such a platform represents. For that reason it could run into heavy opposition from- the apparatchiks. Mr Gorbachov will not- only need the new executive powers to be- conferred on the presidency, he would be well advised to have them in place before the party Congress meets.

Nevertheless, Mrs Thatcher replaced the offending words with the simple statement that she hersdf did not take instructions fr o m the ANC and with a list of issues, from the armed struggle to nationalization, on which she disagreed and Labour agreed with the ANC — which 1 only reduced Labour to uproar again. Now that President de Klerk has moved so, far against apartheid it is at least right thatthe international community should discuss the best way to encourage him.

Mrs Thatcher was able to tell the Commons yesterday that the Irish Prime. In any case, the Prime Minister made dear, that the sanctions she spoke of easing aire those voluntary ones for which Britain alone is responsible, not those imposed under international agreement either by the EC or the UN. This fa not a matter for emotional and impulsive reactions based onthe hero-worship of Mr Mandela, whose precise position wathin the ANC remains to be clarified.

The likelihood, alas, is that as so often happens, Labour will let its head be governed not just by its heart but by its gut. They were fobbed off with an equally important rote of their own — bring called after a cavalry regiment who carried a guidon, or standard. The original Corps des Guides were Napoleon's personal bodyguard. But although they want to do the same things as boys, ai a certain age, they often prefer to do them with other girls.

Both boys and girls welcome a respite from each other, from tune to time — men and women often fed the same! Meade Sir, In your leader of February 10 you unwittingly put your finger on one great drawback to mixed scouting. In mixed troops there will be a tendency for the boys to expect the camp cooking to be.

We have two telephones, one upstairs and one down, and we have had a beU in the hall for about years as old age has its - hearing problems. Surety this is an area where the Consumer Council could investigate. We feel we are being overcharged. From the Reverend Dr N. Over the last decade the fall fa juveniles sat to prison has been dramatic — with no escalation fa crime rates. Much has already been achieved but more must be done by.

Second, more new alternatives to custody projects should be supported. If this impetus is to be main- tamed Government must provide funding on the same scale as that for the juvenile initiative. You rightly say fa. I think one should look more deeply into factors which underlie relations historically between Russia and Germany. Perhaps they still need each other. Oakley Sir, The severe flooding that has followed the recent storms arises in some.

Rivers rise and fall very much faster than fa previous decades. The effect of this is felt very much fay old lock structures bufitinthe 18th century by engineers who I am cert a in anticipated heavy rainfall but not the rapid rise or flood water that ends today. Fu r t herm or e, it has generally been forgotten, that the starting- point for our current discussion, tite Waxnock committee, was itself deeply divided; with seven of its 16 members signing dissents on foe central question of whether embryos should be created for research use.

The central argument of these dissents was little fa evidence in the Lards debate. Our play leaders' time is obvioufy diverted from the job for which they woe employed, when supervising the offenders. We obviously benefit from the extra help and we are delighted to be aNe to offer the service and fed our efforts are worthwhile and rewarding; but as community service is a direct alternative to a prison sentence which is a very costly alternative I fed strongly that our contribution should be acknowledged by some form of Government grant.

I even dare, so far as a non- Russian may, to suspect that R us s i a n s are not really afraid of Germany: Bui it is always useful to let the world cAfnfc they are. Visible justice From Mr Martin S. You rely on the alleged strict standards of fair reporting to justify your suggestion that such laws as exist to protect the citizen fa this area are unsatisfactory. Even if we do not know, we do know that the embryo is the biological precursor of the unambiguously personal human being who later emerges.

Yet to many of us the logic of human being is unsunnountable. AH who share our nature, the common genetic identity of Homo sapiens, are alike deserving of a due dignity and respect. Repealed heavy cuts in funding since then would have halved the staff numbers by now, but for new research contracts from growers, from industry, from the EC, and from a seven-nation consortium on apple and pear breeding. Such a run-down can and should be prevented. The trustees, who own land on the edge of the estate which is unsuited to fruit research, are resolved to sell 34 acres to provide these interim funds.

The vice-chancellors sent their views to the press on Friday.

See a Problem?

What is the point unless the courts enforce payment and. Servants appended,' from Wang Xuanrong, vice-president of the board of censors of the Daren Palace, down to Bu Ji, the vehicle inspector. Somehow, perhaps to make up the numbers, their names were joined in immortality by that of Zhang Agang — the storage-pit carpenter. They may be seat to a fax number — 01 Miss Anne Beckwith-Smifo was in attendance. Christopher KnoHys was in attendance. The 1 Prince of Liechtenstein celebrates bis birthday today.

Mr BiBy Dove, director, also spoke. Mr Alan boo WUUxns. Caddkk -Adams and Miss J. London, and Mrs P. Savege, of Milntborpe, Cumbria. Howrf and Miss LF. Gresham, of North Dalton, East Yorkshire. Jeffreys and Miss DX. Boca, of Cockfosters, Hertfordshire. Neal and Mix Claire R. Hayns The engagement is announced between F. Marriage Mr D J. Fenton and Mbs SJ. Mark Gauntlett and Richard Gauntlett. Mr Christopher Walker was best man. Professor Sir Charles Oatley, electrical engineer, Lady Margaret HalL Oxford. It was through Otiphant, who was later to become Governor of South Australia, that Titterton was to work with Ono Frisch who co-wrote tbe memorandum in that showed an atomic bomb was possible.

Again bis connection with Otiphant led to him being part of the organization, code-named Tube Alloys, that was to pursue atomic power and the bomb in Britain. When the project became a joint one with the Americans in , Otiphant and Titterton were two of the small group of scientists from Britain who joined tbe Manhattan project at Los Alamos. Still in his twenties, Titterton was a senior member of the timing group at the first atomic test in July, The second and third bombs were dropped the following month on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Thterton stayed at Los Alamos until , becoming head of the electronics division. In the s he was to be pubtidy criticized for that influence by the Australian Royal Commission into the safety aspects of the tests. The UK Government and scientists consulted Titterton about new tests and whether and bow much they should tell Australia. Ironically, Titterton's pre-eminence in his field and his advocacy of nuclear power and nuclear weapons never convinced his chosen country.

Even though there is an abundant supply of u ranium, the only use of nuclear power has been at a small test plant in Sydney. Following a car accident, be was a quadraplegic for the last three years of his life and for the first time in nearly 40 years found himself on the same side as his old mentor. Sir Mark Otiphant, and argued forcefully for the legalisation of euthanasia. He married Peggy Johnson in and they had a son and two daughters.

The marriage was dissolved in He was created a CMG in and knighted in In he left Tokyo to serve for a while in Nationalist Chinn. But in he came home and worked in tbe Ministry of Information and the Foreign Office, staying there until when he was posted as to Rome as First Secretary. After three years in Rome he came home and served for a while in the Foreign Office, being, in , appointed Counsellor to the Embassy in Madrid.

He was a man possessed with an outstanding gift for foreign languages — being equally fluent in Spanish, Italian, German and French as well as Japanese — and all this was, of course, of the greatest help and doors normally closed to foreigners woe opened to him at all levels. Intelligent yet severely practical, be was the ideal negotiator, be was a master of detail but eschewed the non-essentiaL He saw into the heart of the matter but never made the mistake of out-arguing his interlocutor, remaining always gently persuasive.

His term was notably successful — it coincided with the visit to Japan of Princess Margaret and her husband: In , reaching 60, be retired but soon became a director of the Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust and an adviser on Far Eastern affairs to Robert Fleming and Company. He had much to offer, especially in the realm of Anglo-Japanese relations. He was to serve two terms as Chairman of the Japan Society. He is survived by his wife, Delia, and one daughter. Oxford, from until Roberts was the ideal head of a learned Press.

He was a first-class scholar and man of business. He neither forgot the essential tas rfi that he alone must see through, nor allowed himself to be kept from them by the pressure of routine. He bad wide interests outside his subject and a sure ju dg e ment of quality. The burden proved too heavy, though Roberts carried it for most of his 20 years. In bis last few years as Secretary, he shared the burden with a financial director and a strengthened managerial te? Tbe ability to say no without making enemies is valuable in a publisher who fives his life in a community of authors, genus irrildbue votum.

A Delegate of the Clarendon Press from , his aptitude for the business. He leaves his widow; A1P son, and a daughter. The altered format for the SCIENCE REPORT Making sense of a tangle of nerve cells Thought processes in our brains, the transmission of in structio n s from our brains to our limbs, and the receipt of information from our senses all rely on the ability of nerve ceils to conduct electrical signals around our bodies.

Essentially, a fractal dimension between one and two expresses how well a wiggly line fills a surface how orach of a pattern is filled up by n child's scribbling is an easy way to think of it. Fractal mathematics can find order -in very complicated objects. The Boston researchers are tbe first, however, to show that nerve cells too are among them.

The dimension at which nerve cdls show fractal behaviour turns out to be about 1. Having such a numerical quantity with which to identify normal nerve cells is of more than academic interest, Stanley says. Researchers know that the growth of nerve cells, tike other cdls in tbe body, is driven by chemical and electrical forces. But no model had been proposed that could describe how those fo rces influence the nerve cells as they grow arms, and the arms grow arms. The DLA theory predicts such seemingly random pattern of growth. Bw Kon Ndntaa Ridley, mp. Che Lon Mayor and lady Mvyonm of Umkhm.

Mr and Dinners Mn David Pnttnara. Mr aid Mn Kenneth Masts. Dr ana Mrs n S woodtna. Sir Marcus Fox, MP. Lord Walton of DHdwm. Sir wabrr and Lady Bodmrr. Or and Mn B. Turner, conlrtb- uum to the Fratscftrtfl. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Poland, the Corporal ion of London gave a luncheon in his honour at the Mansion House yesterday. Mr me Mtb MMuwwfki: Mrs Lynda Chalk nr MP. Sh Pernch HoMmi-B rown. Lord Cullen of Ashbourne was chairman of the luncheon. Lord Home of the HirseJ. Robert Ball was bora on March 8,. In he became a junior partner in his father's ftrmofsoticitors..

His publications included The Law and the Cloud. Brighton in the summer. A Mayo; A- Calderwood. D Shoe; B J md. Hill on National HoteL Bath: P OoodmOnc p- D Jourdain. A Service of Thanksgiving. Jocelyn Frances Crytte , sister to Bryony. MasMni and Gordon, a daughter. Da m is Joseph. Emily, a sis ter f or Daniel. Min - On February 10 th.

In Cambridge, to 2oreh and Scott, a daughter. Hannah Hope Elba, a sister for Nicholas. Bridget Anna, a sister for Louise and Clare. John - Joseph UoeL a brother for Nicholas. Funeral at St Mary's Church. Enquiries and Rowers to W. Chelmsford, on Friday February I6lh a! Flowers or If preferred donations.

Me and Tim A. Funeral ai si Mary the Virgin. Emeritus Professor Harold Roy Came. Norwich, followed by private cremation. Sally, aged 78 years, formerly of Ambertey-Place. Beloved mother of Tracey and grandmother-erf Douglas and Charlotte. Devon, mb Funeral Service al St Maty's Church. Chilton, on Thursday February 15th at LI. In her 90th year. Ursula Hepveorth ol Hyam. Malmesbury, on Friday February. Much loved father of Ann. Anthony and Mary, and adored grandfather.

Funeral at Inkpen Church. Muriel, widow nl Arthur. Serine in MorionhaO Cremaionum. IomlIv and many mends. J Dawson Lid Fum-ral Directors. Honor, widow oi Kenneth and mother oi Jonathan. Ian and Rod and devoted grandmother, alter a long illness ougnt with her usual courage and humour Positively no mourning by her request.

Family lowers only, but donations If desimt to The Santa nuns. Funeral Service Monday February 19in at 3. Any enquiries to CW. Barbara, beloved wife Of Derek. Requiem Mass al Carmelite Church. In his 72nd year, formerly or Liverpool. Garsun A Sons Ltd. In London after a long illness. Private service 1 No ftowers please, but. Inverness, after an Ulness courageously borne. Devoted wife of the lale Roy Mlcktcbcrgh and much loved mother of Edwin. Service on Monday February l9Ui at 1 pm. BrtuoL thereafter funeral to Canford Cemetery. AU friends respccifully invticd. She will be very greaUy missed I by her friends and family.

Between and the Mersey Tunnel scheme was taken up by several parties, but they failed to make any additional progress. In , Mqjor Isaac and several gentlemen were induced to en t ert a i n the project, and on the 29th of December in that year the first sod from a shaft on the Liverpool side was turned by the company who have brought the scheme to its present position.

This may be said to have set going the uninterrupted progress of the work, which want on quickly and satisfactorily. This condition of the rock greatly facilitated the excavations, and the operations progressed with encouraging rapidity. Further progress was reported at the half-yearly meeting of the company in March, , when the chairman said that in the main tunnel, which was 20 feet wide anti 21 feet high, yards had been completed.

It was also reported at tha t meeting that arrangements had been made with Colonel Beaumont for the use of his famous boring machine, which was expected to cut Soto50 yards a week. The machine got to work in- April. Inlkiwa-d bv m 10 n 11 tt. CircncnJci Glus on FiuiaV rmruarv i 6 ih. Sadly misied by Oirislonher. Florence Maud, peacetuliy after a long Ulness. Loving wife of Frank deceased, beloved - mother of John, loved mother-in-law of Chris, ard grandmother of Sarah, and Katie. Funeral Service lo be held al St George's Church.

Hampshire, on Monday February lguial.

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Beloved mother 01 Vivian and Hertmone. We were lucky to have known her. For publication the following day please telephone by 5. I biBituu- re l' l l Un t 4 inclLi. One pnone call riiuld rlsuiop s-our lue 01 Loie In Vow Liie. AH CVb poli'se-nam crunue.! Miss Sjiyin, Aspects Lis Mis.


The toyman Coran Cotnnany. Ol 92Cavendish. Kent would like to meet tall, caring, protessumal man. IsJ fbos- ,-u 4. Scrv i-n jpoouiibhsu K. JP lus I Ml i-j'r: IC kve;l icruisnrd tiai. Anfidal- Organs IFAO , an information exchange scheme on the emerging technology of artifical organ replacement. It is joining with institutions in East Germany. Italy, Belgium, Japan and the United States. Under -the scheme, which. WliOcfapri and ST Eodmer. Team raora as tront t May. Julian Loyd retires in May. Dr Derek Langslow to be Chief Scientist in succession to.

Finm the of Moe: The first of bis new documentaries, Harold Uoyd — The Third Genius Thames , proved as masterly as his previous -studies of the other two, who were of course Chaplin and Keaton.

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Lloyd was the only one who had not started out on vaudeville tours, and the only one to remain totally, if sometimes brutally, in charge of his own destiny. Billington seems drawn to theatrical figures prepared to-say almost nothing about their private lives.. But in this line Ayckbourn was at least more forthcoming than BflUngton's last subject, Peggy Ashcroft, even though we were only fleetingly told of the early marital collapse, which seems to have conditioned so much of his play-writing about the mutual Incomprehension and loathing of married couples.

But Billington did persuade the most successful comic d ramatis t in history to open up his Scarborough home and explain some of the mechanics of his stage craft. To have got any more out of him would probably have required thumbscrews. A sound investment S o the South Bank now has its resident orchestra. All we have to wonder about now is why they wanted one in the Gist place. One simply cannot expect there to be too many great composers around at any given time — if, indeed, there are any in these confused times.