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It doesn't get much better than this Regency historical. Another tremendous gust of wind hit the house, rocking the building. Felicity held onto the bannister, fearing the storm would push the house off its foundation, and hoping the old place would hold steady until she and May made it safely down to the ground floor. Nevertheless, great-grandmother Louisa had hated the morning sun, and so by tradition everyone kept to the west end.

It was not that her brother would have been of any use; he never had been before. She and her twin brother might both be twenty-two years old, but there were times, like tonight, when she felt a thousand years older than he. But tonight looked more like a catastrophe. Wind buffeted the manor again, and the attic timbers groaned. She hefted the quilt in her arms, its heavy, cumbersome weight making her feel awkward and clumsy on the stairs. Thunder boomed over the Hall, and plaster dust fell in a damp cloud around her.

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With a curse she heaved the quilt over the railing and let it drop onto the foyer floor. It took one of their last crystal vases off the hall table as it went, shattering the delicate glass. Ignoring the mess and gathering her skirt, she hurried back upstairs.

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The house continued to creak and shudder around her as wind and torrents of rain battered against the old walls. Down the hallway a window broke. Felicity shrieked as a sudden cold blast of wet wind hit her. She could only guess what May, only eight and possessed of an excruciatingly vivid imagination, must be going through.

Shielding her face with one arm, she made her way into her sister's bed chamber. Curtains flapping above her head and her dark hair blowing around her face like a mad halo, May sat on the floor, piling clothes, books, toys, and shoes onto the middle of a blanket. Here, let me help you with that. Kneeling, she pulled the four corners of the blanket together and knotted them. Dragging the bundle out into the hall, she headed for the stairs. May followed close behind her, a favorite pillow held tightly to her chest.

Cracks spread across the rough surface with such speed that she could see them growing. They reached the bottom of the stairs just as the front door blew in. One of the double doors cracked off its hinges and slammed onto the foyer floor, narrowly missing the two of them.

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  8. The wind howled like a mad wolf. Felicity grabbed May by the arm and dragged her toward the morning room in the east wing. Her hair had come loose from its clips, and the black, wet strands whipped into her face, half blinding her. More glass broke behind them, and the house shuddered again. A resounding crack echoed through the west wing. With a rumble louder than thunder, the entire wing lurched drunkenly sideways and then collapsed on itself. Plaster and glass and wood and water flew outward. As soon as the house stopped shaking and shuddering, she scrambled to her feet, fighting against the tangle of her sodden skirts.

    Felicity glanced up at the dark, lightning-streaked sky where a third of her roof used to be.

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    Damn Nigel for running off. Rafael Bancroft awoke to the sensation of having his chest licked. Reluctantly he opened one eye to see a disheveled head of flaming red hair working its way down toward his abdomen. She lifted her head to look at him, then grinned and resumed her downward journey.

    Rafe glanced over at the window. He stretched once more and started to sit up, until her nimble fingers joined her mouth. With a grin and a sigh Rafe lay back and closed his eyes again. Nothing was worth hurrying over that much. He shifted, tugging her bare legs up over his chest. And then he sat up so quickly he dumped Lydia off the narrow bed. Rafe grabbed it away from her, barely noticing the blow.

    I seem to be a landowner.

    By Love Undone

    Julia Bancroft, the Duchess of Highbarrow, turned from gazing out over gloomy King Street to face her elder son. Quin Bancroft, the Marquis of Warefield, scowled and sipped his glass of Madeira. She studied the marquis as he turned his head yet again to listen down the hallway for his wife.

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    Quin looked up at her. The butler scratched at the morning room door. She rose, and Quin followed her through the maze of rooms and doors and hallways to the huge dining chamber. Quin narrowed his eyes. The duchess paused by her chair, then glanced at the other, empty seats. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in.

    Taming Rafe

    Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category. If you are located outside the U. When Rafe Bancroft wins Forton Hall in acard game, this rogue finds himself saddledwith responsibility he cannot wait to foist off. The sooner he can sell the blasted estate,the sooner he can be off on his next adventure. Yet he doesn't count on running into the veryalluring Felicity Harrington, who ignitesan all-consuming desire in him quitelike no other woman.

    Felicity is enraged to learn that Rafe is nowin charge of her ancestral home. Vowing torescue herself and her family from ruin at thehands of the handsome rake, Felicity mustdevise a plan. But she is distracted by thoughtsof what it would feel like to kiss her irresistible enemy—an enemy who can bring her thegreatest downfall. Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book.

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