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Poems & Essays

Before the drugstore greeting card, I imagine folks wrote their own poems for occasions—for birthdays, weddings, going-away parties, valentines, anniversaries, funerals. Everything might depend upon it. The poem must be read, must be put to use, usually at once.

The public immediacy of a certain type of occasional poem is another draw. When the poem is written for a birthday or wedding or funeral, the poem is often meant to be read in front of a crowd, as a poem instead of a speech.

The poem is meant to be heard and savored by the group. The poem has a public vs.

The poem is in the spotlight. The poem has the lead role. So, I hope we can return when we can to the occasional poem and its public role. Our poet, Michael McGeoghegan, can write custom and personalized verse for any occasion Or contact us by e-mail at annisaacs ocassionalpoet.

How to Write an Occasional Poem

We do wedding and anniversary verse too!! Now is the time to order a special gift for that special couple or to celebrate your own upcoming anniversary!! Are you expecting a new grandchild soon? What better way to celebrate their arrival than with a personalized poem written just for them!

Occasional Poems: Or, Happy Birthday to Me! |

Give your graduate the perfect present Give us the details of their school years and we will create a gift they will cherish! Our Website is finally up and running!!

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Please visit us at occasionalpoet. The Occasional Poet can provide you with personalized poetry and verse for every special event and person in your life!! Our website is still under construction, but feel free to contact us by e-mail with any questions or requests. Sections of this page.