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An original tunic in excellent condition with little moth.


This superb WW2 jacket would make a great addition to any militaria or Royal Welch fusiliers collectio These pattern 37 Battle Dress jackets are Dutch made and date from late 50s to early 60s. They are the Canadian version which is a greener shade of khaki than the British version.

The Iconic Khaki Woo Fabric - Dark navy blue wool. Shoulder to Shoulder - 18". Label - J Harvey Ltd - London. Sleeves from armpit to cuff - 17". Very similar to British WW2. Very good lightly used, may have small repair, usually on collar or sleeve where badge has been removed. Often the epaulette buttons are not attached, but 2 will be incl Plastic buttons were introduced, rather than the brass dished buttons of Battledress, Serge.

A Beginner's Guide to British Wartime Battledress - Reenacting Tips

The trousers lost their belt loops and ankle tabs, the pocket buttons were now exposed and made of brown or green plastic like those of the blouse. Officers were permitted to tailor the collar of their blouses so as to wear a collared shirt and tie. Note the American use of 'Battle Dress' as two words.

The blouse featured exposed buttons on the outer pockets, which also bore no box pleats. The fly front of Battledress, Serge was retained.

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Cuff buttons were exposed, and there were two inside pockets. A small, internal hanger loop was introduced to the collar.

The collar was closed by double hook-and-eye arrangement. Tailoring was of good quality and the wool blend tended to be finer than British-made blouses. Type-specific plastic buttons were introduced.

British Battledress

Canadian Battledress never had a type pattern introduced, though the collar closure did change from a set of hooks and eyes to a flap and button in about The Canadian version was also a much greener shade of khaki than the standard British version. Buttons were green painted steel, with a central bar across the middle for the thread to hold in place.

New Zealand Battledress was almost identical to British pattern Battledress, Serge but the wool tended to be much darker brown, while the stitching was a contrasting light colour. The NZ blouse had a six button fly front, rather than the British five. Australian Battledress blouses were almost identical to British Battledress, Serge.

The trousers were closer to British Pattern. Both tended to be a much greener colour than British BD. Australians didn't wear BD, but their own version of Service Dress, meaning their BD was for export to other Commonwealth nations, such as the British. Buttons were in sheradised steel or plastic resin. South African Battledress appeared in both khaki wool and tan twill.

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The short jacket was referred to as a bunny jacket. Overalls, Denim were a version of Battle Dress intended for working clothing, and were produced from khaki coloured cotton denim , with several manufacturer's variants. It was issued a size larger as it was intended to be worn over the regular uniform.

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Buttons were fixed through small holes in the denim material and kept in place by a split pin. The buttons could be easily removed for laundering which, due to denim overalls being workwear , was more frequent than for serge battledress. Three months later, supplies of overalls were so depleted that the standard serge Battledress began to be issued to the Home Guard instead and in December, it was announced that Battledress would fully replace Home Guard overalls as soon as supplies were available.

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Battledress trousers known as Trousers, Parachutist were issued to some parachute troops, though the majority still wore standard Battledress around the time of the Normandy landings. Supply increased as the war progressed but even by May , standard Battledress trousers were still common in Airborne divisions.

I beleive this tunic to be a complete put together with all the badges and buttons being later additions to this uniform. This tunic is a Size no. Overall in excellent conditio Blouse appears close to mint condition externally. It is possibly Br