Coordinating the Curriculum in the Smaller Primary School (Subject Leaders Handbooks)

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An enquiry may be small, medium or large and there is a need to aim for a balance as learning experiences are planned. This is important because they can take time, which is in short supply in the primary school. A small enquiry could be based on asking one question about a photograph, taking just one lesson. Also, with younger children one small question directly related to their own experience will be more relevant and interesting to them. They will be pleased to have found a research base and you may be able to achieve something which would not have been possible without their input of time.

Local education authorities also have research interests. Find out who else may be interested within the LEA. If you are willing to become involved in researching the work, funds could be available. How can we really help people in places affected by famine? These are some of the many value-laden questions which geography can help us to answer. Part of your role as geography coordinator is to create a curriculum in which learning is meaningful and helps children develop as human beings.

Skip to content Search for: Interdisciplinary Research and Interdisciplinarity, a favourite buzzword of college and directors, has been appropriated to explain such a lot of educational goals that it's almost meaningless. Identity, Power and by Alan Bleakley PDF The aim of clinical schooling is to learn sufferers by way of enhancing the paintings of medical professionals.

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There are some quick exercises that provide data but we found that taking our time and going in-depth was far more revealing. Teachers felt supported as they had a consistent framework to follow and the ownership to take things further, just as they would in a lesson that suddenly "took another direction". The comprehensive nature of the document means that it replaced other monitoring and was not another add-on for staff.

The design of the Guide is geared towards evaluation being centred on what is important for your unique school. It is not appropriate to simply print-off any of the proformas as each school is unique and has different priorities — I encouraged staff to access the Guide on our computer system and edit it before they carried out the exercise. At the end of the Guide, I included an overview proforma for each area of the Ofsted evaluation schedule. This is designed for the subject leader to use all the gathered information to form succinct points that can be reported to the leadership team or any external inspectors.

That way headteachers and senior leaders get the main headlines and do not have to sift through a plethora of paper. The evidence sits with the subject leader and in our experience Ofsted did a quick check that we all knew the main areas for development and that what the subject leader said was echoed by the leadership team. The Subject Leader Guide has made my own and my staff's lives easier.

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We are a self-evaluating school that manages our time more effectively and can see the wood for the trees. We have a real handle on what works best for our children and the areas that more teaching time can be used for in order to prepare our pupils for high school. Staff have shown enthusiasm and a real aptitude to solve these issues, as they have true ownership of their subject and are given the time to focus on the true priorities.

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Headteacher John Tilley discusses the introduction of defined principles and approaches for subject leadership in his school, including a Subject Leader Guide Perdiswell is a two-form entry primary school situated close to Worcester city centre and serving a wide range of social catchment areas.

The rest of the questions I looked down at the list of endless documents on my laptop that I had used over the last 20 years to monitor subjects. What are the pupil standards in your subject? How do you know? What are the strengths and areas for development in your subject? Are there any underachieving groups in your subject? How is staff confidence and subject knowledge within your subject?

Subject leader's file: what should it contain?

What does the curriculum look like? A curriculum overview establishing coverage and depth.

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A self-review by staff of how confident they were in teaching each subject and training requirements that they needed to be more effective. An effective Action Plan that is targeted to specific aspects of pupils' learning.

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Book scrutiny that is focused on areas of the Subject Leader's choice. Examples of impact that the leader has made within: Pupil attitudes and pupils' targets. The time they have spent on: Lesson observation outcomes, providing a framework for developmental observation. The philosophy Rome was not built in a day and the philosophy of the Subject Leader Guide is that it takes time to monitor accurately and effectively. Great article - I am starting my first Maths leadership role in September. How do I order the book? How can I obtain a copy of the Subject Leader Guide please!

How do I buy a copy of the guide?

A guide to subject leadership

Interesting article as I have been given the project of supporting curriculum and subject leader development across the school. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the guide? Really inspired with this article. Is it possible to get a copy of the Subject Leader Guide? Hi, I start my first headship in September and I am keen to develop the role of subject leaders.

I found this article very interesting and wondered if you would share the Subject Leader Guide? This article is just what I have been thinking about and trying to do with my subject leaders, but struggling juggle everything. I like the sound of the review tasks. Is there any chance I could have a look at the guide please? Thank you Posted By: Really inspired by this - how can I get hold of the Guide please?!? I would love to get a copy of the guide please in order to develop SL in a school that I have joined recently.

How to be a Highly Effective Subject Leader

Love the article how do I order the book?