Dear Jennifer

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We feel good about ourselves when others think we look good, and failure to understand or admit this is causing honest women like yourself to question their motivations.

When striving to be desirable you can't then dictate who finds you that way. Unsurprisingly, this went down like a cup of cold you-know-what. Years later, I opened an escort agency and was surprised by the number of staunch and sometimes butch feminists who applied for work. This group went against escort "type" and had no concept of how to be sexy from a male perspective. They were resentful of requests from me, such as the need for them to shave their legs.

Dear Jennifer: I'm in love with a narcissist

I better understood some of these women when they confided that their mothers had placed little or no importance on appearance, insisting they invest in brains not grooming. I applaud you for your honesty and your courage. My advice is to politely explain to those who ask that you enjoy solicited attention and are capable of deflecting that which is not wanted. Men aren't able to fake their arousal. Unlike us, they need an erection to perform.

Dear Jennifer: I'm in love with a narcissist |

Just as you can't force someone to fall in love, you can't force them to feel physical attraction. Ask your partner how he feels about you seeing two gay escorts — and if he'd be comfortable "watching" them with you?

If he still refuses, please don't push the subject. Put yourself in his shoes, how would you react if he coerced you into having sex with someone you felt zero attraction for? Jennifer Souness has had an unusual life.

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It always goes wrong with girls Is this because of the assault, or does she dislike sex in general? Is she uncomfortable communicating this? Your partner cannot expect you to abstain from sex forever. Many couples who still sleep in the same bed aren't having regular or any sex.

Dear Jennifer: I think I'm in love with two guys

Even couples who start off enjoying mind-blowing intimacy usually fail to maintain that level of lust for each other. Yes, as love deepens, sex can evolve and get better over time, but for many it becomes repetitive and more of an effort. Jennifer Souness has had an unusual life.

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Will my partner hurt herself with excessive orgasms? My wife was assaulted and now our relationship is sexless. My partner's traumatic past is destroying our relationship.