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Say I told you so. She went into the disastrous kitchen, grabbed a coffee mug from the sink and quickly washed it.

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The cupboards had all been emptied of their contents and would soon be ripped off the walls, replaced with new. Gerri poured herself some coffee, then joined Andy at the table. Dates being set up. Steamy postmortems on the dates. Andy had been the divorced mother of a fifteen-year-old son when she met Bryce a few years ago. He was younger by ten years, sexy and eager, possessing at least eight of the ten requirements to deliver instant happiness to a forty-four year old woman.

He made her feel young, beautiful, desirable. He had a good job in pharmaceutical sales, though it required considerable travel. She fell in lust with him and for a while there was an orgasmic glow all around her. And of course she was in love with him, so she married him. Bryce quickly emerged as immature, selfish, short-tempered, inconsiderate, in no way prepared to cohabit and, indeed, had no experience in cohabitation. The relationship with Noel deteriorated; Bryce became exasperated by the noise, mess and back talk associated with teenage boys.

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This had the effect of turning Andy, who was by nature a humorous and agreeable woman, into a demanding, suspicious, resentful nag. They were like water on a grease fire. One, Bryce knew how to turn on the charm when he wanted to and he could treat her to short periods of good behavior laced with hot sex.

Andy shook her head. I have to get my bearings, pack up his stuff, call the lawyer, close the joint accounts. There were just times I thought divorcing him might be more painful than living with him. Even the fairly simple, straightforward ones were gut-wrenching. To promise to love forever and find yourself pulled into that dark world of animosity and vengeance as you tore the promise apart broke the strongest men and women into pieces.

Gerri had also had one-year-old Jessie balanced on her hip and a couple of years later there was a hot lusty night when birth control was the last thing she or Phil considered; that night produced Matthew, and a vasectomy for Phil. Andy, however, stopped with Noel, her only child. Young, energetic working mothers in their early thirties with tight bodies, small happy children, virile husbands, great things looming in their futures, they became good friends immediately. Gerri was working a large slice of Marin County for Child Protective Services as a case worker and Phil, a bright young assistant district attorney, had to commute into San Francisco daily, on occasion staying overnight.

Andy was a middle school teacher at the time, married to a teacher and coach from a local high school.

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  • It was sudden—what seemed a balanced and content marriage went sour overnight. In the end Phil relented and they kept Andy, lost touch with Rick, seeing him only occasionally when he came back to the neighborhood to pick up Noel for the weekend. It was a couple of years before her bitterness eased enough to allow her to date. In the years since she had advanced herself to middle school principal.

    Neither of them punched a clock; both of them were tied to pagers in the old days and cell phones now, backing each other up as well as they could. If Gerri failed to do her job well, a child could be at serious risk and if Phil slacked even a little, the bad guy got away. Phone calls from the police to either of them came at all hours. Gerri would think back to the beginning with longing from time to time. It was predicted that one of them would land in state politics; they were still fixtures at official state and political events and fund-raisers attended by movers and shakers.

    Their hours in their offices and in the field were long and hard, but in addition they managed to keep up with the kids—band, choir, PTA, neighborhood watch, gymnastics, ball games and track meets, concerts, and enough sleepovers and car pools to dull the brain of any card-carrying parent. They had to tag team these events—if Gerri had to table a case load to attend something for the kids, the next time Phil might have to push some trial work on a younger assistant D.

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    That was one of many things that had held them together through twenty-four years of pressure—humor. And Gerri had a cynical wit that could make him laugh until he cried or farted. They had a remarkable partnership and friendship that was the envy of many. Their own personal appraisal was that they were busy, overworked, tired and somewhat dull—but they were doing a damn fine job nonetheless and had come to worship boredom as a great alternative to chaos. He had his business trips, his buddies he liked to run with, a long and ingrained history of never answering to anyone for any reason and a lot of women before Andy, the last being something Gerri had known would be a tough habit to break.

    Selfishly, Gerri dreaded what she knew was coming with another divorce, another friend in recovery, and this was her closest friend. She consoled herself that it was like giving up cigarettes—once the pain of withdrawal was past, Andy would gradually reclaim her stable self. Still, she resented the hours it would eat up, listening to the transgressions of Bryce.

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    • He was in court. His assistant said there was nothing on his calendar for lunch and Gerri, feeling like toasting her wonderful partnership and telling Phil how much she loved and appreciated him, called his cell phone. She knew it would be turned off for court. I thought you might like to grab a quick lunch with me. My cell is on. She only did the occasional home visit now. As a supervisor her job was administrative, overseeing other case workers and their files in addition to a million other things from paperwork to hiring and firing.

      She headed for San Francisco.

      She could use just an hour with Phil. When she was troubled about anything, she turned to Phil, her best friend. No one could give her a reality check and reassure her like he could, and she was able to do the same for him. Kelly looked up and the second their eyes connected, hers welled up. Gerri was paralyzed by confusion for a moment, but then, given Kelly had been with Phil for twelve years and they were friends, she put her hand in the path of the closing door, forcing it open again, and followed her. That would be hard to defend.

      Kelly was in her late thirties, plump and lovely with ivory skin and coal-black hair like Snow White, the mother of a nine-year-old daughter. Her work was hard, her hours long, but she was devoted to Phil, and she saved his bacon daily. She made everything he did look even better than it should; she covered for him, cleaned up his messes, ran his schedule, fielded his calls, everything.

      They jokingly called her the Office Wife. By the time Gerri got into the restroom, she could hear soft crying in one of the closed stalls but there was no one else there. She went directly to that stall. It took a minute before the door opened slowly and she was faced with Kelly, who was looking down in shame, her cheeks damp and her nose red. She gave a sniff and raised her eyes. Oh no, Gerri thought. Tell him if he wants to be happy again, this is a must.

      Push a little, Kelly. You have a good benefits package. Hopefully for the two of you. He hated it, but he went. And I think he cleaned up his act just to get out of it.

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      Her mouth was set; she ground her teeth. Suddenly she thought she looked much older than she had that morning. God, I miss him so much! Gerri had to concentrate to keep from stiffening, to keep herself from either squeezing Kelly to death or throwing her against the stall doors in a fit of denial. Kelly knew everything about Phil. In some ways, she knew him better than Gerri did. He definitely checked in with Kelly more than Gerri; Kelly had to know him like a wife, a buddy, a best friend and a mother to do what she did for him. You could have just gotten mad and thrown him out—and both of you would have lost each other forever.

      Gerri tilted her head and smiled, a completely contrived smile. Her gut was in a vise. You know more about him than I do. There it was, the smoking gun. Kelly knew Phil had had an affair, something Gerri had never once suspected. Not Phil, she thought. He was a complete partner! He bitched about it, sure. What he wanted was to devote himself to his work, which was important work, and come home to tranquility and order.

      There was always something. He complained, true, but he always came through. Not always grinning like an idiot, but neither did she. She was no different. Full Cast and Crew. This story of four working-class kids in a small industrial town--who go their separate ways after high school in the innocence of and come together again at the end of the turbulent Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. The Hoosier State Movies. Films set in Illinois. Share this Rating Title: Four Friends 7.

      Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Learn more More Like This. Dead of Winter A cinematic adaption of Arlo Guthrie's classic song story. The Missouri Breaks The Left Handed Gun Little Big Man The escape of Bubber Reeves from prison affects the inhabitants of a small Southern town. Inside TV Movie Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Young Danilo Elizabeth Lawrence Prozor Neighbor Beatrice Fredman Edit Storyline This story of four working-class kids in a small industrial town--who go their separate ways after high school in the innocence of and come together again at the end of the turbulent Sixties--is as much about the coming of age of America as it is about the changes the characters go through.

      All the boys love Georgia Edit Did You Know? Goofs As Danilo Prozor is fighting with Gergley in the bar, one can see the shape of knee pads worn under Prozor's trousers. I'm tired and I have to go to work. Add the first question. User Reviews A wonderful must-see film Was this review helpful to you?

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