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Rivalling Greebo as a personification of this trope and badass is Horse from Footrot Flats , a bad-tempered semi-stray who chases off dogs several times his size. Incidentally, he's based on a real cat that used to hang around the author's home. According to Dog, Horse's mother was a one-eyed, hook-handed alley cat, and his father a Barracuda.

Horse himself believes he is the son of a Leather Jacket. And not just any leather jacket: Ah Horse, the only animal who could give Major the pig-dog what-for. Berke Breathed's Bill the Cat is much too versatile a character to be placed under this trope. However, a Sunday Outland strip features Bill and Opus, lounging in a kiddie pool, while Opus rambles on Lampshading this trope, he asks Bill his opinion on the stereotype of dogs being faithful, unconditional creatures while cats are mean, selfish, and narcissistic He changes his mind at the end, though, after Opus mentions he doesn't believe all that nonsense.

Snuffles from Pearls Before Swine. Or maybe not mindless at all. He tends to have a weird sense of humor that he displays by ripping holes in Snoopy's doghouse in funny and ironic shapes. For example, after Snoopy tells him that he "wouldn't know a fiddle from a bass drum", he rips a hole in the doghouse shaped like a violin. What makes this concept even funnier is that Snoopy who, being a dog, should really be the bane of a cat's existence is genuinely terrified of WWII, and moments after taunting him, will always transform into a Miles Gloriosus.

He's no ordinary cat. Peppermint Patty a Tomboy who can hold her own in fights with boys her own age once described him as "a dog in a cat suit", and got a good beating when she engaged him in a fight even when Snoopy tried to help her. Louise Lugg's cat Bella has a tough, nasty attitude, and is extremely pampered.

Heathcliff is a Silent Antagonist to most dogs in his neighborhood — for some reason Animal Control seems to have deputized him — and is erratically violent towards humans. Mice he keeps alive provided that they worship him. A Wild Badfic Appeared! At one point, he insinuates he wants to eat Pueo, Selene's Rowlet, and he also ignores Robin and Scouter's warnings to not tell their trainers about the birds and the bees.

And of course, he also falls into Cats Are Snarkers. In Schippeitaro , they are evil forest spirits that demand Human Sacrifice. In Princess Carpillon , a cat kills the queen. In Cat and Mouse in Partnership , a cat pretends to be friends with a mouse, only to eat her up at the end.

Subversions, Inversions, and other Exceptions:

He is depicted as not to be very intelligent, mostly repeating fox's lines and carrying out his orders. Soto for wanting to kill a human infant out of revenge for said baby's tribe killing half his pack for their skins. Shira from Ice Age: Continental Drift counts as well, at first. The second movie included a good-natured dog, voiced by Jimmy Stewart.

This movie runs this into the ground as well. Every antagonist in the film is a cat, from the Cossacks at the beginning to the American gangsters at the end. It should be noted that this is the entire reason Tiger was added to the film: Don Bluth wanted to avoid implying that cats were somehow Always Chaotic Evil. The sequel introduces some good cats. Babe likewise features mostly good-hearted dogs even Rex turns out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Naturally, there is a scheming cat, although the story gives a suspiciously noticeable disclaimer that there are many perfectly nice cats in the world.

In Scary Movie 2 , a mean cat goes so far as to attack the heroine with a broken bottle. The Incredible Shrinking Man: The zombified Church in the Stephen King film Pet Sematary is a pretty nasty piece of work, but only after he's killed, taken to the eponymous "sematary", and Came Back Wrong. In Nightwalkers , this trope was subverted: Stephen King's Sleepwalkers , although as in the example above, the ones that are mean are the evil werecats, normal cats are hostile toward them and, again, many of them sacrifice their lives fighting them.

Unlike in the books , in the live-action film of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , the White Witch had white Siberian tigers among her group, presumably to contrast Aslan, the Jesus Lion. A murdered woman's cat, Bi-dan, is the only witness to her death. Of course, when the protagonist So-yeon takes it in her care, weird shit starts happening.

She investigates the mystery when she finds her friend, who also recently got a cat, dies as well. Of course considering Asian horror's tendency for Shyamalan style twists, this may be subverted. The cougar from Homeward Bound: For the aversion with one of the animal protagonists, see below. From MouseHunt , Catzilla is the pet of your nightmares.

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It's apparently unkillable they unsuccessfully gassed it twice in the animal shelter , permanently kept in a sealed container because it's so vicious and is portrayed as a Godzilla-like monster from the mouse's perspective. The Voices is about the insane Jerry hearing voices, including those of Bosco and Mr Whickers respectively a dog and a cat acting as a variant of Good Angel, Bad Angel.

While the dog is a Cloudcuckoolander's Minder , the cat is a selfish asshole who constantly belittles his owner. When Jerry ends murdering a colleague he has a crush on , the cat explains how killing is fun and tries to make Jerry do it again. Lucifer from Cinderella Downplayed as he's less blatantly sadistic here than in the animated film. He's portrayed as a regular cat who doesn't have the capacity to actively spite Ella or keep her locked in her room, but he is the only animal in the house who tries to hurt the other animals, spending the entire movie trying to eat the mice.

Nine Lives features a jerkass who works through his issues after becoming a cat. The basic premise of The Uncanny is that cats are not only mean, they are downright bloodthirsty and will not hesitate to extract fatal vengeance on humans who wrong them. Partially averted in that everyone the cats kill or harass is an Asshole Victim. Bob shoots it before it can get to them, though. The main antagonist of Napeoleon is an Ax-Crazy feral cat who believes every animal she sees to be a mouse, and tries to harm the main puppy protagonist.

There was the Medieval-born legend that cats can kill a baby by sucking breath - which makes zero sense since a cat can't suck, full stop.


Cats can't fully close their lips to suck like humans do, this is why they lap their water or milk. After a boy training to be a priest is expelled from the temple because of his compulsion for drawing cats which he does inappropriately, marking up books and decorative screens he seeks shelter in a large temple that seems deserted, but unbeknownst to him is haunted by a goblin spirit.

Before turning in for the night, he draws lots of cats on the walls, and then, remembering the advice that his former mentor gave him "avoid large areas, stick to small" goes to sleep in a small cupboard. He wakes up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a violent fight. In the morning, when he peeks out of his hiding place, he finds a huge goblin-rat, dead, and the cats he had drawn have blood on their mouths and claws.

The story implies that while the cat-spirits he created were certainly mean, they came to life to protect him and fight the wicked goblin, making this a clear example of Dark Is Not Evil and possibly Good Is Not Nice. From an LA Times article about snow leopards: Snow leopards are revered, feared and even hated by nomads. Mongolians have a strong dislike for cats in general, and many recite well-known proverbs such as, "If you feed a cat, they'll eat you next," or "Cats are always watching you, waiting for you to die. Tolkien personally liked cats case in point: Sauron himself was even originally conceived as a "Prince of Cats", and the Eye of Sauron is described as "cat-like" a few times.

In another case this is invoked in the comparison of Shelob to a cat who has no faith to her feeder in this case Sauron who calls her this to his amusement and doesn't recognise him as a master and only cares for herself merely accepting his treats in this case his prisoners. Their relationship is based on mutual opportunism. However this comparison also makes Sauron appear like any human owner so it merely highlights Shelob's lack of subservience its not to be taken literally.

Indeed afterward Melko heard all and he cursed Tevildo and his folk and banished them, nor have they since that day had lord or master or any friend, and their voices wail and screech for their hearts are very lonely and bitter and full of loss, yet there is only darkness within and no kindliness. Here's a clue about cats: And what are tigers? Therefore cats are tigers only smaller. Therefore they are bastards.

What do lions do? Lie around all day and then, when they're bored, jump a giraffe and eat it. Cats don't even do that. Ever see a cat jump a giraffe? Because we've cossetted them and welcomed them into our homes and invented cat food, just for the idle bastards. Cats are slimmer, cleaner, more attractive, disloyal, and lazy. It's easy to understand why the cat has eclipsed the dog as modern America's favorite pet.

People like pets to possess the same qualities they do. Cats are irresponsible and recognize no authority, yet are completely dependent on others for their material needs. Cats cannot be made to do anything useful. Cats are mean for the fun of it. In fact, cats possess so many of the same qualities as some people expensive girlfriends, for instance that it's often hard to tell the people and the cats apart.

All Creatures Great and Small has Boris, a cat who never got inoculated without a fight. On an episode of Mystery Science Theater , Mike and the Bots watch a movie in which a magical spell gone awry sends an ordinary house cat into a vicious frenzy of claws and teeth against its owner, prompting Mike to quip, "So, this is like any cat then. However, they ended up extinct when their sun went nova, as they had been forced back to their homeworld. YMMV on that one. The Dilgra have eyes that resemble a goat's more than a cat's. The Drew Carey Show: You know they're going to eat your eyes when you die alone?

I try not to think about that. The Timbuk 3 song "Facts about Cats": Cats will be cats, and cats will be cruel Cats can be callous, and cats can be cool Cats will be cats, remember these words Cats will be cats, and cats eat birds. This is the theme of Bad Cats: Swarms of cats have descended upon some suburban location and have assembled a party there with no concern for the locals who already live there. A Cat of Ill Omen. A twisted timeline saw her ending up with the curse that Crovax had in the 'correct' timeline.

Statistically, a common housecat would be able to kill a first-level human peasant better than half the time. In defence of the cats, there is nothing in the rules indicating they want to kill humans. They are just surprisingly good at it. Gleefully lampshaded in this OOTS strip. A more specific example within the franchise: Being Lawful Evil , they can be trusted to keep their word, but good luck getting them to give it and not find some way to weasel out of it.

They are generally evil Tricksters who delight in manipulating and betraying mortals. The Cat is actually a potent ally of Good , created to hunt and fight vampires. Clan Smoke Jaguar in Battletech played this trope very well. Of all the Clans, they were the meanest and most aggressive. They never allowed freeborn warriors into their ranks, seldom took prisoners , and frequently responded to insurgencies against their iron-fisted rule on the planets they captured by massacring entire cities.

This attitude ended up backfiring on them badly, however. When the Inner Sphere decided to show that they were a force to be reckoned with, they did so by targeting the Smoke Jaguars for destruction. With no allies due to decades of bullying the other Clans and an industrial base that wasn't capable of sustaining the losses they'd taken during the invasion of the Inner Sphere, the Smoke Jaguars were completely helpless against the onslaught and wiped out completely.

Older Than Radio , even apart from cats' reputation in European folklore: Guess which one betrays them? Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet is nicknamed "prince [or king] of cats" by Mercutio, whom he eventually kills. Much depends upon interpretation , though; some productions play him as one more victim of the Feuding Families. In Edmond Rostand's Chanticler , the farm's treacherous cat plots with the Blackbird and the predators of the night against the titular rooster.

Chrono Cross might be one of the most exaggerated examples; Lynx, the main villain, is a six foot tall anthropomorphic panther. One of Earthworm Jim 's enemies is the aptly named Evil the Cat, who the creators describe as evil in its purest form. He rules the planet Heck, which, as you can probably guess, is Evil's vision of what Hell is. His Animated Adaptation counterpart is slightly more complex, liking to balance the odd movie night and romantic affair with the duties of torturing and killing innocents and attempted complete destruction of the universe. All the cats in Cave Story are enemies; one boss, a machine called Monster X, is revealed to be a cat upon defeat.

There are NPC dogs in the game that are your allies. In The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap , while the player is tiny, they have to watch out for the cats that will take a swipe at them. The Carmen Sandiego series has Carmen's pet cat, Carmine, who shows up every now and then to taunt the players in certain games or lie on Carmen's lap. Its evolution, Liepard, isn't much better. They're both also Dark-type pokemon. Bad Cat was the last and hardest obstacle in the original Glider much like a Final Boss , except that the Glider games never had Boss Battles. Mike, Yoriko's kitty staff in Arcana Heart.

Actually a sealed Demon King whose head looks like a kitty's. Will attack anyone who mocks him, anyone who looks at him funny, anyone he thinks mocked him or looked at him funny, and dogs. The Kilrathi, from Wing Commander. Launching unprovoked attacks on peaceful ships and dropping bioweapons on helpless planets among other things generally doesn't count as "playing nice". Origins , a demon takes the form of a cat and tries to possess a little girl.

The PC can save the girl or let the demon go on its merry way. Fur Fighters ' main antagonist is a massive cat. He leads an army of dumb bears which you can't help but feel are being taken advantage of. A recurring antagonist in the Metal Gear series, Revolver Ocelot, is named for the desert wildcat. In his appearances as a young man, Ocelot talks at length about the feline's virtues, such as never letting his prey escape.

This of course stands in contrast to the protagonist, Snake, and his affinity for dogs. Red Dead Redemption features deadly cougars that can end you and your horse quick with just a few swipes of their claws. And if that wasn't enough, they like to sneak up on you. Cougars make a return in Grand Theft Auto V , but they now kill you with one blow instead of two. And unlike the hilariously unrealistic jump-and-swipe from RDD , they do a realistic pounce and bite onto your neck. Cats guard both sides of the gladiator arena and swipe at you if you get too close.

One of the bosses is a giant "catfish" that's more cat than fish. In Dead Rising 2 , there's Snowflake the Tiger. Luckily, Chuck can actually tame her and give her to his daughter as a pet. Although, that does not really present the feline as downright mean; she is very likely just trained by the psychopath boss that way.

And she was hungry. Purple features a cat-shaped type of demons who attack player by throwing explosive thread-balls at him. Continuum Shift , Kokonoe acts this way towards Hazama in his gag ending, especially whenever he starts repeatedly sneezing uncontrollably due to his horrible allergies to cats, which, as suggested from her, are rather severe. It Makes Sense in Context because in the actual story, Hazama was way meaner and Kokonoe had a justified grudge on him Kokonoe: I have to say, I kind of like the way your voice sounds right now Is this the result of a suppressed fight-or-flight response constricting your airway?

Oh, an antigen-antibody reaction. You're experiencing anaphylactic shock, huh? Just stay right where you are, all right?! You're freaking me out! Oh, you look so damn scared Your face looks like a balloon, and you've got some sort of liquid oozing out of just about every hole in it Black Kitty from Goodbye Kitty , who interestingly enough is trying to kill another kitty. Mittens the crime solving cat from Filmcow on YouTube: Scratch is a house cat owned by Skull the Troll, who was zapped by an intelligence machine.

Once he gained human intelligence, he became increasingly power-mad and megalomaniacal, plotting world domination and general enslavement of humanity and usually being foiled by his cat instincts. The author, as a response to people telling him how much like their cats Scratch was, broke the trend when his cat instincts actually caused a plan to work — his cat desire to kill birds and small animals and his human intelligence resulted in Scratch going on a minor animal killing spree culminating in the brutal murder of a junkyard dog. The author's response was how many of your cats have beaten a junkyard dog to death with a nail board?

An unusually crude example can be found in Errant Story — the main character, Meji, is a sorceress who has a flying, talking cat by the name of Ellis as her familiar. The 'talking' bit is the clincher, though, since his use of language could make sailors blush — he's constantly making crude suggestions, sexual references, and inappropriate jokes. For obvious reasons, Meji regularly applies a fireball or thunderbolt to him, but since he's Made of Iron , it doesn't really deter him to any significant degree Spark, the talking cat from Dominic Deegan , is the main character's pet and familiar.

Though he's obviously a protagonist and very devoted to Dominic, Spark can still be a mischievous and downright self-absorbed little bastard at times. He has his moments. Eben from Two Lumps. Neko from Neko the Kitty Comics. The Evil in Sluggy Freelance. Kittens who are literally the spawn of Satan , and which have a tendency to kill people if they don't get their milk. The Lizard people in Restaurante Macoatl are afraid of cats, its been said that cats enslaved and ate them, so when one gets into the restaurant chaos ensued. Early in the strip, Choo Choo was shown smothering a kitten, much to the girls' horror, but he has mostly regressed to just panty-stealing and being a background character recently.

Twitchy Hug was assassinated mainly because he was getting increasingly psychotic — he killed a hooker in a throwaway gag strip, was seen dragging a body through the house in another strip, and was about to attack Davan when he was killed himself. He also had Mickey-Jesus' head in a jar on top of the fridge. In strips where Choo Choo Bear answers the Fourth-Wall Mail Slot , he's shown to have utter contempt for the readers, the other characters, and the cartoonist.

Of course, he also wears a smoking jacket and talks instead of going "Murr! And is a recurring character in Something Positive. This isn't the same Choo Choo Bear. The cast page lists in-universe Choo Choo Bear and the anthropomorphic Choo Choo Bear separately, and explicitly says they're not the same character. Of course, the smoking jacket Choo Choo Bear still fits the trope.

In these two strips, Choo Choo's son, Woogie, claims that all cats are evil, soulless monsters forged in "hell's hate furnace" that condition their "owners" to associate abuse with love. Given how cats act in this comic when not provoked, guess what happened to a guy who tied up a cat and talked about throwing it in the river afterward. I am your God, and your pain is my altar. I can't tell if the cat is a good influence on Belkar, or Belkar is a bad influence on the cat.

Both I think, but it probably still averages out somewhere south of Neutral. Grumpy Cat deserves a mention, although she isn't evil so much as, well, grumpy. One of JesuOtaku 's cats the calico isn't very friendly, as seen in the review for Fruits Basket. Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate. There is an internet meme which shows how a cat and a dog view their respective existences.

The cat carefully plots revenge on and escape from its human captors. Meanwhile, the dog will say things like " Walk! In the animated short Yellow Cake , cats aren't just mean, they're imperialist bastards! Played straight with The Mean Kitty Song , until the last verse. In Josie and the Pussycats Sebastian the cat is definitely mean. Claw's cat Mad cat definitely fits this, Kim Possible has two: Princess the Robo-Cat and Sassie the Puma.

Rumor has it that Walt Disney hated cats and praised mice and dogs, the two classic enemies of cats in cartoons, though another rumor states that he was actually afraid of real mice, so make of that what you will. Among the ways cats are portrayed in Disney animation: The anthropomorphic dog, Goofy, is amiable, simple-minded, and good-natured, and Pluto is just Peg-leg Pete later becomes Black Pete in the Disney films, the boorish villain. The short The Worm Turns both supports and subverts this. Mickey is a chemist who creates a courage formula which turns weak characters into courageous ones, which means they Took a Level in Badass.

He first uses it on a less anthropomorphic mouse being tormented by a cat, and then when Pluto chases said cat, Mickey uses the formula on the feline, who proceeds to open a can of whoop-ass on the dog. This work is especially interesting in that it inverts the normal pecking order of the classic American cartoon "food chain" step by step; mouse to cat to dog to dogcatcher here played by Peg-Leg Pete.

Alice is also accompanied by a non-villainous cat named Julius. In House of Mouse , there is some proof that Pete is a cat, as evidenced by Mickey telling Pluto that Pete's the only cat he's allowed to chase. This particular version of Pete is also seen in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Pete's especially villainous in Disney's The Prince and the Pauper. Pete is usually mean when he appears with Goofy e. Goof Troop , but not necessarily evil , generally fitting the "grumpy, boorish neighbor" stereotype rather than being an actual villain.

And he occasionally even crosses into Jerk with a Heart of Gold. One of his henchmen, Mepps, is also a cat. In the pilot episode, Fat Cat and his main henchmen deal with the Siamese Twins, a pair of felines that scare even him. In one episode, Fat Cat's French cousin is the villain. Also, when Gadget becomes a human's good luck charm or so he thinks , his cat becomes jealous enough to kill, her being his previous charm. Of course, in a show where the heroes consist of two chipmunks and two mice, it's natural that some villainous cats are going to show up.

Shere Khan is a ruthless businessman with some questionable morality when it comes to his work , but otherwise has a very strong sense of honor and integrity he's even willing to admit when he's wrong. He also has a grudging respect towards Baloo. He's more along the lines of True Neutral or possibly Neutral Evil , since he's more interested in profit than anything of true malice. The Series had a Cat Girl villain named Mirage, and also a trickster deity named Chaos who took the form of a winged cat.

Not exactly "mean" unless you make him angry, which Genie pleaded with Aladdin and Jasmine not to do. There was a show on Disney XD called Kid vs. Guess what it was about. The main villain of the first act of ''Goliath II'' is a tiger named Rajah no relation to the nice, similarly-named tiger from Aladdin , who is constantly trying to eat the titular elephant. He is ultimately defeated by being tossed into a crocodile's mouth, but later crawled out unharmed and ran away, never to be seen again.

He even changes appearance in the recasting, going from soft and rounded to scraggly and angular like Wile. His family as well, from what we've heard of them. Although in his case, he seems to have a Freudian Excuse. One episode states this to be a species-wide trait, though other episodes contradict this. Garfield, of Garfield and Friends , is portrayed somewhat like this, making him a sort of Anti-Hero ; however, he's less cruel and nasty than lazy and cynical. He does try and fail to catch the non-talking birds in his universe, but unlike other cats, he won't chase mice unless Jon forces his paw.

Even then, he won't eat them, even under orders from The Kitty Council. The comics version of Garfield is an outright bastard about killing spiders, though. This may be intentionally deconstructing the Cats Are Mean trope, though, since most humans have no compunction about acting the exact same way toward arthropod vermin. There have also been a few instances in the comics where Garfield devoured sentient, talking houseplants while they begged for mercy.

At least the spiders can run away His incarnation in The Garfield Show is even more toned down, rarely acting much outside being somewhat gluttonous and snarky and even going out of his way to help people a lot more. Granted, to make his abrasiveness more justified, they had victims such as Nermal a kitten be much more provocative and mean-spirited. Robot Chicken condensed this entire trope into one thirty-second skit: Big, flashing letters declare "Cats Are Jerks".

We then get the tripping in super slo-motion, just to make the point. In a much later skit, several officials discuss why there was a cat at many disasters such as Kennedy's assassination and Hurricane Katrina and also the above sketch. They conclude that they are being manipulated by cats. When one asks, "what can we do? Then a big "Cats are Jerks" pops up. Fluffy, Angelica's cat from Rugrats. She is particularly mean in her introduction episode where she trashes Tommy's living room just for fun.

The Smurfs wouldn't argue about this. Gargamel has a really nasty cat named Azrael who views them the same way most cats do mice. Cat doesn't quite fit the trope: He has a definite jerk streak, though. Contrast the cats from the episode "The Cat Club," who are borderline feline supremacists who have a desire to wipe out dogs.

Courage the Cowardly Dog: And then subverted at the end, when it turned out Stimpy was only acting, and praises Ren with "You're the greatest! Played straighter in the episode "The Littlest Giant", with two giant cat bullies who taunt and laugh at the eponymous giant Stimpy and cause him to run away. It should be noted that Stimpy is a cat himself. An episode of The Powerpuff Girls involved a faceless Bond-style villain who was, in fact, being mind controlled by his Right-Hand Cat , the true villain. SWAT Kats takes place on an alien planet inhabited by anthropomorphic cats. Thus, some of them are good and some evil.

Jinks, the frenemy of Pixie and Dixie. The werecats in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. An episode of King of the Hill deals with this trope. Hank signs up to care for the pet of an army commander, assuming immediately that "Pet" means "Dog". When he's assigned a cat, named Duke, Hank is portrayed as cheated and humiliated for it. Further, Duke himself is mean and ill-tempered, making life a living hell for his good-natured caretakers.

Bill meanwhile, winds up taking care of a dog through the same program, who winds up not only being loyal and well-behaved, but makes Bill successful with the opposite sex.

Love Torn - Felicity Beadsmoore - Häftad () | Bokus

An episode of American Dad! You only need to watch one episode of Atomic Betty to see it was obviously written by a cat hater. When Brian leaves in the Family Guy episode "Brian: Portrait of a Dog", the Griffins get a new cat. In the cat's first appearance, it hisses at the family from the top of the fridge and throws fireworks. Peter later notes how he loves their new cat with his back revealing plenty of claw marks. One of Johnny Test 's enemies is Mr. Mittens, an evil cat endowed with heightened intelligence similar to Johnny's dog, Dukey, who in his debut episode tries to transform the entire town into cats.

Brutus, the bully's cat from Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown , is a great example, always trying to eat Woodstock until Snoopy decks him. Mighty Mouse cartoons used "Cats are Evil" as their main premise. In one Underdog story, the villain was Overcat, an Evil Overlord who ruled a whole planet of cat people, who wanted to invade Earth for their milk. Show only see all Show only. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.

For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Pagination for search results. One had blonde hair with a big red bow in the back. Another had short, blue hair.

Yet another had brown hair in a ponytail with rose earrings. The last one had long raven-black hair and pretty purple eyes. Guardian of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus! In the name of love, I'll punish you! Guardian of Love and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent! Guardian of Love and Protection! I'll make you feel so much regret, it'll leave you numb! Guardian of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you! Again, nobody noticed her. The evil haze defeated them easily. The scouts were left in their civilian form.

Queen Metalia swallowed them up one by one. The last one, Venus, looked at Bloom with pleading eyes. Bloom and Sailor Moon stared in shock. Bloom ran to try and comfort her. One in all white, and one of whom wore a tuxedo and a mask, who was pretty handsome too. The white guy not trying to be racist attacked the evil thing. When he was defeated, he turned into a white cat. Sailor Moon seemed done with this. The evil haze turned to the sailor scout. Queen Metalia lunged herself at her. Bloom please help me! Tuxie was running to Sailor Moon too.

Both of them grabbed the scouts hand. She turned, not into an ordinary girl, but into a princess. Bloom kept pulling and pulling, but it was no use.

The Prince and the Puppy

The tuxedo guy seemed suddenly depressed. Bloom realized that he and Sailor Moon must be lovers or something. He looked to Bloom sadly.