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It is amusing when he tries to talk his way out of his cowardice afterwards. Jerry gtes to heckle Toby at her work after she heckled him at his show, which sounds better than it actually plays. TV-PG 45 min Comedy. The guy casted as Kramer has a good conflict with George over a box of stolen raisins. The woman casted as Elaine is amusing as a commentary on method acting. The part where George worries about a white spot on his lip that might be cancer seemed like an add-on story to fill space. Dalrymple joining Greenpeace and getting lost at sea seemed fitting and gave Jerry a good reason to blame Elaine for his failed pilot.

Jerry finding his dad's wallet in the couch was good. Jerry learns about good naked and bad naked, such as coughing and opening a jar of pickles. Kramer trying to learn how to cut back on his shower time is a little out there, but the idea of putting a garbage disposal in your shower is novel.

Elaine has a rivalry with Peggy over being a germophobe and in the end we learn Kramer made them dinner in the shower. Puddy also helps elevate this episode as a reformed germophobe. Kramer and Newman fight over whether or not to invite Jerry to their Millennium party which is over 2 years away. Elaine dates a guy named Joel Rifkin, who happens to have the same name as a serial killer, and Kramer gets Joel's name announced over the public speaker at a football game.

She tries to get him to change his name and they argue over what it should be; Elaine likes Deion and Joel likes Stewart. S6E23 This is the first appearance of Puddy and he makes an impression as a New Jersey Devils fan that pants his face and scares a foreign priest into insanity. I also liked how it plays off of Jerry getting told off for not calling the girl back.

Kramer convinces Jerry to get free cable and the Russian cable guys try to install it during the baby shower. PG 22 min Comedy. S3E6 This episode is more clever than funny as the gang search for their car during the entire episode. The best scene is Jerry trying to lie after getting busted for public urination. George also getting caught urinating is funny, especially when he is brought back to where Jerry is being held. Nothing much else happens in this episode as it does kind of drag on.

A funny anecdote is that the car not starting at the end was not intended, but they kept it in because it was funny. S2E3 This episode has the great scene where Elaine really wants her guy to leave but they oversleep for his plane. I loved it when she wakes up and goes crazy trying to get him packed and out the door.

S3E2 This episode has two great moments. The first is when Kramer sees Elaine naked which leads to his offer of her seeing him naked. Jerry getting audited for donating to a fraudulent charity and their plans to get his papers back are a little tiresome. S3E7 George steals this episode with his scheme to score high on his girlfriend's practice IQ test. Jerry musing to himself over how great he is for helping Babu is smile-worthy, but the rest of the Babu storyline is somewhat predictable.

S3E13 The best part of this episode is Jerry falling asleep on the subway and waking up across from a naked man. I love how they become friends and go to Coney Island together. It is strange that season three starts off not even acknowledging their reunion. Kramer trying to give better routes to the fire department and his attempt to drive the back of the fire truck is amusing.

Elaine dates a guy who forgot about her. The funny bit here is that the bad decision is made even worse when they learn a blonde masseuse lives next door to the apartment they missed out on. S6E1 The one good scene is where Mr. Pitt torments Elaine with his strict requirements for white socks. Jerry dates Miss Rhode Island and Kramer becomes her pageant coach.

Kramer does a good job preventing Jerry from making out with her. Jerry dumps ice out his window which kills her birds and forces her to try singing in the competition, which was not a good idea. George comes up with the idea for the Yankees to wear cotton uniforms. George tries to get back together with Kramer which leads to head-scratching ending as Kramer makes the entrance with his backless Tuxedo. S7E10 The guy on the sidewalk with the hose is my favorite part of this episode. Elaine loses a button on her shirt exposing her cleavage, which allows her to be more persausive but also gives a show to Lloyd Braun.

She then later gets doused and shows off a wet T-shirt. George meets an old neighbor, Deena, and does his best to argue that he is not insane. Did the pizza shop never have a power outage in 15 years and how did they successfully transfer power to battery without losing the scores? The deleted scene where Kramer uses his police tape to funnel a girl to a candlelight dinner is pretty good and is worth watching. Jerry has a 20 year overdue library book and Mr. Bookman the library cop wants to collect the fine. She schemes to have her boss not see the paper to not to ruin her excuse for calling off work.

George and Jerry get to ride in a cop car and have to share a seat with a car thief. S4E12 My favorite scene is when George buys the last TIME magazine preventing the convict who is on the cover from getting it, and then how George taunts him. Jerry and Elaine have contrasting scenes as she struggles in coach and he lives in luxurious first class. TV-PG 24 min Comedy. Elaine has problems sleeping so she enlists Kramer and Newman to kidnap the barking dog and then leave it in the country. Jerry shares a cab with Buckles and Elaine tries to unsuccessfully hold some seats.

George cheats on a test to convert to Latvian Orthodox for a girl, and Elaine insinuates that a podiatrist is not a real doctor. Kramer is discovered to be the Kavorka when he entices Sister Roberta, so he baths in vinegar and garlic. S6E22 Jerry tries hard to see his supermodel girlfriend, but his garrulous assistant freaks him out about the pilot who is attending his show. This leads to him getting kicked off the plane. Elaine looks suspiciously like she is trying to kill off Mr. Pitt after she discovers she is in his will, when it was Jerry who gave him the wrong medication.

She has a couple funny scenes with a pillow and talking on the phone. Kramer loses money placing bets on plane arrivals and calls in Newman who puts up the mailbag of the Son of Sam. George gets misinterpreted as a racist when he says his boss looks like Sugar Ray Leonard, so he tries to find a black friend. George gets blown off by a waitress at Monks and Kramer dates a really hungry woman.

Elaine has Simon in from England who turns out to be "a Bounder" who ends up with the Armani suit. TV-PG 42 min Comedy. S4E4 Kramer has the best bits in this episode when he shows signs of being kicked in the head from Crazy Joe Davola. Jerry and George get their pilot picked up but George wants "Ted Danson money".

They are then trapped at Monks with Crazy Joe Davola outside and a cop refuses to hurry his meal to help them out. Kramer has an idea to make a pizza shop where you make your own pizza. It turns out the Scofflaw is really Newman. Kramer wears an eyepatch and wants to be a pirate. Elaine is upset that Kramer gave Jake Jarmel a post-break-up advantage and gets Jake back by giving Mr. Lippman the same glasses as Jake. Jerry has to play nice so George gets a parking space, until that falls through and Jerry gets even with Gary. George gets a toupee and hits on a hot girl at Monks.

PG 24 min Comedy. S9E7 Elaine has Kramer trip a circuit on her vacationing neighbor so the alarm stops sounding. Elaine gets stuck in her apartment and George finds out it was Kruger who threw his clothes into the ocean. The funny opening dream sequence with all four principles in bed together is not shown in syndication. Elaine dates a poor man she suspects is homeless, until she finds out he is married.

The strongbox turned out to be open the whole time. Kramer has a giant key ring he wants back because he feels hurt. The extra keys get shuffled around until Kramer decides to move to LA. Their car gets trashed. Kramer falls in love with Lola and gets her a used wheelchair which turns out to be defective and she goes flying down a hill. Jerry and Elaine scheme to get the TV back when they discover the Drake got dumped, and George has to repay his dad by being his butler. S5E17 Courteney Cox and Jerry play at husband and wife, which got started with her wanting in on his dry cleaning discount.

Elaine gets mixed signals from Greg and George gets caught urinating in the gym shower. Jerry has a pretend affair on his pretend wife. Kramer snubs Gail because she had three dates with Jerry without a kiss, but Kramer gets a kiss. None anonexistentuser Dec 22nd at 9: Kramer is accidentally whisked on stage during a Tony's ceremony, where he receives one with the cast and crew of the fictional Broadway musical, ''Scarsdale Surprise''.

After being brutally attacked, Kramer's Tony is smashed to pieces. From the beginning to about season four, Jerry's stand-up routines made two or three appearances per episode. Deleted line s , click to see context: Because it mines everyday life for most of its humor, the show is this trope to such an extent that watching it is like stepping back into TheNineties.

Brodeur went on to play for the New Jersey Devils for two more decades after the episode aired. Rather dated now that many states have adopted "no indoor smoking" policies. In fact, it was lampshaded on at least two different occasions, one of which where during the ClipShow, Jerry [[BreakingTheFourthWall address the audience]] by pointing out, "Nine seasons In fact, it was lampshaded on at least two three different occasions, one of which where occasions: None anonexistentuser Dec 22nd at 8: I bust my hump ever day.

As far as I'm concerned, you and your demented protege can run the catalog by yourselves! Several times, such as the horrific B. Elaine and Puddy are a subversion, since it's pretty much outright stated they had no intention to get serious and were just "having a good time". Also, George and Susan. They dated before the series began but then existed as 'just friends', leaving many to wonder when and if they would ever get back together.

They hook up or nearly hook up a few times over the course of the series but nothing ever really comes of it. Their sexual tension gets a couple of brief mentions in "The Finale" but only as diversions from what will turn out to be the true ending. Elaine and Jerry have had a baby together Susan are an inversion; after not having seen Susan since Jerry's TV pilot was shelved, season seven begins with George tracking her down and proposing marriage.

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  6. Unnützer Reichtum (German Edition).

She accepts, and he spends the rest of the season concocting ways to get her to break up with him, with each plan backfiring in typical ''Seinfeld'' fashion. Elaine are a straight example, but not to the point of having a legitimate StoryArc. Kramer is the king of these, from RunningGag business ventures e. None ArthurEld Dec 17th at 8: I could've gotten them out!

None Demetrios Dec 15th at 8: Since he was described as [[ManipulativeBastard having a mental hold on Elaine]], how she broke up with him is left unanswered. None garrisonskunk Dec 12th at 4: None ArthurEld Dec 10th at 8: None StarSword Dec 6th at 9: None justanotherrandomlurker Nov 10th at 4: None DivineDeath Oct 25th at 9: Whatever the deform is, there's always some group of perverts that's attracted it it. Whatever the deform is, there's always some group of perverts that's attracted it to it.

None speedyboris Oct 15th at No no no no no no ''NO''. What were you thinking when you shot this? Do you even know what this scene is about? It's about a guy buying a loaf of bread. No, bread is his soul. He's trying to buy back a loaf of his soul. None Tallens Oct 9th at 6: In "The Pez Dispenser," Jerry grudgingly hosts an intervention for an old friend. None Antigone3 Oct 7th at 1: George goes for the inversion in "The Apartment", when he wears a fake wedding ring to a party to attract female interest. It backfires on him, as while he meets several women, they're all turned off by his "married" status.

None justanotherrandomlurker Sep 20th at 6: None speedyboris Sep 19th at 5: You're not gonna open with that, are ya? None morenohijazo Sep 15th at 3: Kramer runs for president of a retirement home's condo board; this involves treating some of the senior citizens there like the babies in this trope. Deleted line s click to see context: None speedyboris Sep 1st at 3: None CrimsonZephyr Sep 1st at 6: None ArthurEld Aug 15th at 8: Elaine, Newman is my sworn enemy.

And he lives down the hall from my home - my home, Elaine! Where I sleep, where I come to play with my toys. Well, what do they look like? They look like keys, George. They look exactly like keys. None speedyboris Aug 13th at 8: None garrisonskunk Aug 4th at 4: None bobJohnson Jul 29th at 4: What ''you'' call wasting, I call living. Do you have a job? You got a woman? Do you have any prospects? Do you have any action at all? Do you have any conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning? I like to get The Daily News George, it's time for us to grow up I must have been out of my mind.

10 Steps to Attract Your Soul Mate « ARISE Life Skills

Why don't you ''do'' something with your life?! Sit around here all day, you contribute ''nothing'' to society. You're just taking up space. I mean, how could ''I'' be with someone like ''you''? So my dear, ''you'' think you can get to Broadway. Well, let me tell you something. Broadway has no room for people like you. Not the Broadway ''I'' know! My Broadway takes people like you and eats them up and spits them out! My Broadway is the Broadway of Merman, and Martin, and Fontaine, and if you think you can build yourself up by knocking other people down None speedyboris Jul 23rd at Jerry thinks the doorman in "The Doorman" used this, especially when the lobby couch is stolen after Jerry who was covering for the doorman ditched, but there was proof that he was there at the time because he signed for a mail package: He thought of everything.

He was setting me up from day one! None speedyboris Jul 10th at None speedyboris Jul 7th at 1: Kramer can be like this, especially when it comes to fruit. None anonexistentuser Jun 29th at 2: None ArthurEld Jun 26th at The saleswoman in "The Pie". Today, anybody who did either of those things during a movie talking or shining a laser at the screen would get booed by everybody. None speedyboris Jun 19th at 9: None TheCuza Jun 11th at 1: Mickey, to the point of calling a girl whose second marriage just ended a "lightweight". None MCtheArnadian Jun 7th at 4: In "The Couch", Poppie pees on Jerry's brand new couch, so Jerry gives it to George who plans to flip the urine-stained cushion over.

Later, when Kramer blabs to Frank about the stain on the couch, Frank gets upset. I thought Jerry didn't want that couch, because of the stain. Oh, you didn't notice? It has a pee-stain. The cushion was turned over. But, the very idea. You had me lying in urine! None Demetrios Jun 1st at 3: Vincent at the video rental store seems to believe this, much to Elaine's chagrin, as she describes the movies he promotes as "[[TearJerker emotionally exhausting]].

Invoked in the episode "The Comeback. None speedyboris May 28th at 8: George's answering machine message: None justanotherrandomlurker May 19th at 3: None speedyboris May 19th at 9: George realizes that he must get fired from the Yankees to get a job with the Mets, but when he wants confirmation of this, they deny it, saying "We're just None TheCuza May 15th at 6: Well the jerk store called, they're running out of you!

You're their all time best seller! Keep in mind that this was after he got back to New York. He has to take a plane between the two cities. Keep in mind that this was after ''after'' he got back to New York. He has York, meaning he had to either take a plane or drive for a long time to go between the two cities. None speedyboris May 8th at None Brandon May 3rd at None justanotherrandomlurker May 1st at 2: None justanotherrandomlurker Apr 28th at The ending of the episode "The Parking Garage".

Originally, the four of them were supposed to get in the car and drive off. But the car they had had an undercharged battery and wouldn't start. After all the frustration of shooting the episode, they realized that the car being dead was just so much more perfect than anything they could have come up with. Larry David based the George character off of himself, and many of the plotlines allegedly were based on real life experiences he had, and how he reacted to them. This could never happen to someone, and even if it did, no one would react that way.

What are you talking about? It happened to me, and that's exactly how I reacted! Peterman to differentiate himself from the anecdotes he supplied to J. He did not take it well, and banned the entire cast and crew of the show from ever coming to his kitchen. Jerry Seinfeld co-wrote at least one and usually more than one, especially in the early years episode in all but the last two seasons.

Happens a few times: He goes to a job interview and the cane makes his new employer think he's disabled. George is about to clear things up when the guy mentions that George would be getting a private bathroom because of his disability. George, trying to get out of his relationship with Susan. Elaine's latest boyfriend, Dick, is a recovering alcoholic in "The Red Dot", but falls off the wagon when Jerry accidentally lets his alcoholic drink be grabbed by Dick at a Christmas party.

Elaine and Peggy also become germaphobes in the process. Newman shouts this as his mail truck catches on fire at the end of "The Pothole". Worn by Newman in "The Pool Guy". Jerry often does this when one of the other three is ranting about something he doesn't care about. George tries to get everyone at his office to nickname him "T-Bone", but fails when they bestow it to someone else who makes a single mention of enjoying steak. He finds himself in a difficult situation because he refuses to let go of the nickname but his boss is quite adamant that there can be only one person with that nickname in the whole office.

It seems he runs a very tight ship. Peterman has two employees working for his company named Walter; in fact, they're actually addressed as "Walter" and "Other Walter". Hey George, do you believe this guy? Oh, I missed the Maestro? In "The Sponge", Elaine's favorite contraceptive is taken off the market, but she manages to score a batch of sponges from a store still selling them.

But she doesn't want to waste them, so she grills her latest boyfriend to prove that he's "sponge-worthy". The president then suggests they not do the show at all, to which George says, " Or we could get them together! Surprisingly, Jerry reveals he would be one if he ever had kids, most likely due to his complete indifference towards pretty much everything and everyone. In "The Secret Code", George is strangely unable to come up with a lie to get out of having dinner with J. This was addressed later: Well why couldn't you include me in your excuse? Why didn't you come up with your own? I think I'm losing it.

Maybe you're just in a slump? I reached down and there was ''nothing'' there. All right, brace yourself, Lubeck. You are about to be launched via pastry back to the wedding of one of the most dashing and romantic Nazi sympathizers of the entire British royal family. The conflict in "The Parking Space": George and Mike get into a fight on who should get a spot: George, who was parallel parking, or Mike, who just decided to pull in front first.

It's never solved by episode's end, because both think they're right. Though in Kramer's defense, the spot was ''incredibly'' tight, and he drives a behemoth Chevrolet Impala. An entire episode set in one. George nearly gets lynched for parking in a disable parking space. This, Kramer's attitude and his clothes convinced people that he was employed there. The New Yorker's response to Elaine asking why a particular cartoon in their magazine was supposed to be funny: In "The Package", Newman attempts to do this to Jerry, when he suspects him of committing mail fraud.

It backfires since the lamp is positioned over ''his'' chair, rather than Jerry's. In "The Mango", Kramer and later Jerry is banned from Joe's fruit shop for complaining about the quality of his fruit. George has attempted to break up with a woman who simply told him "no, we're not [breaking up]". Jerry to his girlfriend in "The Apology", who likes to walk around the apartment naked.

Elaine is promoted to head of the J. Peterman Catalogue just because she happened to be the closest person physically to Peterman when he snapped and decided to skip the country. George Costanza was caught with a copy of Glamour, which led to the infamous "contest". As it turned out, she knew exactly what they were saying anyway. George described one in "The Chinese Restaurant": Well, after dinner last week, she invites me back to her apartment. Well, it's this little place with this little bathroom.

It's like right there, you know, it's not even down a little hall or off in an alcove. So, we start to fool around, and it's the first time, and it's early in the going. And I begin to perceive this impending So I know I'm gonna have to stop. And as this is happening I'm thinking, even if I can somehow manage to momentarily This could ONLY happen to you.

He exits the meeting and runs all over looking for a free toilet, to no avail. Well, I waited so long I-- I missed my chance. No, and now I can't get it back! The best thing to do is just not think about it. We're treated to this on some occasions, mostly whenever one of the characters is actually having trouble seeing. One of the outtakes on the season 8 set: A muffin top store just opened up down the street. A muffin top store? What'd I just say? What the fuck is your problem?! So you missed the wedding. You'll catch the bris! Why don't you just shut the fuck up for a change?

To cease and desist on behalf of my client, Jerry Seinfeld. Signed, Crybaby Jerry Seinfeld's Lawyer. Okay, but I got two words for you Jerry Seinfeld In "The Little Kicks" after one of Kramer's associates threatened him into bootlegging a movie, Jerry discovers a hidden talent for cinmeatography. When he's "hired" to bootleg another film, he first sees the new film to know what to expect, and won't work unless he was additional camera operators throughout the theatre and walkie-talkies to keep in contact with them.


Despite the widespread belief that the show had intentional plugs for Snapple and other products, it was not sponsored by them in any way. Well who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious! My name's Sanger, Mel Sanger. I drive that truck out there. Oh, the Yoo Hoo? I love Yoo Hoo.

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It's a fine product. The stories written for J. Peterman just up and left the company for Burma now Myanmar , leaving Elaine in charge of running the catalog in his absence. Isn't that a little racist? The "serenity now" segment. No, I can't do this anymore, I can't. Quit telling your stupid story about the stupid desert and just DIE already! Elaine, you don't like the movie? Kramer's Chevy Impala, one of only experimental models built with airbags usingOldsmobile dashboards and George's Chrysler Lebaron Town and Country convertible, one of only '''' made that year.

The "forbidden city" in "The Bizarro Jerry". Often averted, in such lines as "Again with the Rava" in "The Statue". Bevilacqua in "The Race" by his name, and at first Elaine doesn't recognize his name as such and has to ask what it means. Bookman in "The Library". Several one-shot and minor foreign characters spoke fluent, uninterrupted languages of their respective nationalities, occasionally without the aid of subtitles, such as The Soup Nazi, and Kramer's Hispanic friend that showed up for one episode and was never spoken of again, relying on the RuleOfFunny and RuleOfDrama, as they can fluently speak English if need be.

The "Seinfeld" theme is remixed for the two clip show episodes, season 6's "Highlights of a Hundred", and season 9's "The Clip Show". The latter remix was particularly distinct, adding in new instruments not usually used. George plans to give one of these to a woman he had a bad date with years ago she was a performance artist who got chocolate all over his shirt but is upstaged by a woman who sees Jerry and gives one to ''him'' instead. Whether or not Elaine was dating Puddy or not would depend entirely on what works for the episode. Their unstable relationship was lampshaded often.

However, as dictated by the rule of SexEqualsLove, this causes their feelings for each other to resurface, and the final scene implies that they have rekindled their relationship. The writers later agreed they didn't want to take this any further and the solution was to completely forget about it from the start of Season 3. Kramer's first name Cosmo was a mystery for the show's first six years. When we finally found out what it was, they managed to write the entire episode around the revelation, and NBC advertised it as a major television event. Peterman in a phone booth that turns out to be in Burma in "The Foundation".

Actually, that's the ''definition'' of selfish. In one episode when Elaine and Jerry get into a discussion about the nature of Newman. How much did you pay that guy? Are you out of your mind?!

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  • Jerry can't stand him, yet Bania thinks they're great friends. Jerry's apartment is the meeting place for the gang, which includes his neighbor Kramer, friend George, and ex Elaine. One of the show's taglines is that it's "a show about nothing," as it's mostly just about watching these entertaining personalities play off one another. In "The Trip, Part 2", Jerry is on the phone with the police, who want to meet him. Do we know where the is?

    George shakes his head No Any reference to the name "Art Vandelay", as well as George's ambition to be an architect or to pretend he is one. Hayman, George's gym teacher in high school. He would always call George "Can't-stand-ya", and even gave him a wedgie. He gives George a second wedgie 25 years later, an atomic one this time. The clerk at the thrift store when George tries to return his 'bathroom book. Jerry chasing Newman in "The Soul Mate". According to Kramer in "The Stake Out", when a patient gets difficult, a doctor quones them. Jerry and George had been pushing for a long time to get their "show about nothing" approved by NBC.

    Finally, their first episode is aired and is successful. However, at the same time, the head executive who had approved the show goes AWOL and is replaced by a vindictive woman who cancels the show out of spite. In "The Maestro", George thinks that because he's engaged to Mr. Ross's niece, he can give a rocking chair to a security guard.

    Subverted in "The Chicken Roaster", when Elaine filling in for Peterman as boss is audited by the accountant for extravagant purchases. Benes, I noticed you have been charging quite a bit of merchandise on the Peterman account. Well, I am the President. Yes, and we're all very impressed. Nevertheless, the expense account is for business purposes only. In "The Sponge" Jerry calls a woman whose number he got off an AIDS walk list, and glosses over that by mentioning he was shopping for a speedboat.

    Elaine doesn't appear in the pilot because the character had not yet been created. She was added to the second episode when NBC demanded that a woman be added to the show or they'd cancel it. In "The Voice", George's boss Mr. Thomassoulo begged George to leave the job, by offering him six months' pay of his contract. You wanna play hardball, huh? George Costanza's handicapped bathroom on the sixteenth floor is now open to ''all'' employees and their families.

    I'll see you in Hell, Costanza. A lot of jokes came from Jerry supposedly being a hack excuse for a comedian, and at the time of the ShowWithinAShow a bad actor. Kramer didn't show up until several hours after the party had ended and in the mean time they were forced to engage in Jerry's parents, to the point that they eat dinner at 4 in the afternoon and consider waking up at 5: The Lopper from "The Frogger".

    Because he goes around lopping off people's heads. In "The Statue" George says he broke the statue that sat on his paerent's mantle, in "The Pledge Drive" he claimed he'd be a totally different person had his parents had a mantle. An episode has Jerry and Kramer swap apartments. This is how Jerry knows Elaine's been having sex with Puddy and thus, losing the bet that the two of them wouldn't get back together. One episode has a plot revolving around George and Puddy employing one of his "moves" for their girlfriends because it works so well.

    Willard organizers in "The Wizard". At the end of the episode, when Kramer is mad at Newman for [[ItMakesSenseInContext taking the last peach]], he sics a bulldog on him in revenge. He refers to the bulldog as "Hubert. The two-part episode "The Trip". Kramer; around season 4, the applause at his entrances lasted so long, the crew had to ask the audience to stop clapping when he came on. In addition to the ill-fated TV pilot Jerry and George try to produce and the ''Super Terrific Comedy Hour'' that aired a clip from same, and numerous fictional movies often appear, some of which play a major role in the plot and many of which are mentioned more than once.

    Many of them are based on actual screenplays some of the show's writers unsuccessfully tried to pitch. Negative'', a movie MedicalDrama that got good reviews. Kramer has a cough and hoarse voice throughout all of "The Andrea Doria". In the final episode, the events brought up as evidence against the gang are referenced as happening on the original air dates. Kevin, Gene and Feldman in the "Bizarro Jerry" episode. Both the show itself and in-universe with Jerry's eponymous sitcom pilot. George, in "The Dealership": Largely the basis for the show's popularity.

    One of the plots of season 2's "The Revenge", when George slips a mickey in his boss's drink. Also present in season 9's "The Betrayal". Demonstrated at the end of "The Race" during the climactic rematch race between Jerry and Duncan. Oddly, despite being in slow motion, the voices of Jerry, George, and Elaine are all in normal pitch, just delivered in a slower manner. Elaine in particular, but Kramer has his moments too for example, he seems to think he's fluent in American sign language.

    Shut your traps and stop kicking the seats! We're trying to watch the movie! And if I have to tell you again, we're gonna take it outside and I'm gonna ''show'' you what it's like! Now, shut your mouths or I'll shut 'em for ya, and if you think I'm kidding, just try me. Because I would ''love it''! Her father would look at me and say, "eno enoa juang". Which means, "This guy Then let's see how he does, up there, ''without'' all the assistance!

    Newman, though he tends to think this way about Jerry. Kramer and Newman reverse their peepholes "so they can tell if somebody is hiding in their apartments with a sock filled with pennies". Later in the episode, an acquaintance is attacked by their superintendent under the belief that he was sleeping with his wife a sock of pennies. George desperately tries to get a black friend in "The Diplomat Club" so that Morgan will think he's not racist.

    He ends up calling a guy that fumigated Jerry's apartment in "The Doodle". Some of my best friends are gay! You very, very bad man! He keeps obsessing about it the whole episode, claiming that everyone has to like him. Finally, by episode's end, George has dumped his own girlfriend to go after Jodi, because he claims that being hated by someone is "irresistible". This [yogurt] is so bleep -ing good!

    Jerry's friend The Drake. Demonstrated in a couple episodes: However, Elaine forgot about Jerry after being made nervous by the accountant and left Jerry hanging on the other end. Elaine moves into a janitor's closet so she can order food, and Jerry and the gang drop by. George, after realizing he's unhappy with what his life has become, decides to make some major changes. With the big one being asking ex-girlfriend Susan Ross to marry him. Unfortunately, throughout the season, this "epiphany" is gradually phased out.

    And, by the time [[spoiler: Susan passes away at the end of the season]], the status quo has officially returned. With George having learned absolutely nothing from the experience. Well, I think you're wrong. Well, we'll just see. I just said that. I know you did. So good for you. What are you repeating everything I'm saying? Well George is an idiot.

    In "The Puffy Shirt", a man with a self-control problem is referred to as not being "master of his domain" by another character. I'm not ''driving'' him to the airport!!! I am without speech! It's to symbolize we're blind to their tyranny. Then, shouldn't ''you'' be wearing the bucket?

    In this section:

    Y'know, this is like that ''Twilight Zone'' where the guy wakes up, and he's the same, but everyone else is different! They were ''all'' like that! Elaine to George in "The Postponement", where she is jealous of his engagement, and the trope name drop and partly off-screen example of Mike Moffitt and Jerry in "The Parking Space".

    Dated George for several episodes, but then became a lesbian at the drop of a hat. Went back to men because her lesbianism "didn't take. This only lasted an episode, of course. In "The Puffy Shirt", Jerry says he feels ridiculous wearing a pirate shirt on national TV, and suddenly the quiet talker Leslie shouts from off-screen: Did you hear that? How are you sweet heart? Listen, can you give Mr. Thomassoulo a message for me? The Soup Nazi - which is why everyone except for Elaine put up with his behaviour. George is on the receiving end of one.

    I don't think we should see each other anymore. Like George would ever be interested in Marisa Tomei. In "The Opposite", George and Elaine switch places. George, who had been chronically unemployed since season 2, finally got a job with the New York Yankees, moved out of his parent's house, and got a girlfriend. On the other hand, Elaine, who had a fairly successful job at Pendant Publishing, is laid off due to the company closing which she accidentally helped cause , is kicked out of her apartment due to a list of grievances, and Jake Jarmel breaks up with her.

    When the episodes got more packed with story material, it became regular for an additional scene over the closing credits. The first two seasons had still photos of Jerry's stand-up act over the closing credits, but due to the longer running times of the earlier seasons, Jerry's closing stand-up was edited to become TheTag in syndication.

    We only see her from the back during those scenes. George quits his job in real estate in "The Revenge" because he wasn't allowed to use the same luxury bathroom as his boss. I will never work for you again. You think you're an important man? Is that what you think? You are a laughingstock. You are a joke. These people are laughing at you. You have no brains, no ability, nothing! Pitt interrupted her resignation to say he's included her in his will. George walks out on his unrelated rants several times. In "The Masseuse", Jodi is this to Jerry, though not for sex, but for her legendary massages.

    Look, who are you kidding? You come up to my apartment with your table and your little oils, and I'm not supposed to expect anything?! You're a massage teaser! Listen, I massage who I want, when I want. I don't submit to forcible massage! A large number of episode plots would be ruined if the characters had cell phones.

    Admittedly, they did show up in the last two seasons, but still. During the ending scene which takes place in the early 90s, Jerry says to himself "What's email? Today, with the ubiquity of cell phones, no one would bat an eye of that. Immediately after Sid said this, something would occur that would sour the whole deal. De Granmont's material, and in "The Doorman"'s case, it was Sid asking out Estelle she and Frank were separated at the time. George yells this during a movie in "The Puerto Rican Day". Detective Bookman in "The Library": Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Maybe we can live without libraries, people like you and me.

    Doesn't HE deserve better? If you think this is about overdue fines and missing books, you'd better think again. This is about that kid's right to read a book without getting his mind warped! Or, maybe that turns you on, Seinfeld; maybe that's how you get your kicks. You and your good-time buddies. Jerry, in "The Voice", right before a rubber container filled with oil hits Jerry's girlfriend from a few stories up: This is gonna be a shame.

    Is anyone here a marine biologist?!

    George devises this as a scheme to help Jerry become romantically involved with the roommate of the woman he's currently dating. It would offend the current girlfriend, making her break up, while the roommate would be flattered and thus open to a relationship. It [[SpringtimeForHitler backfires]] when [[spoiler: Every episode either starts with the credits shown over one of Jerry's stand-up routines or a cold open. One of the subplots to "The Wife": Could it be because you don't want him to know you have a friend who pees in the shower?!

    That is not the reason! Oh, I think it ''is''! Why couldn't you just wait? I was there, I saw a drain! Since when is a drain a toilet?! Different pipes go to different places! You're gonna mix them up! I'll call a plumber right now! All right, can we just drop all the pee pipe stuff?! Kramer is the ''only'' member of the cast who is consistently shown to be kind-hearted and caring, who goes out of his way to help people.

    It should be noted that his efforts to help others rarely succeed, though. At the end of "The Sniffing Accountant", Jerry describes his shirt as "half silk, half cotton, half linen". I like your shirt. While Jerry's friends have occasionally chuckled at his jokes, most of the time they don't, especially in the later half of the series. Slapping hands is the lowest form of male primate ritual. In fact, even some of them have moved on: They're doing sign language now. What do you think the Nazis were doin'? That was the heil-five.

    It was a good bit in the '80's, and it's still relatable today. Somewhat justified in that Elaine was cranky from staying up all night on it. How about if it said something like, "I can't find the receipt, my place is a sty. Everything with you has to be so ''jokey''. George, for some reason, becomes obsessed with ostrich burgers by the end of the series. Jerry could fall into this at times; in "The Couch", for example, he baits Poppy to divulge his stance on abortion, leading to a restaurant-wide division of opinions with some leaving. Oh, you really missed something.

    And I have to say George was once taken to a "Rage-aholics" meeting.

    David Puddy is also apparently a recovering "Germ-ophobe". In-universe, ''Jerry'' is this. Between the show jumping between in production and cancelled mostly due to George repeatedly screwing things up with Russell and the temperamental actors the man playing Kramer refused to talk to George; the woman playing Elaine insisted that Jerry call her by her character's name, even when not filming , the main issue was that the plot to the pilot was contrived and had lame attempts at humor. It's just a bunch of squiggly lines! You're telling me you couldn't paint this?

    I always need somebody to explain it to me, and then I need someone to explain the explanation. When Jerry tells his old college buddy that he almost had his own show in Japan, but doesn't speak Japanese, he remarks in confusion, "So Japan actually has a rather large English-speaking population, so it's not entirely far-fetched that Jerry could have his own in-universe show in Japan, and it be done in English.

    According to Elaine, the women on this show have this towards their preferred birth control methods of all things. How Milos acts when Jerry lets him win at tennis. Hey Patty, look at this guy. He's not a man, this Jerry. He's not even married like I am.

    Hey, uh, Milos, I don't mind rolling over here, but could you lighten up on the "not a man" stuff? The little chicken girl wants me to ease up. He can't handle this, so he cries like a woman! Look at the big baby! Hey, big baby, are you wetting yourself? Maybe it is time for you to be changed! The show's main gimmick. From "The Contest" and referenced a couple times after: Jerry got burned out by the weird things going on involving Kramer. Jerry opens the door, closes it, [[DoubleTake opens it again]], and exclaims that he accidentally bought something in low-fat instead of regular with no mention of George.

    I don't ask those kind of questions anymore. Jerry casually remarked that Kramer must have something to do with it and they both went back to the television. Sue Ellen Mishke, the "Braless Wonder". Elaine will often swallow before saying something embarrassing, [[RuleOfFunny causing the first words out of her mouth to sound awkward. Susan's parents are seen purchasing a handgun during the trial in the season finale [[ImpliedTrope presumably]] with intent of carrying out one of these on George as retribution for Susan's death if the gang is found not guilty.

    A plot point in "The Pledge Drive": A guy named Dan had a voice which sounded like a woman's. Elaine got Dan's voice mixed up with his wife's, Noreen, which caused headaches aplenty when she let it slip to Dan that Noreen was flirting with Jerry. Good as it gets. Jerry decided to play along and stuck a pillow over George's face, who apparently wasn't expecting Jerry to actually ''do'' it. Pitt's bed holding a pillow. Pitt's estate lawyer, witnessing this, looked aghast.

    In "The Bottle Deposit", Wilhelm is walking and talking with George in the halls of Yankee Stadium, and mentions having an assignment for George when he abruptly stops to use the restroom. George waits for him outside, not realizing that Wilhelm just kept on talking while he was in there. George spends the rest of the episode and it's a two-parter! In "The Gum," Elaine is eating popcorn while watching the movie and a corn lands on her blouse next to one of the buttons.

    She picks up the corn and accidentally dislodges the button. That hot dog's been here since the silent era, you'd have to be insane to eat it. Together we can put Putamayo out of business, and make Cinco de Mayo ''[[GratuitousSpanish numero uno]]''! How bad it could be? We don't actually see just what happens to Elaine after the gang is convicted at the end of [[GrandFinale "The Finale"]]; we can only assume she's sent to a women's prison. Helene in "The Trip". In "The Tape", Elaine reveals to George that she was the one to say lewd things into Jerry's tape recorder, but asked George not to tell Jerry because she wanted to have fun with it.

    Towards the end of the episode, George reveals that, due to the tape, he's become attracted to Elaine. How did it happen? Well, why can't you say it? Because I promised her. I thought you just said she doesn't know?? So how can you promise her? Because she asked me to. What is this, an Abbott and Costello routine?! By the end of the story, Jerry's one means of getting a good seat is with Elaine's boyfriend, Puddy, and his friends Due to a mix-up, Jerry gets a seat right next to Newman at the Super Bowl. Jerry has barely any room next to Newman's girth, not helped by the fact that Newman keeps leaning over when talking.

    He then spends 10 hours a day conducting a talk show, down to taking 'commercial breaks' read: When George is scarfing down a plate full of shrimp, a co-worker says to much laughs "Hey, George. The ocean called, they're running out of shrimp! In "The Pilot Part 2", mere seconds after the pilot finished airing on TV and after Elaine told Jerry and George that they'd probably get picked up and become famous , Rita Kierson who replaced Russell called Jerry to let him know that she was passing on the show.

    As a tribute to his favorite player, Mickey Mantle, George plans to name his firstborn child "Seven". George secretly getting together with MarisaTomei in "The Cadillac". None Showing edit s of You need to login to do this.