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City and state tourism boards still shy away from promoting weed as an attraction, marijuana lounges are still against the law, and hotels tend to give a pretty firm reiteration of their no-smoking policies when you ask about, say, using a marijuana vaporizer in your room, or smoking a joint on your balcony.

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One of the problems when it comes to official support is the lack of hard numbers. This reefer madness mindset is causing hotels to turn away Terry Gross listeners, not Miley Cirus fans.

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Still, marijuana-themed tours of Denver and Seattle continue to fill up, and the boom in recreational dispensaries in Colorado and Washington has produced a range of offerings, with highlights and must-sees for newbies and discerning connoisseurs alike. Despite a lack of promotion from the Colorado Tourism Office, a handful of cannabis-themed tour operators have sprouted up in the Mile High City.

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What their company offers is easily the most complete of those guided experiences. The experience lets you fully appreciate the distance you cover and you often meet interesting people in the bargain. The smoking car was a wonderful combination of improvised theater and voyeuristic give-and-take. People seemed to gravitate to them less from boredom than emotional need. That never happened, though I did encounter some fascinating lives. My favorite belonged to a small-time traveling salesman who sold paint to factories around the midwest.

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When I entered the smoking car, he was going on about his work—what it took to forge connections with buyers and how he spent his many days on the train. Cigarette after cigarette, he made the audience privy to his career, speaking with such enthusiasm and, when it came to his work, self-seriousness that we could understand the elation that accompanied a sale. He seemed rather young for such an Odetsian archetype—no more than 30, by his appearance.

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It was as though the train had picked him up from the middle of the last century. An hour or so passed. He spoke evasively for the only time that day when he got around to the subject of his jail sentence. But even that chapter of his life came to some satisfying conclusion.

Your Guide to Marijuana Tourism in America

He entered vocational training after he left jail, and in little time he landed the job that now gave him so much to talk about. What would be drudgery for most people was to him a constant gift, and holding court over the smoking car, he attempted to share it.

Another option for an afternoon: Short-term rental sites will be your best bet if friendly accommodations are a must, but the Bacon Mansion, a Capitol Hill bed-and-breakfast, permits marijuana smoking on outside porches and patios, or the use of vaporizers indoors. Head outside Seattle, and you can check out the Evergreen Market, which offers a pretty awesome vision for what the weed dispensary could be, with modern fixtures, a generous, open floor plan with an industrial vibe, and hardly a pot-leaf insignia in sight.

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In Olympia, Green Lady Marijuana is an unassuming little pot shop with a great selection of edibles and discreet vaping pens. Spokane also has a fine selection of weed shops, including Satori, which is known for its friendly, knowledgeable staff and impressive selection. Alaska is in a similar situation.