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Also the social niceties. Either of the first two would have been acceptable, but a servant would never be familiar. The Body on the Beach is at its best when Billy is dealing with his own people and a door cracks opens onto their world … smoky, dim, dangerous, just a little alien, with the leftover reek of opium and the half-heard ruckus of a fan-tan game in progress.

The Body on the Beach

Full marks to LaBarthe for digging into the research and having the vision to explore this era, which has seldom been touched on, even in mainstream fiction. The potential for development is immense -- another book, perhaps? May 20, Heather C marked it as did-not-finish Shelves: The story is about Billy Liang, a Chinese business owner living in Adelaide, Australia in , who is pulled into a murder investigation by the police as a liaison to the local Chinese community.

Plus, there seemed to be a lot of pointless descriptions about the scenery and the clothes people were wearing. I was open to their arrangement, I really was, but I felt no connection for or between any of the main characters. Mar 16, Meggie rated it it was ok Shelves: The first word that pops in my mind is "Polite". Everyone in this story is overly polite, which was annoying to put it mildly. Tom and Billy are long time lovers and happy together, which made this story to plain and boring.

Jul 06, Murphy rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. It was about Adelaide, Southern Australia in It was thoroughly researched and had great characters! My only complaint is that it was not made into a series. I would enjoyed meeting these characters again! Sep 22, Julie Hayes rated it really liked it. In early twentieth century Australia, same-sex relationships are not acceptable, and must remain hidden. He lives with his wife, Hui Zhong, and his lover, Tom Williams. W In early twentieth century Australia, same-sex relationships are not acceptable, and must remain hidden.

When the body of a man washes up on Brighton Beach, a Chinese symbol carved into his torso, Billy and Tom are asked to look into the matter. This has the potential of damaging relations between the Chinese and the Australians, which could spell trouble for the whole community. Billy and Tom take on the challenge of solving the murder and keeping things on an even keel. The Body on the Beach, while a mystery, is primarily an historical story—a slice of life look at the social structure in early s Australia, and how two men who love each other are forced to live in order to maintain the illusion in front of society that they are not a couple.

The murder is almost secondary besides watching these men interact under the watchful eye of judgmental people. More importantly, she considers them her family and loves them both. Great research has obviously been done on the people and the times and it shows.

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It was like stepping back in time. I feel sorry for Billy and Tom, that they are forced to hide their love, and will always have to. But I was glad they found a way to be together, which is more than a lot of gay men got to do back then. If you like history, try this one. The mystery is an added bonus. Mostly, this is a story about the endurance of love. But I was left unsatisfied because the book was written by a writer who knows how to write, understands what makes a good mystery, but misses the mark by not developing the main characters.

Billy and Tom are so distantly cordial to each other there is no passion between them. I wanted to know the details of how they met, fell in love and committed to each other. Does Tom have a family or friends? I wanted to read th 3. I wanted to read those intimate asides, common between lovers and I wanted to know they were still hot for each other.

I wanted to know how their life worked Jan 16, PaperMoon rated it it was ok. I was a little underwhelmed by the plot - expected a lot more in terms of 'action' and pacing. It read like a very diluted Phryne Fisher Kerry Greenwood book - except shorter in length with an inter-racial gay twist. Sep 17, Melita rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I picked this one up as I used to live in Adelaide. It was good to read about familiar locations but honestly the writing style was not my scene.

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Mar 13, Neko rated it really liked it Shelves: Such an Awesome story. No smexing but the story was quite fascinating! It is a Beta Cephei -type Cepheid variable with a variation of less than 0. The primary is a red-hued giant star of magnitude 1. The secondary is of magnitude 6. Delta Crucis the proper name is Imai [21] is a blue-white hued star of magnitude 2.

It is the dimmest of the Southern Cross stars. There are several dimmer stars within the borders of Crux.

How the sky works: A beginner's guide to finding stars and planets

Epsilon Crucis Ginan [22] is an orange-hued giant star of magnitude 3. Iota Crucis is a binary star light-years from Earth. The primary is an orange-hued giant of magnitude 4. Mu Crucis is a double star where the unrelated components are about light-years from Earth. The primary is a blue-white hued star of magnitude 4. Mu Crucis is divisible in small amateur telescopes or large binoculars. Crux boasts four Cepheid variables that reach naked eye visibility. BG Crucis ranges from magnitude 5.

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The star HD has been found to have a planet— HD b —that has a larger orbit than any other exoplanet discovered to date. The Coalsack Nebula is the most prominent dark nebula in the skies, easily visible to the naked eye as a prominent dark patch in the southern Milky Way. It is large, five degrees by seven degrees, and is light-years from Earth.

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Not all of the nebula is in the borders of Crux; some of it is technically in Musca and Centaurus. The Jewel Box Clusters is a Shapley class g and Trumpler class I 3 r cluster; it is a very rich, centrally-concentrated cluster detached from the surrounding star field. It has more than stars that range significantly in brightness. Kappa Crucis is a true member of the cluster that bears its name, and is one of the brighter stars at magnitude 5.

The most prominent feature of Crux is the distinctive asterism known as the Southern Cross. It has great significance in the cultures of the southern hemisphere, particularly of Australia and New Zealand. It reached 18 on Billboard Hot in late Several southern countries and organisations have traditionally used Crux as a national or distinctive symbol.

The four or five brightest stars of Crux appear, heraldically standardised in various ways, on the flags of Australia , Brazil , New Zealand , Papua New Guinea and Samoa. They also appear on the flags of the Australian state of Victoria , the Australian Capital Territory , the Northern Territory , as well as the flag of Magallanes Region of Chile , the flag of Londrina Brazil and several Argentine provincial flags and emblems for example, Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz.

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The flag of the Mercosur trading zone displays the four brightest stars. Crux also appears on the Brazilian coat of arms and, as of July [update] , on Brazilian passports. A Cross also gets a mention in the lyrics of the Brazilian National Anthem Five stars appear in the logo of the Brazilian football team Cruzeiro Esporte Clube and in the Brazilian coat of arms , and the cross has featured as name of the Brazilian currency the cruzeiro from to and again from to All coins of the current [update] series of the Brazilian real display the constellation.

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The Order of the Southern Cross is a Brazilian order of chivalry awarded to "those who have rendered significant service to the Brazilian nation". Thy Southern Cross the night. A stylized version of Crux appears on the Australian Eureka Flag. The constellation was also used on the dark blue, shield-like patch worn by personnel of the U. Army's Americal Division , which was organized in the Southern Hemisphere, on the island of New Caledonia , and also on the blue diamond of the U. The Petersflagge flag of the German East Africa Company of —, which included a constellation of five white five-pointed Crux "stars" on a red ground, later served as the model for symbolism associated with generic German colonial-oriented organisations: Southern Cross station is a major rail terminal in Melbourne, Australia.

In Australian Aboriginal astronomy , Crux and the Coalsack mark the head of the 'Emu in the Sky' which is seen in the dark spaces rather than in the patterns of stars in several Aboriginal cultures , [37] while Crux itself is said to be a possum sitting in a tree Boorong people of the Wimmera region of northwestern Victoria , a representation of the sky deity Mirrabooka Quandamooka people of Stradbroke Island , a stingray Yolngu people of Arnhem Land , or an eagle Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains.

The Aranda people of central Australia saw the four Cross stars as the talon of an eagle and Gamma Centauri as its leg. Various peoples in the East Indies and Brazil viewed the four main stars as the body of a ray. It is thought of as the anchor of Tama-rereti's waka the Milky Way , while the Pointers are its rope. The Coalsack is known as Humu the " triggerfish " , because of its shape. The peoples of the Solomon Islands saw several figures in the Southern Cross.

These included a knee protector and a net used to catch Palolo worms. Neighboring peoples in the Marshall Islands saw these stars as a fish. In Mapudungun , the language of Patagonian Mapuches , the name of the Southern Cross is Melipal , which means "four stars". It's the ultimate workout - providing cardiovascular conditioning, plus strength and toning for your muscles. It's also fun and brilliant for stress busting after busy work days! They're great for motivation because it feels more like fun than hard work!

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