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The Halls' normal life resumes. The Deep End received positive reviews from critics and put actress Tilda Swinton on Hollywood's radar. Despite years of previous credits, it is considered her breakout role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film starring Tilda Swinton. For the film starring Jane Asher, see Deep End film.

It became so popular that the writer eventually made it into a novel. According to the film's press notes, even Alfred Hitchcook was impressed as evident when he chose the book for his classic anthology My Favorites in Suspense Holding's novel was the only full length feature book of fiction included on that list.

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McGehee and Siegel previously worked on the independent film Suture. Did her son kill this person? Someone might know the truth behind this act of violence, but silence has a very high price tag. A very involving introduction and first act suffer after the diabolical murder plot takes a downhill spiral into a different set of events. Berry , creates a blackmail scheme. The film goes downhill from here, but the overall product is far from boring.

That's largely because of the beautiful performances. Swinton paints a vivid, intriguing portrait of domestic serenity, peaceful ordinariness, and motherhood's merciful nature.

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She can move the audience with utter silence; her eyes exclude intelligence, instinct, and compassion. She completes what the movie leaves unfinished, including her character's adherence to routine and complete loss of moral compass. Luka Kovac on "ER. His motives remain a mystery; we never know why he does what he does. It lets the audience guess-but we do not have much to guess with.

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The film does not complete his character. He's one of the most interesting characters here, but Visnjic needs more to chew on. The filmmakers comment about the hidden romantic feelings between Margaret and Alek. It's not explicit and it is not necessarily even realized, but it is there in a haunting, melancholic way," says Visnjic.

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We never really grasp these potentially fascinating plot points because the movie never examines these emotions. This is the kind of material that would have taken The Deep End to another level of interest. Start your free trial.