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K9 Nose Work is one of those activities you can practice alone with your dog or become part of a team that competes with other dogs and handlers. Find out more about K9 Nose Work. Fun and good exercise for both dogs and people of all ages and sizes, agility consists of leading your dog through an obstacle course that typically consists of a see-saw, flexible tunnels, height-adjustable jumps, skinny weave poles set up in a row, a tire hanging from a frame, and other objects to navigate.

Your community may offer local classes or even have an agility park. If your dog is a good learner who takes to training and already knows sit-stay, he may be a good candidate to begin rally obedience. This sport, which relies on trust and teamwork, is based on completing a continuous course with a handler that consists of numbered stations, each requiring a different skill or exercise on the part of the dog.

Learn more about rally and how to get started. A gathering of dogs and dog fanciers, a K9 Drill Team shows off a marching routine set to music. Their impressive, synchronized efforts are most often viewed at state fairs, parades and pet expos. Obedient dogs of any size and age who are comfortable around other dogs, people and music are ideal participants.

Canine Sports

If you and your dog are happiest together on your own, hiking is a heart-pumping way to have fun and get exercise. Called "shedding," it is one of the hardest things a sheepdog is required to do. Originally a way for shepherds to show off their working dogs to each other, sheepdog trials are now held around the country. If you own a herding breed such as a border collie, Australian shepherd, rough collie, corgi, or bearded collie, it's an ideal way to give your dog lots of exercise and to utilize its natural herding instincts.

Disc Dog Started in the s, disc-dog competitions challenge handler and dog to be the best at throwing and catching flying discs. The competition is generally divided into "toss-and-fetch" and "freestyle" competitions.

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In the toss-and-fetch category, competitors have 60 seconds to throw as many discs as possible over longer and longer distances. Points are awarded for accuracy and the amount of catches the dog makes. In freestyle, the handler and dog work together, often with music, to create a choreographed routine where agility, style, and fast catches make for an exciting show.

Any dog can participate in disc dog as long as it can move quickly and enjoys catching discs. Terrier Trials One of the more fast-paced dog sports, terrier trials happen so quickly that if you blink, you could miss all the action. A terrier trial is basically a steeplechase competition for terriers.

Canine Sports | Combining Exercise and Mental Stimulation

The dogs are encouraged to chase a piece of fur over an obstacle course, and the first dog to reach the target is declared the winner. This type of race is most often associated with Jack Russell terriers. It's a great way to keep these high-octane dogs happy and healthy.

Earthdog Trials In an Earthdog trial, dogs are expected to boldly go through a man-made, underground tunnel that mimics the real-life burrow of a fox or other animal. Once underground, the dog should find the scent of its prey usually a rat that is safely protected in a barred wooden box and "work" the animal by barking, scratching, or otherwise annoying the rodent. Dogs compete at different levels of difficulty depending on the experience of the dog.

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Dog breeds that excel at Earthdog trials include dachshunds, Jack Russell terriers, West Highland terriers, Cairn terriers, border terriers, Norwich terriers, Norfolk terriers, Welsh terriers, smooth and wirehaired fox terriers, and miniature schnauzers. Lure Coursing In lure coursing, dogs are encouraged to chase a mechanical lure over a distance of up to 1, yards. The mechanical lure is designed to change direction to simulate live prey such as a bounding jackrabbit or hare.

Dogs run in groups of one or two, most often broken down by breed. They are judged on speed, agility, enthusiasm, and focus on the lure. Lure coursing is an excellent way to promote your sight hound's natural instincts.

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Consider lure coursing if you own any of these breeds: Irish wolfhound, Scottish deerhound, greyhound, whippet, saluki, borzoi, or Afghan hound. Field Trials Unlike other dog sports, field trials can vary greatly from organization to organization, but basically they are designed to test a dog's hunting skills.