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For example, in "The Cost to Be Wise" the villagers of a rediscovered Terran colony where observers from Earth live among the natives suffer the depredations of nomads who have acquired relatively advanced guns. In the hands of most authors, this would have evolved into a story about violence and whether or not it's right for the villagers to try to acquire their own weapons. But McHugh is more subtle than that and in a very Chekhovian manner simply tells the story about how one girl responds to the situation without trying to make a moral point.

This is especially true in "Nekropolis," a near-future story about an Islamic culture which has finessed the institution of slavery and a woman has to make the choice between "safety or freedom. Oct 17, Ademption rated it really liked it. These are earlier stories from Maureen F. Her characters and the settings matter much more than the story, and she struggles with endings. In this, McHugh reminds me of Zadie Smith. McHugh often takes present day settings and adds a small technological change that gently marks her stories as sci-fi; otherwise, they would pass as slice-of-life short stories.

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The precipitating technology could be a tracking app that parents use on their teenagers, a cure for Alzheimer' 3. The precipitating technology could be a tracking app that parents use on their teenagers, a cure for Alzheimer's that rebuilds the brain but scrubs the previous personality of a loved one, a cloned daughter, etc.

In most of the stories, middle class Americans cope with the seeming advantages and the unintended consequences of one of these technologies applied to their families. Situations get awkward, and after familial strife and heated discussion, the stories trail off or end rather abruptly.

Jun 14, Michael Burnam-Fink rated it liked it Shelves: McHugh runs to recurrent themes like a sore tooth: Fear, and love, and the ideals that people always fail to live up. She has some talent as a writer, except that she really struggles with endings. Her stories don't end, so much as close with a quick-jab to the solar plexus, a gasp of realization that it always was going to be that way, that everyone is trapped by their history. Dec 15, Ken rated it liked it. Finally got to read a collection from a writer whom everyone is raving about. Previously I had not been impressed because her choice of topics is so varied.

So a story can be a hit or miss unless the reader has been "primed" beforehand. For example, I almost gave up midway on her more popular "the Cost to be Wise" I love far futures and off world-ers, but huh? Btw, surprised by how a talented western writer can elaborate so well on a foreign culture in "Ancestor Money".

Love & Other Monsters

Creativity has no class, geographical, or political boundaries. Las historias tienen conceptos interesantes. Por supuesto, algunas de las historias agradan mas que otras, pero en general son buenas. This one has the one or other great individual story, but is overall not the place to start reading McHugh go to the the brilliat China Mountain Zhang and return then, once you feel like you need to read everything by McHugh.

Jan 29, Alexis rated it really liked it Shelves: The perfect mix of bizarre, fantastic and strange circumstances and just generally good writing. If I'd written this book, I could die a happy woman. Jun 05, Nelson Holmes rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 03, Jon rated it really liked it.

Aug 15, Engel Dreizehn rated it really liked it. May 21, Jaime rated it really liked it. I gave this a 4-star rating because I think Ms. McHugh is a great writer. I am not a big fan of uncomfortable stories with vague endings, but I was definitely riveted. Nov 24, 3sm3 rated it it was amazing. Oct 12, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just so happened to spot a review of it online — just where that was escapes me now, sadly reading recommendations, got any? After devouring it in all of a week, I quickly tore through her novels: Stories , her first of two collections of short stories.

As the title implies, motherhood is a common theme throughout — but the women featured in these stories are anything but monstrous. It makes for a rather heartbreaking, sometimes inspiring collection — one that will dwell in your memory and heart, perhaps even staking a permanent claim there. Each story encompasses the opening chapters of its respective book: A piece of speculative fiction that explores how the Civil War might have played out had the assassination attempt on Lincoln failed, it made a previous appearance in New Skies: Go to the book's page and click on the "free download" link!

Jun 26, Tamara rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This collection of stories was wonderful. The worlds are spread out far removed from our own.

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The settings are places where clones and biologically engineered servants, and fantastic futuristic technology on lost worlds. There are also ghosts and werewolves which are so far up my alley it's not even funny. The thing that stands out isn't the tech, or the alien lands and technologies it's that at the core of every single story is a human story. If you read a lot you realize the l This collection of stories was wonderful. If you read a lot you realize the language changes, and the slang changes, and the setting change, but people at their core people are the same.

This book beautifully captures what it means to be human. It is so easy to fall into the worlds of the stories, into the places where loss and grief and the feeling of needing something can drive people to do things that seem crazy. From rejuvenation trying to capture lost youth to the ravishment of Alzheimer and the loss of a child the stories never lose that core strength of who the characters are, they live on the pages, like their entire lives are captured in the snapshots of the short stories.

It feels like you could run into them in the streets, or you might have talked to them once somewhere you can't remember. The best way to describe it, is they feel alive and I'm glad to have met them. Maureen F McHugh writes stories that defy categorisation.

Some have sci fi aspects to them,while others are domestic vignettes of failed marriages or parent child relationships. Many combine the two,presenting stories that explore issues like cloning and rejuvenation from very personal perspectives, examining their impact of families,marriage and parenting. The best sci fi stimulates the mind and touches the heart,and McHugh succeeds resoundingly in this respect.

If you enjoyed this, Daniel Keye's "Flowers for Algernon" is a must read.

Monsters and Madwomen: Changing Female Gothic

Some of John Varley's short stories might also appeal to you. If you enjoyed the first story,dealing with the Chinese idea of the afterlife,then you'd probably enjoy "Snake Agent " by Liz Williams. Tee movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" also uses a science fictional concept selective deletion of memory to examine interpersonal relationships. Oct 27, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: Literary stories with sff perspectives. Some feel more literary, some feel more sff.

I read through this really slowly for a lot of reasons. Sometime's I'd get a little stuck on a story. Sometimes it was because I couldn't tell how long the story was Kindle, not marked by story. Sometimes it was because I really needed to read The Fifth Season. Overall I liked it, but there were a few stories that slowed me down, and some of those felt long.

But there were a few stories that I thought were ama Literary stories with sff perspectives. But there were a few stories that I thought were amazing. Nekropolis really hooked me, and The Cost to Be Wise, though it was pretty long, was captivating enough that I didn't mind. Feb 15, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved her earlier book China Mountain Zhang, so i was excited about this one. The short stories were not all sci-fi, which I was surprised about but not at all disappointed. And they were so interesting: Really compelling and well written, though I wanted most of them to continue.

They reminded me a little bit of Ovtavia Butler's stories in the sympathy and twists of science, but less gruesome or shocking, and maybe more emotive. Mar 30, Jenni rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: There was not a single story in this book that didn't drag some reaction from me.

Female monsters in literature

Most of the stories were short and surreal, with no real end point. Just a brief glimpse into the life of another person, in another situation.

  1. Love & Other Monsters by Michelle Bishop.
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  3. Stein, "Monsters and Madwomen".

The concept of "mother" fascinates me endlessly. We have such expectations, such a concrete image conjured up by one word. Prime Book Box for Kids. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. With a cover that suggests a blissful, potential read of poetry, this book is quite the opposite.

The authors of Love and Other Monsters find a way to engage readers with various facets of relationships, longing, lost, and hope. They also manage to describe the development of womanhood while still engaging other audiences with the just noted themes of human life and other aspects of life such as the uncertainty of the future, something I find in "Not Kid Stuff" where Nina Brav depicts a child's unpreparedness for the "vast ocean.

Well, I voice my feelings in saying that for anyone interested in experiencing a riveting ride through poetry and isn't afraid of the depths of love, deep longing, disappointment, and hope, this is an experience for you to read. Amazing book, great for all ages! Love and Other Monsters is a wonderful collection of poetry!

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I recommend this book to anyone who has ever experienced love and loss. The book is divided into three sections: Both of the poems explore the difficulty of not belonging and feeling lonely. These poems feel personal and real. I picked up the book before bed thinking I would read a poem or two to lull myself to sleep.

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As it turns out, I could not bear to put the book down until I had torn through every page. What shocked me the most about this experience is that while I was exploring the lives of these three women, I would often find myself lost in deep bouts of introspection. The stories I read did more than just demonstrate skillful execution of iambic pentameter. They are written in such a way that every story, every poem, every emotion becomes a part of my own. I really cannot stress how much I enjoyed this collection.

Fantastic read - and reread. The common experience of falling in love is made fresh through the lenses of three distinct writers. I felt nostalgia, but also empathy for experiences that I have not personally been through. This book is beautifully written, you just have to read everything more than once so that you can interpret it with a new view each time. The illustrations are adorable and thought provoking.. I highly recommend this for reading. See all 7 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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