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Pretty much everyone in the hiker-biker camps had this book, or wanted to get a look at it.

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Great book - the authors make good suggestions, and most of the information is up-to-date. The elevation profiles in this book were not the best. For that I would recommend the Adventure Cycling maps. Th I used this book to do a bike tour of the Pacific Coast this summer. This book tends to keep you on on the northern section of the coast. There are some great detours suggested by the Adventure Cycling Association that aren't in this book. I used some of those detours, but then also chose to stay on in order to cut mileage down on other days.

I think the ideal combination was to have both this book and maps. The book is by far best for suggestions of things to do, mileage logs, etc. The Pacific Coast is amazing, though - you could have an adventure without a guidebook Jun 18, Benjamin Richards rated it really liked it. Make sure you have the latest edition! Personally, I found myself following the book less and less as the cycling progressed as I stayed at as many 'Warm Showers' as possible and also wild camped in the more expensive areas.

One up-shot of the guidebook was that it became possible to rendezvous with friends Make sure you have the latest edition! One up-shot of the guidebook was that it became possible to rendezvous with friends made along the way as you could plan ahead to see where they would be camping at dates in the near future due to the rigour of attending to the schedule.

There is a wealth of information included on areas that you will visit, so, although I have semi-slated it above, I would still class this as an invaluable aid to preparing and then touring along the route.

Table of Contents

Finally, you might, like me, find it amusing looking at the dated pictures used in the later editions that were evidently used in the first editions! Sep 07, Adam rated it liked it. This books is a fairly complete guide to bicycling the pacific coast. It has nice mileage logs,suggestions of places to stay and suggested bike touring daily itineraries. The not so good: It's not the Henry O. Hatfield Marine Science Center. The mater The good: The material in this book is getting kind of dated. I hope they update it soon. I plan on photocopying the maps of the area I plan to cycle and leave the book at home.

This is the best book on the topic out there, but only because it's the only book on the topic out there. May 27, Bo rated it it was amazing. A really handy book for travelling the PCH on bike. Kept up to date too, with plenty of things too see and side trips to explore. My only problem is that the book is that it's written for travelling Southward. They do explain this reasoning, and I did learn the same lesson when I tried going Northward.

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The wind makes what would be a pleasant ride insanely difficult and slow. I guess I should appreciate the book more, now that I think about it. I'm changing my rating to five stars, because I shou A really handy book for travelling the PCH on bike. I'm changing my rating to five stars, because I should've taken their advice to begin with.

Bicycling the Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico, 4th Edition

Next time this book will prove a little more handy. Aug 07, Risa rated it really liked it Recommends it for: But eventually, when you can, you might want to ride your bike from Monterey to Big Sur and beyond to see the most gorgeous part of the coast and stop for deep fried artichoke hearts and beer in the middle of the day. Jul 13, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I biked only a small portion of the coast, not in the intervals recommended by the book, I read almost the entire thing.

I treasure this book and can't wait to hit the rest of the route. What's super helpful is that the book lays out all the campgrounds you'll run into along the route, as well as any fun things to do or random side trips. I felt super well-prepared to go anywhere, even though it was my first time biking this route.

Jun 07, Aathavan rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is a great guide to anyone who wants to tour the Pacific coast on a bike. Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most amazing cycling experiences in the world.

From the Canadian border to the border with Mexico, the routes take you on the highways and the byways through over miles of magnificent West Coast scenery. Cycling the Highway is a challenge, but it can be done in about 40 days by anyone who is reasonably fit and at home in the saddle. That's an average of about miles a day, though some days will be shorter and some days longer, depending on the breaks you take and the accommodation options you're looking for.

But if you have the time to take a slower pace then do it. Leave yourself more time to enjoy the magnificent West Coast scenery and the attractions you'll see on the way: You'll want to know where to stay , from historic inns and guesthouses to hotels, motels, hostels, and campsites. There's some basic advice on which way to travel and why, on the stretches where you'll have to cycle along the main Highway, and the places where there are established cycle routes.

The weeks leading up to the Mexican border through California was nerve racking. The roads were very, very bike friendly and the traffic was pretty mellow. Road biking in Southern California is popular and there were cyclists all over the road in both directions. We looked a little out of place with our bikes all loaded up with gear.

Most cyclists would slow down as they passed us to have a little chat before accelerating again. Every single conversation went something like this: I got my car stolen a couple years ago after spending a couple of days in Tijuana.

Cycle Camping the Pacific Coast Highway

Then they would go on to say that the road was not possible to bike on because it is too narrow and bumpy and if you bike off the road you will plummet to your death. After a countless number of the same conversation, we got pretty nervous about what Mexico was really going to be like. Of course, after all the hype about the dangers of Mexico, it turned out to be one of the best parts of the journey. We decided to boycott the Tijuana border and instead go 50 miles east to the Tecate crossing.