Cold River Resurrection: A Native American Mystery (Cold River Series Book 2)

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Why are they on the reservation? Why are they killing each other? Tribal Council Chairman Bluefeathers The same crafty old fox knows it's futile to order Martha and the pickers to stand down, so he orders guards to accompany them on their journey to the woods. The upcoming Huckleberry Feast will not be delayed. Smokey comes to realize that there are forces off the reservation who do not want them to succeed in getting things "back to normal.

Cold River Resurrection

At some point, the answers don't matter. His daughter Laurel has decided to join the pickers, and now he can't find her. As the body count mounts with both tribal and mercenary dead he has one thought.

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Kill the invaders -kill all of them. The saga continues Full Speed Ahead! A fast-paced blend of tradition and of a people coming together - a reservation under siege - a novel of redemption, courage, sacrifice, of young and old learning to be warriors again.

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Winn, Jeff Altabef, R. Allen Chappell, and other Native American police mystery series, plus anyone who enjoys a fast-paced thriller. Read more Read less. Books In This Series 6 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A John Treehorn Mystery Book 2. Under A Mulberry Moon: Ben Pecos Mysteries, Book 5. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Love Longmire, Pickett, O'Connor? Meet Nick Drake, combat veteran turned wildlife ranger. Fans of Pratt and Hillerman love Aroostine Higgins! Fast-paced legal drama meets Native American mystery in this gripping first-in-series thriller. Gone Gone Series Book 1. When Macy goes to meet her online boyfriend in a dark park, she finds herself face to face with a killer.

If Bear Grylls worked for a bounty hunting agency. Meanwhile, outside the Reservation, private pilot Aaron Standford and his family are stuck in an airplane hangar outside Las Vegas, Nevada, hiding from violent scavengers. As the airport is set on fire, they're lucky enough to escape by plane, only to realize they have nowhere to land: After making radio contact with another aircraft--which just so happens to be flown by members of the Cold River Reservation--they're escorted to safety. And find themselves thrown into the war on the ground.

Allied with the Indians, the Standfords find themselves fighting for their lives--and the lives and customs of the neighbors they've come to call family. Kindle Editions July Mar 10, M. Interesting premise of the Native Americans rising and banding together to rescue their people kidnapped in Peru when the US government provides little help. It was an enjoyable read.

Nov 08, Greykemp rated it it was amazing. They don't have editors - misspellings, poor grammar, sentences that don't quite mean what the context says should be there. Unlimited authors often find a niche. I believe this one has started another. Others have reviewed the book very well so I won't bother.

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It's a fresh idea, not just another clone. Jul 01, Ann rated it it was amazing. I liked this book and am going to read more of this series. Its a Native American story sort of. A group of students from college some from the reservation go off on a trip to go to Peru. Things start happening to some of the group once there. They are shot at and weren't sure if it was terrorists or just someone who didn't know who they were.

Cold River Running 2

It gets real exciting then. They try to get back home later on but they cant. The chief of the Indians and the government go at odds at the ending. Will I liked this book and am going to read more of this series.

Cold River Resurrection (Cold River, book 2) by Enes Smith

Will they get home alive. Not all of them.

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  • Apr 26, Jeanette rated it it was amazing. One of the reasons I like my kindle is being able to read any kind of book I want. This book was really enjoyable. It takes hold of you and you can't wait to see what's next.

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    The characters are written with just enough detail to make them stand out. The storyline followed thru. I love that he based this book on an Indian reservation. Even a little bit of their culture is rewarding. I'll be hunting Thriller I'll be hunting more books from Mr. A perfectly crazy heart pounder. First class dialogue, a story told from many points of view, and settings that brought me right in on the action made this a careening, wild thriller.

    I am on to the next book. Sep 19, Lithezebra rated it really liked it. I enjoyed the premise, the writing, and the pace of this book. My only complaint is that one of the main characters, Tara, a person into whose head we get to see, was mostly passive, while other characters, into whose psyches we had far less insight, decided most of the action. If she wasn't going to do anything, or give insight into other characters, I wish the story had focused on the characters who did act, and how they were deciding and developing. Jul 14, David Huelsmann rated it really liked it.

    A story set in Today about Native Americans and rescuing some of their people and eventually others from Peru. While much is a little over the top - The Chairman of the Cold Water Indian Reservation declares war on Peru and closes his borders to the rest of America. It is a good book full of action and as a 73 year old male who "has seen it all", I actually found myself tearing up slightly at the end.

    Jan 27, Dixie Petersen rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an excellent novel! Very compelling and suspenseful, a thrill ride, exceptionally vivid scenes and dialogue, mostly though, wonderful, very easy to identify with characters I wanted to take in my arms through their trials. This is a series I know I'm going to love! Apr 22, Faye rated it it was amazing. Fantastic Read This book was full of action with some romance.

    It was interesting to see the clashes of different cultures both in the U.

    The Black Legend, Native Americans, and Spaniards: Crash Course US History #1

    S and in South America, all of which have centuries of bloody history. Mar 01, Pamela R Kinley rated it it was amazing. I respected the way the author set up the nation to work for it's people without apology yet try to find the best way to resolve the issue without total catastrophic consequences. Aug 20, Jeff Cochrane rated it liked it. Oct 04, Belinda rated it liked it.

    Lacking a feeling of Native American culture I would have liked more of a feeling of the Native American culture. The characters were not as well developed as some.