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Mopsa and Pamela are unsure of what their relationship means, but they are elated to find another couple like themselves when they witness Philoclea and Cleophila kissing "Turn to You". Gynecia and Basilius both arrive in the pitch black cave to meet Cleophila, actually meeting each other. Pythio facilitates their conjoining, marking the fulfillment of the third prophecy "Heaven is a Place on Earth". Mopsa and Pamela tell their secret to their friends, prompting the other two to reveal that Cleophila is actually Musidorus. Though Pamela is initially annoyed that they do not have the same secret, the two sisters reconcile.

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Basilius and Gynecia arrive arguing, Dametas arrives with all three flags, and confusion breaks out when husband and wife both point out Cleophila as the one they have adultered with. An angry Philoclea explains Cleophila's true identity and that Musidorus is her love, not either of her parents. As the king and queen realize what really happened, Basilius decides that Musidorus must be the new king and challenges him to a duel "Lust to Love". Musidorus fights valiantly but is eventually slain. He takes off the crown, offering it to Gynecia, who he believes will be a better ruler.

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As she takes it, the fourth flag falls and, with all prophecies fulfilled, the citizens of Arcadia are struck with the loss of the Beat. Gynecia tells her people to pray to the gods for a new Beat, and one emerges, as does a golden stag. It is actually Musidorus, revived and returned to the overjoyed Philoclea, who proclaims her love and vows to marry him.

Dametas realizes there is still one prophecy, prompting Pamela and Mopsa to admit their love to their surprised but accepting parents. As Dametas wishes that Mopsa's mother could be there, Pythio arrives.

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They are actually Dametas' lost wife, banished from Arcadia after they confessed their gender identity to him. They promise not to leave Mopsa again, and Dametas apologizes for his cruel treatment, embracing Pythio for who they truly are "Mad About You" Reprise. Musidorus reveals his own gender fluidity, explaining that he plans to "keep Cleophila around".

Basilius decides to leave his people, but Gynecia tells him to stay, as she thinks he will become a better man without a crown. The reunited group travels to the nearest city, only for it to be Arcadia. Realizing that they have traveled in a circle, the group considers how they have changed on their journey and vow to become a wiser and more accepting society with their new Beat "Finale". In , Michael Mayer replaced Iskandar as director.

Also joining the re-imagined creative team were music supervisor Tom Kitt who previously worked with Mayer on American Idiot , and James Margruder to adapt Whitty's original libretto. The production was billed as the official pre-Broadway engagement. For this production, Michael Mayer directed. The show began previews at the Hudson Theatre on June 23, Arianne Phillips is the show's costume designer, [6] [7] and Spencer Liff is the choreographer. Making her Broadway debut in the role of Pythio, Peppermint became the first transgender woman to originate a principal role on Broadway.

At various moments in the show, "Skidmarks on My Heart" is played to signify realizations by the characters. It is included as a hidden track on the cast recording at the end of "Finale. An original cast album was produced through Sony Masterworks Broadway ; it was digitally released on October 12, , and the CD release will be November 9.

Writing for Deadline , Greg Evans summed up his impression of the musical as "occasionally amusing, occasionally cloying", expressing disappointment that many popular Go-Go's songs appeared to have been flattened over the years the musical spent in development. The New York Times ' s critic Ben Brantley 's review [17] drew criticism as transphobic and misgendering of Peppermint's character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

'Head over heels' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

Retrieved November 26, Retrieved 21 June Are we gaga for the new Go-Go's musical? Retrieved July 28, Retrieved 28 July Listen to three tracks from 'Head Over Heels' original Broadway cast album". The New York Times. Discography Head Over Heels musical. The Greatest Hits The Collection. Herbert Lawrence's Contemplative Man , is the first known citation of 'head over heels':.

The first mention of love comes after the time that the phrase had crossed the Atlantic. This example, from the Indiana newspaper The Lebanon Patriot , June , and the lack of quotation marks or explanation suggests that the expression was in common usage by that date:.

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  4. About ten years ago Lotta fell head over heels in love with a young Philadelphian of excellent family. The expression makes little sense. Where do you usually keep your head? After all, our head is normally over our heels. The phrase originated in the 14th century as 'heels over head', meaning doing a cartwheel or somersault. Carlyle's spelling of summerset for somersault. John Lennon reinvented that in 'Being for the Benefit of Mr.