Il tempo di bere un caffè (Italian Edition)

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Turn it off and then blend it until the ice cubes are crushed. Pour the Frappuccino into a large glass and decorate with whipped cream.

Pecora Nera Caffe & Cucina, Legnano

You can also add a chocolate, caramel or hazelnut on top. Prepare some strong coffee, pour it into moulds suitable to create ice cubes and put them in the freezer: Once ready, put them in a blender with the ice cream and milk: You can also delight your palate with delicious caramel or vanilla variations.

Malika Ayane - Tre Cose (Videoclip ufficiale)

A variety of products have been taken into consideration: They are all everyday objects, just like coffee. Indeed, with the explosion of coffee in capsules, espresso has also become a not always sustainable pleasure.

Coffee AND NEWS Reading through coffee

Just think of the guidelines of several European cities such as Hamburg, which, in order to reduce the production of non-recyclable plastic waste, banned the use of coffee in plastic capsules already two years ago. Does this mean we should feel guilty when we drink espresso at home? The solution is all proudly Italian. Being compostable means that, once the coffee has been dispensed, the capsule can be thrown into the organic waste bin and later recovered to be transformed into compost.

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This innovative and cutting-edge solution offers consumers the possibility to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of authentic Italian espresso while embracing sustainability and awareness. Italian Folk Dance has been an integral part of italian culture for centuries. One of the most famous italian dance ist the Tarantella.

The term T arantella groups together a number of different folk dances characterized by a fast upbeat tempo, accompanied by tambourines. It is among the most recognized forms of traditional southern Italian music. However, this popular native dance of Southern Italy has a history and myth spanning several centuries.

The dance, originally an Italian folk dance of the lower- and middle-classes, has been labeled as a dance to cure sickness and as a dance of courtship.