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Thus the concept of initiation is similar to that of apostolic succession. The initiation process is often likened to a simultaneous death and rebirth, because as well as being a beginning it also implies an ending as existence on one level drops away in an ascension to the next. It denotes acceptance by the Guru and also implies that the Chela student or disciple agrees to the requirements such as living an ethical lifestyle, meditating, etc. In unionised organizations , the "initiation" is typically no more than a brief familiarization with basic procedures and the provision of a copy of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement that governs the work performed by members of the union.

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Some unions also charge a one-time initiation fee, after which the joining person is officially deemed to be a member in good standing. Some communities on board a military vessel and also of military soldiers tend to form a closed 'family' which absorbs in members, who are often formally accepted, generally after a form of trial or hazing.

In addition, there can be similar rites of passages associated with parts of naval and military life, which do not constitute true initiations as the participants are already and remain members of the same community. One such rite is associated with crossing the equator on board a naval ship, but it can even be taken by passengers on board a cruise liner , who are not and do not become members of anything but the so-called "equator crossing club". Gangs often require new members to commit crimes before accepting them as part of the gang. Tribes often have initiations.

The initiation done in the Bapedi tribe of South Africa is normally regarded as a stage where a boy is to be taught manhood and a girl to be taught womanhood. Initiation is considered necessary for the individual to be regarded as a full member of the tribe.

initiate (n.)

Otherwise, the individual may not be allowed to participate in ceremonies or even in social rituals such as marriage. A man will not be allowed to marry or have any special relationship with a woman who did not go to an initiation, because she is not considered to be a woman. Initiation may be thought of as an event which may help teens prepare themselves to be good husbands and wives.

Where modernization is occurring, initiation is not taken so seriously as before, although there are still certain areas which still perform initiations. In some African tribes, boys take about 3—4 months participating in initiation rites and girls take about 1—2 months.

Australian Aboriginal tribes usually had long periods of time to help prepare adolescent boys, teaching them traditional lore before they were ready to attend large elaborate ceremonies at the time of initiation when they were finally recognized as full-fledged men in their society. Most tribes had circumcision and scarification as part of the male initiation rituals, while many Central Australian tribes also practiced subincision.

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A salient shared cultural feature of the Min peoples of the New Guinea Highlands is initiation into a secret male religious cult. Media related to Initiation at Wikimedia Commons. Ich bin mir inbesondere unsicher, ob … 1 Antworten Mehr. Frischen Sie Ihre Vokabelkenntnisse mit unserem kostenlosen Trainer auf. Beliebte Suchbegriffe to provide issue consider approach trotzdem Vorschlag Angebot.

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He initiated a scheme for helping old people with their shopping. No-one who had been initiated into the society ever revealed the details of the ceremony. He took the initiative in organizing a search party to look for the girl; A move to start peace talks is sometimes called a peace initiative.

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He is quite good at his job, but lacks initiative; My son actually went to the hairdresser's on his own initiative! References in classic literature?

Before Long​.​.​.

Initiate me into all those mysteries which profane eyes never beheld. In her hand was a sharp knife and in her mind the determination to initiate his torture without further delay.

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  • But the captain, for some unknown constitutional reason, had refrained from mentioning all this, and not till forced to it by Ahab's iciness did he allude to his one yet missing boy; a little lad, but twelve years old, whose father with the earnest but unmisgiving hardihood of a Nantucketer's paternal love, had thus early sought to initiate him in the perils and wonders of a vocation almost immemorially the destiny of all his race.