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Pamela Lake lives in Paris where she worked as an editor of English language publications in the Culture department of Unesco. She speaks Russian, studied Russian language and literature at the Sorbonne and has a life-long interest in Slav culture.

The attempts of several exiled Balkan monarchs to return to their countries gave her the original idea for Quixotic Ambitions which is her first novel. She has travelled extensively in all the countries of Eastern Europe and has drawn on her experiences to create the imaginary country, Maloslavia.

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After a linking verb, as in "Their expectations were quixotic. That is, we started treating it like any other common adjective instead of a proper one.

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How to use it: Talk about quixotic people and personalities, quixotic dreams and ambitions and hopes, quixotic quests and attempts, quixotic projects and plans, etc. Some of us are too jaded to muster up much excitement about the latest quixotic politician who promises to change the nation.

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