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Spill Master™Assorted Colors Replacement Dry Pads Master Pack, 216/pk

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This lightweight, battery-operated device promptly and efficiently cleans up low viscosity, non-oil based liquid spills from soft drinks to saline solution in minutes to keep your space safe and free from potential accidents.

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This battery conveniently comes with its own charging station. Just simply attach it to the rover portable backpack for up to 3 hours of continuous use.

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  4. Spill Master™ Green Replacement Dry Pads Master Pack, /pk.
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  8. Add to Cart Loading Interested in larger quantities? Request a Quote Call Us: Product Price Qty Request. With traditional mop clean ups, spills are often spread over a larger area and leave a slippery residue. This increases the risk of the spread of illness, cross-contamination, and the loss of millions of dollars in slip and fall lawsuits.

    Spill Master™ Green Replacement Dry Pads Master Pack, 216/pk

    The Sanity Patrol Handbook is a humorous book of verse that explores the basics of psychology and how this information conditions different communities of professionals. Both comprehensive and entertaining, this exploration dramatizes how thoughts and feelings influence intent and action. The Foundation of Intention and the Pyramid of Preparation help focus the issues of the seder and assist in the gathering of the sacred objects used during the ritual. A songbook is also included. Humans pass through specific stages which are clearly delineated in this book.

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    When growing up is disturbed by trauma, neglect, overindulgence or other kinds of discounting of our very nature is left with scars on the psyche.