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So much so that I almost didn't buy this book. But I am so very glad I did. It's the fourth book in the Masrius Brothers Series. Honestly I think it's the best so far. Rather than just mating and then falling in lust. We see these two men care for each other, develop feelings, and be willing to sacrifice for each other. I liked first two Micah and Remus , then hated the third book Stefan. I also had a less than positive reaction to the two books that took place in Ireland. Silly plots with unreadble dialog. But now Victor gets a turn at love and it's a really great book.

Victor is a vampire who has become a warrior who hunts and kills demons basically rogue vampires who lose their souls and kill innocents. He good at his job and a bit aloof. But underneath he wants so badly to find his mate and have what his brothers have. On a mission he comes across the body of a half-demon named Malachi.

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Victor comes close to killing Malachi, but at the last second realizes that they are mates and that Malachi has a soul. This begins a story of acceptance, love at all costs, and deep passion that wins over most of Victor's family. But not every member of the Marius family is accepting and the way Victor stands by his mate is beautiful.

Malachi is a true innocent who has lived his entire life in a cave with little interaction, no love, and no education. The scenes where Victor teaches him to use a spoon, the different types of food, and when not to get naked are heart-wrenching and moving. I really liked this book. I love her imagination and world-building. Her characters tend to be people I'd really like to know better and they show up in later books within the series so that I can enjoy them again.

I've liked all the Darius Brother stories - the Darius family is fun and the brothers are all hunky, strong vampires. Unfortunately Flynn veered off into a strange writing dark hole when she wrote the two Irish books -- they were all but unreadable with her attempt at writing dialog with an Irish brogue. Now, she's returned to what she does best and this book is perhaps the best Darius Brothers book. Victor finds his mate along the side of the road - Malachi has been held prisoner by the demons since his birth to a demon mother.

His mother turned demon while pregnant and Malachi is a new kind of creature - half demon, half vampire. But his soul is pure and he has never fed from a human, much less killed one. Instead, Malachi has been beaten and tortured by the demons. Victor has no choice but to care for his mate when Malachi mates them without permission -- but soon realizes that Malachi is a pure soul, totally innocent and unworldly, since he's never been out of the cave where he was held.

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Gabriel [Marius Brothers 7] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove)

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The Pure and the Impure Colette. This was not one of my favorite Marius Brother stories. Mar 15, Nerine Petros rated it it was ok. I really didn't enjoy the change in writing style from third person in the first three stories of the series to first person in this story, so that has affected my rating because it affected my enjoyment of the story as a whole. This story seemed to almost have the feel of a number of diary entries. Victor is strong, caring, and overwhelming at times. Nearly all of the writing focuses on him, along with how and what he is feeling, within the plot.

Malachi is cute, but because of the fi 2. Malachi is cute, but because of the first person writing style and the dominant nature of Victor, I felt cut off from him as a character. Even the understanding of his life so far and the abuse and ill-treatment he was subjected to didn't help me connect and empathise with Malachi.

The half demon slant was really interesting. I would have loved to have seen this developed further, with extra information on Malachi's history and the possibility of future half-demon's, but can also accept the resolution of this affliction. It was also interesting how past issues and plot sequences were interspersed throughout this one, with nearly all characters from previous stories getting some airplay throughout.

There were a couple of places that felt slightly disjointed or when I would have felt lost or adrift if I hadn't read the previous stories, but you could get away with reading this story as a stand alone if you really wanted to.

Victor (Marius Brothers #4) by Joyee Flynn

What should I say?? I like JF's books for what they are, namely light fluffy reads. Easy storyline, quick to read during a break or in doc's waiting room, not too much thinking required. Not too much plot, mostly repeating even, with the typical huge dominant male and smaller submissive partner, but this one was just I really felt sorry for Victor when Malachi wasn't accepted by all family members because of his status as half demon, however Victor, you suppose to be the olde What should I say??

I really felt sorry for Victor when Malachi wasn't accepted by all family members because of his status as half demon, however Victor, you suppose to be the oldest son, over years old, but why did you have to cry so much?? Nevertheless, I'll read the next one in the series. I really liked this story but as others have pointed out it is very one-sided.

I wanted to know more about Malachi because his story really touched me. I actually teared up with this book and I know I would have had a much bigger emotional attachment to it if I could have heard more of Malachi's voice.

Oct 04, Coldcase hertz rated it really liked it. In the fourth installment of the Marius Brothers series, Ms. Flynn has definitely put together a dynamic due. She has paired a vampire warrior with his sworn enemy, a demon. This was a pairing that had me wanting to read Victor immediately.

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Victor Marius is an eight hundred and ninety-five year old vampire without a mate. Victor is a little taken ba In the fourth installment of the Marius Brothers series, Ms. Victor is a little taken back on how to accept his new found mate, who happens to be a demon. Malachi is a victim of circumstances. Malachi is an amazing character. After suffering years of abuse, he still has the ability to love and trust. It was interesting to see how this half demon was going to be accepted into this family. It was surprising to see some of the reactions Malachi received, and who they came from was a little shocking as well.

There are individuals in this family who have suffered violence at the hands of demons and that is clouding their acceptance of Malachi. The Marius family is one of love, respect, and loyalty. Once a part of their inner circle, no one gets left out or left behind.

Victor is a passionate love story between two men from completely different backgrounds but are wanting the same things out of life, love and acceptance. Victor is an excellent addition to this series and a must read. Originally posted at http: Feb 12, Kavisha rated it liked it. Let me start by saying that I have already read the majority of the books in this series and was following it for a long time.

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I lost track of it and realized recently that I had about 4 new books in the Marius World Series to read. But it has been a long time since I read some of them, and I couldn't really remember much of the overarching plot. I also hadn't read much of the "Beyond the Marius Brothers" stories and never even added the ones I read onto Goodreads. I decided to take up the chall Let me start by saying that I have already read the majority of the books in this series and was following it for a long time. I decided to take up the challenge of re-reading all the books 21 so far in this series chronologically and writing a few thoughts on each.

So I will set new dates to the "read date" section as I go along. This book won me over because of Malachi. He was pretty darn awesome. I thought that Joyee Flynn also did a pretty decent job of dealing with his traumatic past. I think Victor was great with his mate; loving, patient, kind. One of the things that is really annoying is when the whole plot is based on two people who continuously misunderstand each other, and all the drama and story come from that. I liked the book.