Brandon Marlowe and the Spirit Snatcher

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If you like mythology you will definitely like this book. Louise Moran on Jan. At first, Brandon Marlowe reminded me of Percy Jackson: Gods and one goddess rules the world, but mere mortals don't seem to know they are there. But while there are fantasy similarities, the plot, characters, and descriptions stand on their own.

The Greek mythology back-story is fascinating, and Brandon tells his own story in first person in an engaging way. He's funny, resourceful, brave, and real, someone the reader gets to know and care about. You really root for him to find out the secret behind his brother's disappearance.

I think my middle school students would really enjoy this book, and I will definitely recommend it to them. I look forward to the next in the series! David Hannah on Jan. The Spirit Snatcher by Eric Livingston is a book about a boy named Brandon Marlowe who is now old enough to join a squad where he will be responsible for protecting the rest of humanity from the remaining Olympians. It's a great book packed with adventures and Greek myths.

If you like Greek myths or even some of the Greek gods you will love this book. To all of the people who don't like Greek myths: You will still love this book as much as anyone else. The myths and gods have been adapted to modern times so it's fun to figure out who everyone is. When I got close to finishing this book I was so glad to figure out that there was more. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Greek Mythology, adventure, surprises and battles. Erica Castillo on Jan.

After finishing Spirit Snatcher, I am really excited to see what else is going to happen in this series. I was interested from start to finish. There are a lot of mythical creatures packed into this book, and I would not want it any other way. Tartarus seems like such a cool place too. I really liked Brandon, he doesn't start off as young and naive as some other stories but there's still plenty new to him. Kay Carter on Dec. I highly doubt you could put your book or e-reader down by the ending of the first chapter.

This book leaves you wanting to read second book as fast as you can. Troy Jay on Dec. David Hamilton on Dec. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I hope they have another book that comes out after this one. I recommend this book to all ages. Eric Gillean on Dec. John Peace on Dec. This is by far one of the best series I have ever read! It's writing is so original! Somehow it manages to be sarcastic and funny and sound like a teenager without getting tiring. I finished it in two days and wandered around for about an hour wishing I was still reading it!

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Cara Ferguson on Dec. I think this book is great because i love greek mythology and this book has a lot of action. It really goes by fast. So read this book. David May on Dec. This was a fabulous book. My 10 now 11 year old loved every second of it and I have to say, so did I.

He is a "reluctant reader" who preferred non-fiction books to anything else. Now he says he loves fantasy books and it's because of this well-written, funny, exciting, "non-stop action with surprising turns on every page" book. We couldn't wait to read what was next every night. My son has been anxiously waiting for the sequel s and I sincerely hope the author keeps on writing them and never runs out of interesting ideas!

What a great book. Truly, this was as interesting for me as it was for him! Amy Smith on Dec.

Smashwords – Brandon Marlowe and the Spirit Snatcher – a book by Eric Livingston

I enjoyed reading this book, and am really looking forward to the release of the next book. Ed Noel on Dec. The Spirit Snatcher is an amazing mix between myth and modern and was worth my time to read. The idea of a modern day mythology book was an amazing idea. I look forward to reading the sequel "Alpha in the Omega". Ahn Nguyen on Dec. My son absolutely loved this book! Livingston hit the perfect notes for young boys in Brandon Marlowe - a young boy, super abilities and skills, magnificent adventure, danger, mythical beasts and monsters, sword fighting, quests, kids doing things adults never let them do g - you name it, this series has it.

Don Hance on Dec. I hear whispers that it has a very famous mythological character.

Brandon Marlowe and the Spirit Snatcher

Gary Martinez on Dec. I thought that this book was the best book I have ever read! It had excitement,fun,and interesting facts about Greek myths. Greek myths are very,very awesome and I loved the modern twist on them. I definitely can not wait to read the next book in the series! Victor Carter on Dec. An amazing story, perfectly paced, with great character development. Sabrina Harris on Dec. I chose this rating because I can find nothing wrong with this series.

It's funny, clever and really well written. I am sure people from ages eight and up will give this book five stars as well. Cathy Marble on Nov. If your silly like me you started reading Darkness in the Light first. So yeah, this is the first book and it's awesome. Then by the time you get to the third book the word awesome has been redefined. Can't wait for the next in the series. Jan Gandy on Nov. If you like books on mythology. This is a definite read. Timothy Dixon on Nov. If you know a lot about Greek mythology then you will understand these books more.

If you dont know much about Greek mythology then you will learn a lot about the greek gods and monsters and other interesting things. Scott Stone on Nov. This is one of the more original fantasy books that I've come across in a while. It takes something that most people are interested in mythology and puts an updated fantasy spin on it. Brandon Marlowe survives this world, and unlike the PJ series this author makes no bones about the danger these people face. Very gripping, very fun.

Will Maris on Nov. I stumbled across this book by accident, I am not a Young Adult, but curiosity got me interested in this book and I decided to check it out. I gobbled this book up it days. William Hout on Nov. I was completely shocked and pulled into the book within the first chapter. I was totally enraptured for the entire book and couldn't put it down, even to eat.

Sometimes, I felt it was a little too heavy for children, but completely engrossing for me. I highly recommend it to all of my friends!! Olga Martinez on Nov. A great start to what's looking like a very promising series. I'm already enjoying the start to the next book in the series. Jeff Fenton on Nov. Very good concept for a book series. Can't wait for the next one. It's suspenseful and entertaining. Hope this doesn't become reality. Craig Stevens on Nov. Anna Temple on Nov. The storyline and characters were captivating. Once I started reading I couldn't put the book down. Its a very compelling story that keeps your interest.

I'm looking forward to reading the second book. Robert Vick on Nov. Good storyline and well told. It was a hard book to put down. I was sad when it was over. John Houy on Nov. I absolutely loved it. Terri Drenth on Oct. It made me jump into the rest of this series without hesitation. Donna Houser on Oct. This book was different than what I would normally read but because I had heard so much about it I wanted to see what everyone was talking about.

I must say I couldn't put it down and am now into the second one! Dwayne Hollo on Oct. It was a good book and i really enjoyed it i would suggest it to lots of people very good book. Jim Grisswell on Oct.

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Awesome, could not put down. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone. Marvin Greely on Oct. Brandon Marlowe is among the cherished few, but lif It's hard enough being a teenage boy, let alone a teenage boy with supernatural powers derived from Gods.

Brandon Marlowe is among the cherished few, but life is no easier for him than other boys. He attends school in Tartarus, where a hidden training center exists to cater to these special children. There, Brandon is surrounded by other kids, who are raised and trained to fight the remaining evil Gods and their Demon minions. In Brandon's world, threats are always emerging, and he must be prepared.

Soon, he will be ready-sent to battle, like so many before him, in a war to save the human race. However, Brandon's troubles are much closer to home. His older brother has died, and no one knows why. As Brandon prepares to enter the massive battle of God versus man, it becomes his mission to discover the cause of his brother's death and to punish the guilty. But will his quest for vengeance get in the way of his divine battle? And will his world collapse beneath the weight of the truth?

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Tartarus - not generally a place you think about when going through your options for school. But Tartarus has changed. It now houses a school that teaches the tools needed to defeat demons and rescue other humans who may have powers that can be honed in this school. He is a first year student and younger brother to incredibly talented Kevin Marlowe. In Tartarus they rank their top ten students in the school, and everyone is clamoring to get Tartarus - not generally a place you think about when going through your options for school.

In Tartarus they rank their top ten students in the school, and everyone is clamoring to get the 1 ranked spot. Kevin had that spot, but that was before Brandon started school, before Kevin mysteriously died. There are squads that form in the school to be sent out on missions to kill meddlesome demons, save other powerful humans and perform various other missions.

Whose squad you are on will say a lot about who you are as a student, so you must pick the best one to be a part of. When an unknown demon starts making things difficult for the students, these squads will be very important to saving the human realms. As this book started, I had extremely high hopes for it.

I love stories that center around the Greek gods, and there aren't many who do it in this type of writing. You usually get the old myths, and not too many fiction books that bring the gods in as major players. The synopsis of the book also lead me to believe there would be some great action going on concerning his mysteriously dead brother, Kevin. I have had this book on my to-read list for quite some time now, and I was dying to dive into it. This book fell way short of my expectations as I passed the halfway point.

There was so much that was just 'there'. So much that was never told, so much that seemed worthless and unnecessary. Unfortunately, at this point, the whole death of his brother seems to be a pointless side part to the story. We learn he dies The real purpose of the squads were never quite impressive enough for me, nor were the missions that big of a deal.

There was never any real danger in the missions - outside of one mysterious guy and the demon at the end. I thought maybe the aforementioned mysterious guy would turn into something quite amazing. Yet again, I was disappointed. This book was FULL of great starts, brilliant ideas, and dead ends. The ending of the book led to me to believe there would be a sequel, and I will read it in hopes that this author will deliver better in the second volume, but unless he starts making things really come alive, make meanings for the operations, classes, involvement of everything around, this series will fall as flat as my flapjacks.

I really wanted to love this book, but I just couldn't.

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  4. There was too much that was simply left out, and there is a big gaping whole right where the guts of the book should have been. I really hope book two packs a bigger punch than this book did. When I first read the book description, I thought this was going to be a Percy Jackson clone. However, it was much different. Brandon Marlowe is an elemental titan, and he has power over the wind. He attends a school in Tartarus where he is learning to fight.

    When we first meet Brandon, he is starting a new school year where he is sorted into a class. When Brandon joins a "squad" with two other students, his adventure really begins. I enjoyed this book very much.