GUIDA DI MANDOLINO PER 2013 (Italian Edition)

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A repair tech looks at common and not-so-common lutherie mistakes. For some background reading, he recommends his article in Fretboard Journal: Lessons will include group practice in class on instruments and anthological pieces given for home study. From Califonia Watsonville , where an earthquake destroyed his laboratory and home, he moved to Gig Harbour in the state of Washington.

Acoustic Guitar Village Cremona

At Healdsburg this year, he presented a replica of the prewar and had so much success that Roy decided to produce a Vintage line Nick Lucas, Roy Smeck, , etc. His production reached about 30 instruments a year at this time. After guidance from Matt Umanov in New York, he began making steel-string instruments in , modifying the Martin design.

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Ispirato da un liutaio locale e con limitate io il mondo e osannati come gioielli di alta liuteria. Following that she apprenticed with William Cumpiano author, Guitarbuilding: She have repaired and restored a variety of fretted instruments ever since, serving an ever-expanding populace of happy musicians. All reflect his profound respect for lutherie tradition and his studied, empirical approach to guitar building.

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He has been an exhibitor at the Healdsburg, Newport, and Montreal guitar shows, and has been featured in several books about contemporary luthier-built instruments. He moved to Seattle in to create a shared shop and lutherie center with wife Cat. He teaches international law, intellectual property law, health law, bioethics, and civil procedure. He has published widely on topics such as health policy, politics, juvenile justice, mental health treatment, international law, and, of course, guitars and guitar players.

15° Edition – 2012, May

He holds guitar methodology workshops regularly throughout Italy and is considered as a landmark figure for the young Italian guitar students in the performance preparation stage. As a guitarist with unlimited ability, he is constantly on the road in concert: His virtuosity as a musician is especially expressed through the use of the bottleneck and the steel bar on the resophonic and the Hawaiian lap-steel guitar.

With several years of experience as a guitarist and as promoter of the festival for the acoustic guitar, he continues to support the growth of the knowledge and appreciation of this instrument both in the fields of composition as well as the field of the art of guitar making. In the past years their stand has been full of musical sessions, performance, presentation of CDs and books, always with a great success.

Acoustic Guitar Village Cremona

They will coordinate a stage, in the Tower area, where many of the best acoustic guitar players in Italy will perform according with a schedule presented by Giovanni Pelosi:. The stage in the Tower area will be coordinate by the Fingerpicking. The stage on the 2nd floor of the Tower area will be at disposal of luthiers, guitarmakers, companies to demonstrate instruments and accessories by their endorsers.

Citazioni per anno

The central stage in the main courtyard of the Fortress will present demo-concerts on Saturday May 26th. This area will be open also during the main concerts from 9p. Welcome concerts and performances in the streets of the historical center of Sarzana:. Armadillo Club Artistic Direction: Alessio Ambrosi Organizing Secretary: Giovanni Pelosi Press Office and communication: Cinzia Baruzzo Technical Project productions: Patrizio Bellucci Sets by: Teatrali Roma Backstage coordinators: Francesco Giannattasio with a thesis on the Mandolin in the urban popular tradition in Naples, which is soon to be published.

He holds a degree in Chamber Music at the "Arrigo Boito" Conservatory in Parma, under the guidance of Maestro Pierpaolo Maurizzi, filling a thesis on the mandolin in the music of the twentieth century. Ofelia Elia, nata a Lecce, diplomata presso il conservatorio 'N.

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  6. Fa parte dell'Accademia Mandolinistica Pugliese. S he worked from to with "I Solisti Veneti", and currently works with the Orchestra of the "Maggio Musicale Fiorentino", the Orchestra of the "Teatro Carlo Felice" and the National Symphony Orchestra of the "RAI"; She participated as mandolin soloist in concerts of the season of the Symphony Orchestra youth of Piedmont and in with the Classical Orchestra of Alexandria; She has carried out activities as a soloist and in different instrumental groups such as Mandolin "P.


    Paniati" of Asti, the Open Quartet and in formations with piano or guitar duo and trio with piano and flute; She has participated in television broadcasts RAI 2 and radio Radiotre suite and collaborated in CD recordings, including "A face-loan" with Paolo Conte. At the same time she joined the artistic activity also the didactic one.

    She is the creator of the project methodology for Mandolin "Suzuki". Since '93 she began teaching Mandolin applied to the Suzuki Method, later becoming Teacher Trainer for Italy and Europe, and the author of books for mandolin.


    Currently she teaches mandolin at some schools in Piedmont and coordinates the instrumental groups of young musicians plucked from 5 to 18 years. She has taken part in concerts given by the Italian Plectrum Orchestra and by the Plectrum Orchestra of Emilia Romagna in the course of national events and she performs in concerts with various ensembles of mandolin. She plays in duo with guitar and harp, in a quartet, and mandolin as a soloist, in chamber music groups including the Italian chambers ensembles, taking part at concerts and tours in Italy and abroad Canada, Asia, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, etc.

    Since , she follows the preparation of two mandolin orchestra, the Mandolins of Bologna and Parma, with whom she has made numerous concerts as chief conductor and mandolin.