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What new things does it make him think about? Letters, what else were they but bones in a cemetery? It is often said that writing a classic novel gives you a sort of immortality, because your words will continue to live on even after you die. From that perspective, might writing be life, too? How does this differ from having a child, which also allows you to live on past your own death in a way? What do you think Knausgaard would say about immortality gained through writing? Unless you took one last gamble.

In what ways might My Struggle have been just this sort of gamble for Knausgaard? What might this realization that at forty one becomes saturated with banal everyday life have to do with the many, many descriptions of banal, everyday details that Knausgaard places throughout these books?

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After the incident, which he is at a loss to explain, he wonders why he did it and if that act has now made him a Christian. What does this moment say about the importance of tradition and ritual in our lives? Do you think taking communion makes Karl Ove a Christian? Do you think that this partly explains why Knausgaard is so driven to succeed? During a long conversation at a bar with Geir, Karl Ove says that when he moved to Stockholm and fell in love with Linda, he finally felt like he had been raised above the trivial matters of life.

To go beyond the minutiae is something Knausgaard desires very passionately; this could be thought of as the struggle behind My Struggle. Why do you think Knausgaard struggles so hard to rise above banality? Is a passionate love the only way one can attain such a feeling? Can anyone stay above the minutiae of life forever?

Think about the major plot points of Books 1 and 2: How are these events linked to different stages of life? Is it inevitable that in telling your life story, you will order it around these sorts of events? After reading two books about Knausgaard, what do you think of him as a person? What adjectives would you use to describe him? What motivates his writing? At the beginning of Book 3, Knausgaard thinks all the way back to his very first memories. He covers everything he can remember from the first six years of his life in just one paragraph.

What are your earliest memories? Why do you think Knausgaard waited until Book 3 to go back to the very beginning of his life? Knausgaard fills Book 3 with incidents that paint his father as a tyrant—for instance, the time that Karl Ove is afraid to tell his father that the milk on his cereal has gone sour. Or when Karl Ove is terrified of revealing to his father that he lost a sock during swim practice.

Why is he so terrified of upsetting his father in any way? Why does his father demand such obedience? Think of all the little details Knausgaard describes in this book: How do all these details work to build a portrait of middle-class Norwegian life in the s? What sort of childhood is Knausgaard trying to present by painting his world this way? They also form part of a larger theme in all three volumes, wherein Knausgaard repeatedly brings up ways in which he feels that he has been feminized by the modern world. Do you find that these scenes add another layer of complexity to his character, and that they make him seem more vulnerable and sympathetic as a person?

Why is it important that Knausgaard describe experiences that will be familiar to most of his readers? And how does he talk about these memories so that they are recognizably his own, despite being common parts of a middle-class childhood? Book 3 contains lengthy descriptions of Karl Ove and his friend Geir defecating in the woods. Such in-depth descriptions of bowel movements have long been taboo for novelists, and they were in fact long considered too controversial to publish at all.

How might such a subject be appropriate in a book that largely deals with the innocence and experiences of childhood? As a child, Karl Ove tends to imagine scenarios where people who have angered him get their just deserts. Do you think of young Karl Ove as the kind of child who would have these feelings? Do you find that he still thinks like this as an adult? In what ways is childhood special because everything feels new?

What things do you remember best about your childhood? Why do you think that is? How do you feel about the fact that Knausgaard is probably inventing a lot of the childhood details in Book 3? Do you think we all do this when remembering our childhoods? Does an author have license to invent in this way from time to time? How would things be different if someone who is a child now—with all our recording devices—chose to write his or her childhood story forty years from now? Did you feel like this when you visited your relatives?

Knausgaard describes multiple trips with Geir to the trash dump, where they have strange encounters unlike any others in the book. For instance, one time they come upon some men shooting rats; another time they go in search of pornography and end up trying to stick their penises into old glass bottles. How is the dump different from any of the other places Karl Ove regularly goes as a child? Why do you think he and Geir like to go there?

What sort of different rules does the dump have from the rest of their lives? Is it important to have places like this to go as a child? Do children have places like this nowadays? What is your image of his mother? Do you think his mother and his father are well suited to each other? Why do you think they married? Throughout Book 3, Knausgaard paints a very negative portrait of his father. Did you find that he portrayed anything admirable about him? Why do you think he read so compulsively?

Do you think all this reading was indicative of the gift for language that he would nurture later in life? What role did books play in your own childhood? In what ways is this the beginning of the end of his childhood? Do you think major changes—like a change in school, or job, or residence—tend to occur in sync with the beginnings and ends of major periods in your own life story? Why or why not? Book 3 covers a lot of similar material to that of the other books: Did he use different words? What particular struggles do you think he has yet to face?

What aspects of the town do you find most notable? What are his ambitions for his year there? In what ways is it limited? Why do you think his first serious efforts as a fiction writer coincide with his first serious experience of living away from home? Do you consider nineteen to be a good age to start trying to write fiction? Early in Book 4, Karl Ove mentions that his father gives him the idea to go north and teach.

In what other ways does Karl Ove resemble his father in Book 4? How does it fit into the narrative of his development as an artist?

What sorts of common archetypes related to growing up and becoming an adult does it partake of e. How are such things as archetypes and master narratives important to us as we create our sense of who we are? What lifelong connections is Karl Ove severing by going so far away from his home? What can he escape by going north, and what can he not escape? Is there anything distinctive about the possessions he chooses to take with him and the relationships he tries to preserve?

It was also funny, sweet and sexy. At times, I was grinning reading the witty banter. Then, I was fanning myself for the smoking-hot sex. This is not your average romance story. It is so much more. A book that touched my heart. This was probably one of the best books I've ever read. This is a threesome until the better end. No, not bitter, but definitely better. It's the story of Jason, Kyle, and Mark. Jason and Kyle are together until Jason dies of pancreatic cancer.

Mark comes into Kyles life when he gets beaten up and his home gets defiled. I could not put this book down.

The Stonekeeper: Amulet, Book 1

You have to read this for yourself, and I guarantee that you will not only fall in love with Jason, Kyle, and Mark, but with Jason's brother Tommy, and his boo Gio, and Gio's friend Tony, and Tony's insta-crush Conner. Then there's Kelly and Braydon, the former porn stars, along with Conner , Toby Kyles bestie and if Dara Nelson can swing it, there will be more books than couples that I have listed! This is the first book I've read by Dara Nelson and I loved it. She weaves relationships tightly through a story, dealing with romance, love, loss and hope.

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Her characters are strong, and while there is a time when only grief is felt, a new beginning blossoms. I'll definitely be looking forward to the second book in this series. I loved this romantic tale which reveals how the heart can love more than one person without diminishing any of the previous relationships. How loss and healing cannot be rushed. How people and their lives develop and strengthen over time. An author who allows the characters to tell their story beautifully. One person found this helpful. This is the story of Kyle and Mark. They meet when Kyle is a victim of a hate crime and Mark is tasked with investigating the crime.

It also includes the love story of Kyle and Jason. Jason was Kyle's husband that he lost after a courageous battle with cancer. Kyle, as a coping mechanism has shut himself off emotionally.

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Mark tries to be patient, but he wonders if Kyle will ever be ready to move forward. He doesn't want to replace Jason the past he only want Kyle in his present. When Kyle's treatment of Mark slaps him in the face, can he change enough not to lose his second love of his life. Beautifully written where you as the reader will become friends with the characters.

Love the secondary characters and how they are entwined. Hope there are many more books to come. I really liked the premise of this story But, I think the author took too long to get to the punchline. Good story and I will probably read the follow up book. But, hopefully a better editor will edit the next book before it's released. I ugly cried and totally woke up with a book hangover. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Product details File Size: February 14, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Amazon lists this as 73 pages and goodreads as 87 pages. Either way, it is short and sweet. I enjoyed getting to know NiaMora. I couldn't tell who I was supposed to root for between Zan and Severin, but I was happy with the outcome. It starts with the reader knowing that NiaMora is going to die.

Both men seemed to be attracted to her. Zan, it seems has been watching her and even though I just finished it, I still don't quite understand why he is doing that. Severin knows he is called to her to help her death along. There is a lot that ends up confusing in this book because it can't be fully explained. The story would be better suited if it was longer and the reader was fully introduced into this world. Overall, the story line was great and I will definitely read more from this author and hope that this world gets explained in more detail. I really enjoyed "Keeper of the Way".

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Going into it, I really had no idea what it was about, so I wasn't expecting an urban magic fairy tale, and that was a good thing! It was a very pleasant surprise. From start to finish it's very entertaining, and I had to force myself to put it down a couple of times to answer the phone or deal with something other distraction. But it was always easy to pick back up, and it stayed with me from reading session to reading session, and always remained clear on what was happening.

In short, it was always easy to just jump back into the next day, an hour later etc There are a few good twists and turns, and and I didn't expect there to be some erotic moments in it as well, so that was a fun little surprise too! All in all, it was a fun read, and with the novella length, it wasn't a gigantic time investment which was a nice change of pace compared to most of the stuff I usually read. Well done Ms Dubbin! This book packs in sci-fi, fantasy, romance and even some steamy sex in a well-told story that moves along quickly.

Maybe a little too quickly, because I wanted to spend more time in the world this author created, get to know the characters a bit more.

The Stonekeeper: Amulet, Book 1 Book Review

It was fun, as a resident of Washington, DC, to recognize the story's settings and see how she overlays them with the magic that is central to the story. I hope she will bring these intriguing characters back and give us more! One person found this helpful. I wish Amazon would come up with a rating to differentiate romance from what I suppose is intended to be erotica.

The story seems to have some promise, but after the ridiculous heavy petting in the opening scenes of a public birthing, I just gave up.