Monsters Chef: A Novel

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. This is were this odd book gets weird. Monster lives secluded in the mountains in a compound dubbed Monster's Lair. Staff must sign an intense confidentiality agreement which basically keeps them from talking to each other. Monster is on some weird food diet which leaves Gibson with barely any work.

Monster Chef

Monster is described as having once been black but he feels he's reached another level and is no longer confined to descriptions of everyday people. Things start going south when a young boy a guest of Monster's is found dead on the grounds. By this point I started to question what I was reading. This book had me so confused that I just started to skim the remaining chapters. I finished the book and sat there thinking "WTF did I just read?

The book was okay. I think the writing style turned me off more than the story did, there was just a flow issue for me while reading.

Monster Chef

I received a copy for an honest review from the publisher. Gibson is a rising star in the world of food in New York until an escalating drug habit costs him his restaurant, his wife and his freedom. Despite the isolation and oddities of his new boss, Gibson adjusts to the life, right up until a young man is found dead on the lawn near his bungalow. Suddenly, privacy and the quiet life are gone as Gibson is confronted by local police as a suspect.

Book Review | Monster’s Chef : a novel by Jervey Tervalon

For me, it felt like the only conclusion to a tale that, wherever its source originated, can only end badly. Jul 02, Tom rated it it was ok. I found this book on a list of books to read this summer, then happened to find it on the bookshelf of my local bookstore so I picked it up. I found the book to be kind of annoying. I felt at times it was too wordy, to the point it started to hurt the narrative from moving forward.

Where plot points would just kind I found this book on a list of books to read this summer, then happened to find it on the bookshelf of my local bookstore so I picked it up. Where plot points would just kind of happen then we'd get trapped back into the same redundant dialog over and over again, until another plot point would come, and then all of a sudden we're quickly thrown into a wild sequence of events that makes us wish we could sample Mr Chows drugs in order to digest all the fuckry that concludes the book.

May 08, Michelle Chamberlin rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a free copy from Goodreads First Reads. Jervey Tervalon weaves a tale about a chef who is a recovering drug addict who manages to become the chef of a music superstar at his 'lair'. There are many things that made me think that perhaps the music superstar or "Monster" as he is called in the book might actually be hinting at a pop star we all know. This book deals with gritty subject matter, drugs, murder, etc. Even with the "Monster" character, the gritty subject matter, I did find I was strangely wondering what was going to happen to our chef caught up in the midst of all of this.

There is a touch of the paranormal to the story. Loved the recipes that were included. You will enjoy this! Aug 05, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: What would you do for money? What would you ignore for money? These are the questions chef William Gibson must ultimately answer about himself. This book starts strong but somewhere in the middle it feels like two drafts were stitched together: An interesting first-person character study but ultimately if it had been longer I would feel as if I'd wasted my time.

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Jul 25, Alia S rated it it was ok Shelves: The pacing is awful; the most charitable thing to assume of the total collapse in the last quarter is that either an editor or a creditor ripped it out of his hands while he was still writing. Oct 14, Nell rated it it was ok. I was into this book until it started going into what I'll only refer to as "trigger warnings. After that, it became harder to view the character as a super producer and more of just a superstar.

See a Problem?

Lost interest after a while. Dec 22, Mysteryfan rated it it was ok Shelves: A chef with a drug problem is hired to work on a music superstar's private estate. I debated the rating and classification on this book for quite a while.

On the one hand I read it in one sitting. It was more gripping than I originally thought. None of the characters are likable intentional, I think, on the author's part. I didn't see the similarity to the MJ situation that other readers saw. I didn't care the the hallucinatory nature of sections of the book. Sep 15, Daniel Garcia rated it liked it.

MONSTER'S CHEF by Jervey Tervalon | Kirkus Reviews

Every negative stereotype you can think of about Michael Jackson sums up the character of Monster. I kept thinking of MJ throughout the whole story, even though I don't believe the negative things. The book took me two days to read. It was just OK. Aug 16, Mick rated it it was ok. I didn't really enjoy it that much, in fact, I found the beginning rather boring.

It does pick up later, but it's also somewhat odd. Monster's character, who we don't know much about, is strange, but the author is not very original in that regard.

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The ending is quite abrupt. Quick read but much too derivative with the "Monster" character. Needed to develop the main character so reader understood his self-destructive behavior. Mar 22, Mindi rated it liked it. Quick easy read, interesting story. Feb 24, Amity rated it liked it.

Magic realism, but only in the last 10 pages.

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And fairly sure Monster is Michael Jackson May 04, Jeanette added it. I guess Monster was a parody of Michael Jackson and the compound Neverland. I was okay with it until the end and the whole supernatural thing. Mar 25, Uranie rated it it was ok. I really liked this authors earlier books. Didn't get this one. Suddenly, all hell is breaking loose.

Now he has to figure out how to escape this terrifying nightmare. Gibson was once a successful chef enjoying the popularity of his hip New York City restaurant with his beautiful, loving wife. But Gibson also had a raging drug addiction that lurked in the background, threatening to ravage everything he had. Fresh out of rehab and now creating gourmet meals for the residents of a halfway house, Gibson is struggling to repair his life. His talent is recognized by the house's manager, who uses her connections to land him a job as the personal chef of Monster, the musical genius of his time.

It's an opportunity Gibson can't refuse, even though his gut is telling him to run the other way. Arriving at Monster's compound, Gibson falls into a world of privilege-driven madness. He's asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. He's warned never to speak to Monster's wife, an irresistible woman who is reportedly mute.

The gardener cautions him against walking the grounds at night, advising him to see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. He's also witness to Monster's ability to make the lives of those around him kaleidoscopes of confusion and despair. When Gibson discovers a dead body near his bungalow, he is propelled into an ever-darker mystery.

Now he must figure out not only how to escape this terrifying nightmare. Reviews "Jervey Tervalon has a sick and original imagination--and I mean that in a good way. I straight-up loved this book. Recipes are included in Tervalon's clever, hair-raising gothic thriller, a novel readers will devour.