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Its modernism and mysticism are explored in essays on the holy Guru Granth Sahib, the first translations and scholarship in English, the poetry of modern Punjabi literature; and 20th century Sikh fiction writers. A great book for introducing yourself and others to the heart of Sikhism.

Sikh Channel Documentary - Art of Punjab paintings by Kanwar Singh

Reader Reviews Wonderful book but… I had an opportunity to go through this wonderful book. It contains very informative material. I find the chapter pretty weak.

Sikh Art & Literature

With my background in architecture and landscape architecture, his comparison between Sikh architecture and Roman architecture does not make any sense to me. Editorial Review New insights into the artistic and literary achievements of Sikhism This scholarly, and very readable book, brings to the attention of the reading public, in India as well as in the West, new insights into the artistic and literary achievements of Sikhism, a dynamic religious community.

The Scientification of Religion Kocku von Stuckrad. The Sikhs of the Punjab Joyce Pettigrew. Joyce Rupp Michael Leach. The Sikhs Patwant Singh.

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From Gurus to Kings: Del Bonta, Asian Art Museum 3. Golden Temple, Marble Forum: Sidhu does not shy away from presenting challenging issues in his essay, for example the appearance of the Hindu goddess Durga on Sikh battle standards, and apparent sanction of the goddess in Sikh scripture. The literary portion of this volume is given a genteel air of authority in a foreword by Patwant Singh.

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Other essays address singular events and personalities in the Sikh cultural landscape. The achievements of M.

Sikh Art and Literature

The assembly of essays in this inviting and very readable volume spans a great breadth of subjects, time periods, circumstances, and authorial styles. If a single unifying theme is not immediately apparent, the richness and diversity of Sikh voices from the historical and contemporary worlds ring clear. Basic information about Sikh history, texts, and art collections is included in a series of appendices, which are extremely helpful to the beginning student of Sikhism.

The detailing of the authorship of the various hymns of the Guru Granth Sahib, as well as its musical structure, are especially praiseworthy in their concise utility. The bibliography is thoughtful, while the glossary disappoints in its brevity.

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Indeed a note on transliteration and transcription of Punjabi language would have been helpful to the overall presentation of this volume. One of the questions that most naturally arises from the volume, and indeed from any project that proposes to address the subject of Sikh art, is whether or not we may say that such a thing as Sikh art exists, with precise and identifiable qualities of style, subject, method, and intention.

With their wide-reaching concerns, the essays compiled here do not problematize these issues, and this general-interest book which introduces little-known visual material is probably not the appropriate forum for their hashing out.