The Mystery of the Old Hacienda

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She has found a quirky house, Chelby Rose to stay at that is in need of some maintenance. Eric Frontalvo is the handyman for the job and Tandie doesn't mind him hanging around. The house has its own spooky feel to it and is the perfect place for a psychic to live even if she has lost her mojo. Tandie is a writer, but this story is about to take a life of its own.

With a looming murder on the horizon, some strange events and some deadly visitors this book is one spooky ride. There is more to Eric than it seems and the house is the key to an ancient mystery. Like I said this isn't my usual read and I think if you like a spooky mystery you'll love this one. Ghosts, murder and a side helping of romance this book is one exciting journey. It has so much to offer. It's creative and addictive. It took me a little while to get sucked into this book, but it was worth the perseverance. It can be read as a standalone.

However, Tandie and Eric's story continue next July in the sequel. I'm rating this book 4 stars out of 5. I think if you like the gothic on the edge style books you would easily rate this one 5. I enjoyed it, but I will not be looking for more books in a similar style. I prefer sassy over spooky. My blog post will be 25th November. My review is honest and fair. Jul 15, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow, this was such a completely unexpected mind-warp!!

First off, a great big thank you to author KaSonndra Leigh for allowing myself and my fellow moderators to have an ebook ARC of her latest work! I have been so anxious to get my hands on this story, and KaSonndra did not disappoint!! Hacienda Moon is the story of a woman named Tandie Harrison who is looking for a fresh start after her world was torn apart. A terrible car accident took away her psychic visions and left her beloved daug Wow, this was such a completely unexpected mind-warp!!

A terrible car accident took away her psychic visions and left her beloved daughter dead; divorced and ready for a new chapter, she decides to move back near her hometown to the Chelby Rose plantation house. But as Tandie settles in, she becomes very aware that something is not right about her new home. With no friends or family to come to her aid, Tandie welcomes the support of the tempting and mysterious Eric Fontalvo, who has ties of his own to the house. Hired to repair the run-down home, Eric spends many hours with Tandie and they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.

Neither of them suspected that what was behind all the strange occurrences was something rooted far into their past and more dangerous than they understood, and a nearly three centuries-old curse threatens to put an end more than just their romance. This book was like an edge-of-your-seat haunting mystery thriller feast with a sexy romance on the side!! I loved the slowly-building mystery, it was like gradually putting together pieces of a puzzle when you had no idea what the picture would be!

I've always loved stories where signs and destiny lead to something amazing happening that no one expected, and that's exactly what KaSonndra gives us here. There were so many creepy moments and spine-tingling twists that kept me guessing, I felt like a detective at times when I analyzed what each one could mean! I loved how each little detail led to another clue or explained one piece of the mystery, and the symbolism and signs that popped up gave me chills.

This was such a clever and uniquely written plot, and it all came together perfectly to create a mesmerizing tale! My emotions were definitely on high alert with this book; Tandie's accident and the loss of her daughter was so incredibly sad, I was in tears and wanted so badly for her to have a chance at a new life. As she was enduring all of the terrifying events at Chelby Rose, it broke my heart that she had to keep facing so much pain. I loved Eric with her and how they both seemed to complement the other and be just what they needed. When the reveal about the curse and their past came to light, I couldn't wait for them to be together and wanted so badly for the obstacles to be out of their way.

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The sparks were flying like the fourth of July when these two got together!! Hacienda Moon was a great suspenseful, heartwarming, scary read that I definitely recommend! Just be sure to avoid reading it late at night View all 10 comments.

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Jul 26, Jody rated it it was amazing Shelves: Its is a mesmerising novel that explores the deepest depths of human nature. Hacienda Moon has everything a gothic novel needs. Mystery, curses, death, secret rooms, spooky attics, graves and all wrapped up in a ghostly old house full of gloomy and dark atmosphere.

KaSonndra is a very beautiful and skilled writer. I could feel all of the emotions the characters were going through. The heartbreak, grief, loneliness, anguish and sexual desire. What all good spooky stories need is a gorgeous old haunted house. Chelby Rose, is just that. I fell in love with it. Especially its history and delightful ghosts. The love interest between Tandie and Eric, was written so perfectly. First they were unsure of each other, suspicious and guarded. Their friendship blossomed and turned into a passionate romance.

It wasn't rushed and moved along with the most perfect timing with the rest of the story. I have to mention Ella, one of the ghosts. She was my favourite character in the novel. With her terrible laugh and the way she would run off into the woods screaming.

AMERICAN Rents A MEXICAN HACIENDA for the Night ! 😇 🇲🇽

She was utterly wonderful in a wrathful kind of way. I could just picture her out in the rose garden, that she was so in love with, dressed in her period clothing and hacking at the roses, completely enraged. Some may find her frightful. I found her to be just enchanting. It was a fantastic read, gripping with suspense and the story unfolding as you go along keeping your nerves on edge.

I feel very honoured. Jul 24, Brooke The Cover Contessa rated it really liked it. I'd like to thank the wonderful KaSondra Leigh for providing me with an ARC of this book to read prior to it's release date. This book was not what I expected, that is for sure! I actually did not read the blurb prior to reading it, so I only had an inkling of what it was about. I wasn't ready for spooky, mysterious, tragic, crazy, and adventurous! This is the story of Tandie, a woman who returns to her roots after tragedy strikes her life.

It's the story of how she learns to live her life again t I'd like to thank the wonderful KaSondra Leigh for providing me with an ARC of this book to read prior to it's release date. It's the story of how she learns to live her life again through experiencing the lives of others. You see, Tandie is a psychic who works for the police.

While going through a bitter divorce, her daughter is killed in a tragic car accident. Distraught, devastated and not sure what to do with her life, Tandie moves to the small town of Bolivia, not far from where she grew up. It is there that she finds new friends, new love, and a story of tragedy that has spanned years. I really loved the way Leigh worked the spook into this story. It's a ghost story but it's not scary, just spooky.

And I love how Tandie is not afraid of them. Not afraid to communicate with them to get to the bottom of what haunts and curses this small southern town. And her two love interests, Saul and Eric, are just perfect vying for her affections. Saul is the perfect gentleman, with his Southern style, beautiful blue eyes, and charm, he wants to win Tandie's love and wants her to help put his family's ghosts to rest.

Eric, with his rough good looks and quirky sense of humor, wants to keep her at arms length, afraid to get involved and risk losing her to the curse that has plagued his family for centuries. Eventually the tension between Eric and Tandie is undeniable. And their attraction is palpable. I wanted them to get together so badly, but things kept getting in the way! Tandie quickly learns that the ghosts of Bolivia are trying to tell her something and that they can't be set free until all rights are wronged.

She wants to help them, but has to put the puzzle together piece by piece. Leigh has written a beautiful love story, full of adventure, mystery and intrigue. I have to say that at times I had to put the book down for fear it would get too creepy and I wouldn't be able to sleep. However, Leigh never took it to that level. And I couldn't put it down for long without wanting to pick it back up, I read it in just three days!

Thanks for writing such a great story KaSondra. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. View all 4 comments. Jul 30, Inna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review also on my blog So first things first, I would like to thank KaSonndra for giving me the honor of reading and reviewing her newest and utterly amazing book. I am totally honored that i got a chance to review this as it's a fantastic read. Now on to the actual review. Hacienda Moon has everything that a novel needs to be great.

From loss, to horrifying murders, to breathtaking love story, and lastly to some rather crazy and scary ghost, the way KaSonndra incorporated all these elements in Review also on my blog So first things first, I would like to thank KaSonndra for giving me the honor of reading and reviewing her newest and utterly amazing book. From loss, to horrifying murders, to breathtaking love story, and lastly to some rather crazy and scary ghost, the way KaSonndra incorporated all these elements into the novel created a mesmerizing tale.

I loved the main character Tandie. I couldn't believe how strong she was even after everything that happened to her. She didn't let herself breakdown even of she really wanted to. She was a great character. Tandie's emotions and really all the emotions in the book were so strong and well written that I could feel them coming of the pages in waves. Not only do we have a great heroine but we have a plot that will render you speechless.

Most of the events in the novel, with the exception of like two, surprised me. I would find myself predicting one thing happening and something completely different would happen out of nowhere. The plot also has just the right amount of spooky elements. It wasn't scary and it wasn't the type of book that causes you to be scared by every sound for a week after you finished it.

No, this book has just the right amount of creepy elements to keep you on your edge. I loved every aspect of this book. The plot was different and unpredictable. The love story between Eric and Tandie was beautiful. It was just perfect and well they were perfect for each other, and why wouldn't they be of they are the center of a two hundred and sixty year old curse.

I felt like I was a part of the book. I would recommend this book for everyone. It's awesome in every way. We have mystery, love story, and creepy, evil , some nice and some well I guess some very confused ghosts haunting Chelby Rose plantation. Nov 13, Adriana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow what can i say about this awsome book.. Firstly i would like to thank the awsome and wonderful author KaSonndra Leigh for giving the honour of reading and reviewing the ARC of her latest masterpiece.

Once again KaSonndra has created a must read. This story has a little bit of everything love, ghosts, recarnation, curses, witches, murder and dont forget mystery. It was such an adventurous ride. After a terrible car accident claims the life of her precious daughter and let me tell you i was in Wow what can i say about this awsome book.. After a terrible car accident claims the life of her precious daughter and let me tell you i was in tears at this stage no mother should lose their child and she also loses her psychic ability who has until now been helpful as she worked as a medium for the police.

Tandie Harrison wants a fresh start so she decides to move to Bolivia not south america which is not far from where she grew up, she wants to write again. She moves to an old and very spooky looking plantation home which is called Chelby Rose. Chelby Rose has a dark tragic past and Tandie is as much a part of this history as anyone but she does not relise it until things start happening and she starts searching for it, this history need to be told and Tandie needs to write it. She meets her contractor Eric Fontalvo and lets just say sparks fly straight away, they are so drawn together and cant explain why.

And the tension between these two is funny at times, slowly things start to happen around them as their connection grows so Tandie slowly discovers the history of the house and the people that lived it in it, once she finds a diary and starts having visions related to what is written in the diary. I want you to all go and read this book so that is all im telling you about the story. It is so worth it. It was a bit spooky but not spooky enough for me not to be able to read in the dark LOL.

It was a rollercoaster of a ride and i would ride that rollercoaster again any day. The story had me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what was going on what was the history behind all of it wanting to know what would happen next. I loved every second of this book and cannot wait to get it on paperback.

KaSonndra is an awsome author and this is the second of her books i have read and it is the second that i apsolutely love and i know it will not be the last. Mar 16, Cecilia Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: First of all, I'd like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read and review her latest book. Hacienda Moon is equal parts romance and spooky in a good way. The main characters in the book: Tandie's world is shattered when she loses her baby girl in an accident after a truck rams into them throwing them off a bridge. She survived, her child dies.

She picks the pieces of her life, and after going through divorce from her husband moves to Bolivia, North Carolina and starts her l First of all, I'd like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read and review her latest book. She picks the pieces of her life, and after going through divorce from her husband moves to Bolivia, North Carolina and starts her life afresh. Eric Fontalvo is a contractor, goodlooking and knows his way around a broken house.

He has been hired to do repairs in Chelby Rose, a house rumoured to be haunted. At first he is cautious, at the same time finds himself pulled toward the beautiful woman, and the new owner of Chelby Rose. He has secrets that date as far back as years. The only way for him to solve whatever that haunts his family is by getting closer to the woman now ocuupying the house where it all began.

Saul Chelby is the owner of the Chelby Rose, the house passed on to him by his father. It has been in his family for centuries, within it's confines secrets that hold three families in its web. He is mysterious, goodlooking and lives the kind of lifestyle that tends to raise eyebrows. And there is a reason he feels so attracted to the woman he just rented the plantation house Chelby Rose.

Then there are side characters who are just as interesting and important and at times spooky. They are weaved in the story to form larger picture of the story. The story begins with Tandie's loss. We follow her as she moves from New York, as she begins to glue the pieces of a past that tangles with her present together, then as she falls inlove.

And finally her happy ever after - for now. KaSonndra wraps the story well, leaving no threads hanging. At one point, I asked myself what happened to his friend, Virgil, for him to behave the way he did? Maybe a small hint from either Abby or Eric would solve that riddle. I highly recommend this book. If has all the elements to keep the reader turning the pages. Ghosts,curses, witches, exact dose of romance.

The Remarkable Magic Of An Old Mexican Hacienda – My Heart of Mexico

Aug 18, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Those who love a good mystery. KaSonndra Leigh's is a name you will soon remember because she's about to hit the big time. A while ago, I read her novel Copper Suns and while reading Hacienda Moon I have noticed that her writing has greatly improved. She's ready for the big time! No sir re bobby! This one is for the adults! A gothic romance you won't want to put down. This book is full of ghosties, bumpities, psychic visions, and ahhhhh!!

There's also a bit of swoo KaSonndra Leigh's is a name you will soon remember because she's about to hit the big time. There's also a bit of swoon in it, too! And your heart will ache for Tandie the main character who has lost her child and is trying to get on with her life. One thing that I enjoyed about this book was that it was based in the South. They might have been relations of his, for all I know.

At any other time Dick would have been amused at this serene relegation of the lofty Estudillos and Peraltas to the caste of the Indian convert, but he was worried to think that perhaps Cecily was really being bored by the absence of neighbors. After dinner, when they sought the rose garden, he dropped upon the little lichen-scarred stone bench by her side.

It was still warm from the sun; the hot musk of the roses filled the air; the whole garden, shielded from the cool evening trade winds by its high walls, still kept the glowing memory of the afternoon sunshine. Aunt Viney, with her garden basket on her arm, moved ghost-like among the distant bushes. The young lady was delighted with the whole place, with the quaint old garden, the mysterious corridors, the restful quiet of everything, the picture of dear Aunt Viney—who was just the sweetest soul in the world—moving about like the genius of the casa.

It was such a change to all her ideas, she would never forget it. It was so thoughtful of him, Dick, to have given them all that pleasure. No; she thought them lovely.

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Nevertheless she did not lift her eyes from the point of the little slipper which had strayed beyond her skirt. Dick was relieved, but not voluble; he could only admiringly follow the curves of her pretty arms and hands, clasped lightly in her lap, down to the point of the little slipper. But even that charming vanishing point was presently withdrawn—possibly through some instinct—for the young lady had apparently not raised her eyes. Some of the men, you know, are really fine fellows, with an old-world courtesy that is very charming. He was surprised to see that she had lifted her head suddenly, with a quick look that however changed to an amused and half coquettish smile.

If he had only spoken then! The hot scent of the roses hung suspended in the air, which seemed to be hushed around them in mute expectancy; the shadows which were hiding Aunt Viney from view were also closing round the bench where they sat. He was very near her; he had only to reach out his hand to clasp hers, which lay idly in her lap. He felt himself glowing with a strange emanation; he even fancied that she was turning mechanically towards him, as a flower might turn towards the fervent sunlight.

But he could not speak; he could scarcely collect his thoughts, conscious though he was of the absurdity of his silence. What was he waiting for? He was not usually bashful, he was no coward; there was nothing in her attitude to make him hesitate to give expression to what he believed was his first real passion. But he could do nothing. He even fancied that his face, turned towards hers, was stiffening into a vacant smile. The young girl rose. The spell which had held Dick seemed to be broken suddenly; he stretched forth his arm to detain her.

But the next step appeared to carry her beyond his influence; and it was even with a half movement of rejection that she quickened her pace and disappeared down the path. But only for a moment. A recollection of the chance that he had impotently and unaccountably thrown away returned to him. He tried to laugh, albeit with a glowing cheek, over the momentary bashfulness which he thought had overtaken him, and which must have made him ridiculous in her eyes. He even took a few hesitating steps in the direction of the path where she had disappeared. The color deepened a little on his cheek; he re-entered the house and went to his room.

The red sunset, still faintly showing through the heavily recessed windows to the opposite wall, made two luminous aisles through the darkness of the long low apartment. From his easy-chair he watched the color drop out of the sky, the yellow plain grow pallid and seem to stretch itself to infinite rest; then a black line began to deepen and creep towards him from the horizon edge; the day was done.

It seemed to him a day lost. He had no doubt now but that he loved his cousin, and the opportunity of telling her so—of profiting by her predisposition of the moment—had passed. She would remember herself, she would remember his weak hesitancy, she would despise him. He rose and walked uneasily up and down. And yet—and it disgusted him with himself still more—he was again conscious of the feeling of relief he had before experienced.

Ashamed even of his seclusion, he rose to join the little family circle, which now habitually gathered around a table on the veranda of the patio under the rays of a swinging lamp to take their chocolate. To his surprise the veranda was empty and dark; a light shining from the inner drawing-room showed him his aunt in her armchair reading, alone.

A slight thrill ran over him: Cecily might be still in the garden! He noiselessly passed the drawing-room door, turned into a long corridor, and slipped through a grating in the wall into the lane that separated it from the garden. The gate was still open; a few paces brought him into the long alley of roses. Their strong perfume—confined in the high, hot walls—at first made him giddy. This was followed by an inexplicable languor; he turned instinctively towards the stone bench and sank upon it.

The long rows of calla lilies against the opposite wall looked ghostlike in the darkness, and seemed to have turned their white faces towards him. Then he fancied that ONE had detached itself from the rank and was moving away. A quick tremor of anticipation passed over him. It was Cecily, who had lingered in the garden—perhaps to give him one more opportunity! He rose quickly, and stepped towards the apparition, which had now plainly resolved itself into a slight girlish figure; it slipped on beneath the trees; he followed quickly—his nervous hesitancy had vanished before what now seemed to be a half-coy, half-coquettish evasion of him.

They were both running. She reached the angle of the wall where the gate opened upon the road. Suddenly she stopped, as if intentionally, in the clear open space before it. He could see her distinctly. The lace mantle slipped from her head and shoulders. It was NOT Cecily! But it was a face so singularly beautiful and winsome that he was as quickly arrested.

A yellow rose was pinned in the lustrous black hair above the little ear; a yellow silk shawl or mantle, which had looked white in the shadows, was thrown over one shoulder and twisted twice or thrice around the plump but petite bust. The large black velvety eyes were fixed on his in half wonderment, half amusement; the lovely lips were parted in half astonishment and half a smile.

His own breath appeared suspended, although his heart beat rapidly as he stammered out: She did not speak, although her parted lips still curved with their faint coy smile. Then she suddenly lifted her right hand, which had been hanging at her side, clasping some long black object like a stick. Without any apparent impulse from her fingers, the stick slowly seemed to broaden in her little hand into the segment of an opening disk, that, lifting to her face and shoulders, gradually eclipsed the upper part of her figure, until, mounting higher, the beautiful eyes and the yellow rose of her hair alone remained above—a large unfurled fan!

Then the long eyelashes drooped, as if in a mute farewell, and they too disappeared as the fan was lifted higher. The half-hidden figure appeared to glide to the gateway, lingered for an instant, and vanished. The astounded Dick stepped quickly into the road, but fan and figure were swallowed up in the darkness. Amazed and bewildered, he stood for a moment, breathless and irresolute. It was no doubt the same stranger that he had seen before. But WHO was she, and what was she doing there? If she were one of their Spanish neighbors, drawn simply by curiosity to become a trespasser, why had she lingered to invite a scrutiny that would clearly identify her?

It was not the escapade of that giddy girl which the lower part of her face had suggested, for such a one would have giggled and instantly flown; it was not the deliberate act of a grave woman of the world, for its sequel was so purposeless. Why had she revealed herself to HIM alone? Dick felt himself glowing with a half-shamed, half-secret pleasure. Then he remembered Cecily, and his own purpose in coming into the garden. He hurriedly made a tour of the walks and shrubbery, ostentatiously calling her, yet seeing, as in a dream, only the beautiful eyes of the stranger still before him, and conscious of an ill-defined remorse and disloyalty he had never known before.

But Cecily was not there; and again he experienced the old sensation of relief! He shut the garden gate, crossed the road, and found the grille just closing behind a slim white figure. He started, for it was Cecily; but even in his surprise he was conscious of wondering how he could have ever mistaken the stranger for her. She appeared startled too; she looked pale and abstracted.

Could she have been a witness of his strange interview? A moment before he would have eagerly told her his adventure; but in the presence of her manifest embarrassment his own increased. He concluded to tell her another time. He murmured vaguely that he had been looking for her in the garden, yet he had a flushing sense of falsehood in his reserve; and they passed silently along the corridor and entered the patio together. She lit the hanging lamp mechanically. She certainly WAS pale; her slim hand trembled slightly.

Suddenly her eyes met his, a faint color came into her cheek, and she smiled. She put up her hand with a girlish gesture towards the back of her head. I thought YOU were. They both laughed, a little nervously, and Conchita brought the chocolate. When Aunt Viney came from the drawing-room she found the two young people together, and Cecily in a gale of high spirits. She had had SUCH a wonderfully interesting walk, all by herself, alone on the plain. Stars above one, to right and left of one, and some so low down they seemed as if they were picketed on the plain.

Only once she thought she saw something, and was quite frightened. Cecily interrupted, and answered for him briskly. Why, Don Rafael would lock one of HIS sisters up in a convent and consider her disgraced forever, if he heard of it. Dick felt his cheeks burning; Cecily slightly paled. Yet both said eagerly together: As the conversation flagged after this, and the young people once or twice yawned nervously, Aunt Viney thought they had better go to bed.

But Dick did not sleep. The beautiful face beamed out again from the darkness of his room; the light that glimmered through his deep-set curtainless windows had an odd trick of bringing out certain hanging articles, or pieces of furniture, into a resemblance to a mantled figure. The deep, velvety eyes, fringed with long brown lashes, again looked into his with amused, childlike curiosity.

He scouted the harsh criticisms of Aunt Viney, even while he shrank from proving to her her mistake in the quality of his mysterious visitant. Of course she was a lady—far superior to any of her race whom he had yet met. Yet how should he find WHO she was? His pride and a certain chivalry forbade his questioning the servants—before whom it was the rule of the household to avoid all reference to their neighbors. He would make the acquaintance of the old padre—perhaps HE might talk.

It was three miles away. Doubtless she had kept her duenna in waiting in the road.

Hacienda Moon

Perhaps it was she who had frightened Cecily. Had Cecily told ALL she had seen? Her embarrassed manner certainly suggested more than she had told. He felt himself turning hot with an indefinite uneasiness. Then he tried to compose himself. After all, it was a thing of the past. The fair unknown had bribed the duenna for once, no doubt—had satisfied her girlish curiosity—she would not come again! But this thought brought with it such a sudden sense of utter desolation, a deprivation so new and startling, that it frightened him. Was his head turned by the witcheries of some black-eyed schoolgirl whom he had seen but once?

Or—he felt his cheeks glowing in the darkness—was it really a case of love at first sight, and she herself had been impelled by the same yearning that now possessed him? A delicious satisfaction followed, that left a smile on his lips as if it had been a kiss. He knew now why he had so strangely hesitated with Cecily. He had never really loved her—he had never known what love was till now! He did not want any one to suspect his destination, and it was even with a sense of guilt that he dashed along the swale in the direction of the Amador rancho. A few vaqueros, an old Digger squaw carrying a basket, two little Indian acolytes on their way to mass passed him.

He was surprised to find that there were no ruts of carriage wheels within three miles of the casa, and evidently no track for carriages through the swale. A broader highway, however, intersected the trail at a point where the low walls of the Amador rancho came in view. Here he was startled by the apparition of an old-fashioned family carriage drawn by two large piebald mules. But it was unfortunately closed. Then, with a desperate audacity new to his reserved nature, he ranged close beside it, and even stared in the windows.

A heavily mantled old woman, whose brown face was in high contrast to her snow-white hair, sat in the back seat. Beside her was a younger companion, with the odd blonde hair and blue eyes sometimes seen in the higher Castilian type. For an instant the blue eyes caught his, half-coquettishly. But the girl was NOT at all like his mysterious visitor, and he fell, discomfited, behind. He had determined to explain his trespass on the grounds of his neighbor, if questioned, by the excuse that he was hunting a strayed mustang.

But his presence, although watched with a cold reserve by the few peons who were lounging near the gateway, provoked no challenge from them; and he made a circuit of the low adobe walls, with their barred windows and cinnamon-tiled roofs, without molestation—but equally without satisfaction. He felt he was a fool for imagining that he would see her in that way. He turned his horse towards the little Mission half a mile away.

There he had once met the old padre, who spoke a picturesque but limited English; now he was only a few yards ahead of him, just turning into the church. The padre was pleased to see Don Ricardo; it was an unusual thing for the Americanos, he observed, to be up so early: No, the ladies that the caballero had seen had not been to mass! They were Donna Maria and her daughter, going to San Gregorio. They comprised ALL the family at the rancho,—there were none others, unless the caballero, of a possibility, meant Donna Inez, a maiden aunt of sixty—an admirable woman, a saint on earth!

He trusted that he would find his estray; there was no doubt a mark upon it, otherwise the plain was illimitable; there were many horses—the world was wide! Dick turned his face homewards a little less adventurously, and it must be confessed, with a growing sense of his folly. The keen, dry morning air brushed away his fancies of the preceding night; the beautiful eyes that had lured him thither seemed to flicker and be blown out by its practical breath.

He began to think remorsefully of his cousin, of his aunt,—of his treachery to that reserve which the little alien household had maintained towards their Spanish neighbors. He found Aunt Viney and Cecily at breakfast—Cecily, he thought, looking a trifle pale. Yet or was it only his fancy? And he became more reticent.

There were also two women in a queer coach. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. I truly appreciate your patience while my team and I worked to revamp this latest edition. The Gothic Romance novel is special in that the storyline not only features a love affair between two people but it also takes you on a walk back in time and showcases a connection between the main character and a historical house.

The plot is part mystery with a paranormal element and an epic romance that crosses through time. I hope you enjoy this new edition of Hacienda Moon. Centuries ago, his ancestor fell in love with a woman cursed by a jealous witch. No one believed him until it was too late. Eric Fontalvo was determined to prove one thing The plan was working until the day he found her Suddenly his life changes forever, and he is forced to question everything he believes.

Moving into an old plantation house was just what Tandie Harrison needed to recover from tragedy. So she writes a book, a story based on a man in her dreams. There's only one problem though And then she finds a diary written hundreds of years ago. As if that isn't strange enough, she meets him Can Eric and Tandie's love destroy the force keeping them apart? Or will darkness win again? Hacienda Moon is a new classic tale of two lovers crossing time. A seductive tale of one woman's journey to confront the demons of her past and to find the courage to face her future.

It is mesmerizing novel that explores the deepest depths of human nature, and the characters will hold and haunt you long after you have read the final chapter. What reviewers are saying: A gothic romance you won't want to put down. This book is full of ghosties, bumpities, psychic visions, and ahhhhh!! There's also a bit of swoon in it, too! And your heart will ache for Tandie the main character who has lost her child and is trying to get on with her life Should I hide up under the covers like a crazy person? I believe KaSonndra truly hits on every chord, from happy, to devastated, angry and fearful.

And adding two delectable southern gentlemen to the mix was just the icing on the cake. Eric oh Eric, please come do some repairs on MY house. If has all the elements to keep the reader turning the pages. Ghosts,curses, witches, exact dose of romance. Read more Read less.

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